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Scotties ProCharged Back Half Nova
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 12/30/2011

Scotties Back Half Nova At Mason DixonNow that the racing season is over, FINALLY we might add, it was time to help out one the fellows that has been with John and I since John started what we deemed Go-Fast drag racing. Many of you see him in the pictures of the car squirting the fuel down the Composite Specialties injector hat. Or you may see him as the one at the back of the car helping me get the car pointed straight.

Scott and John actually grew up together on our hill. Scott and his brothers were great friends to our two boys and Mrs. Stanley and I treated all of them as one of ours. And then some years later after a stint in the US Army jumping out of perfectly good airplanes (I have never said he was that smart about things), Scott came back and visited with John and I. And the rest they say is history!

Scott has over a period of time built himself a great little back half car that he loves playing with on our off weekends. So at years’ end it was John’s and my turn to help Scott with his car. He needed two more passes to get his Advanced ET license and he wanted to get it done before winter could set in. So off we went to Mason-Dixon Dragway in Hagerstown, MD to do our part for Scottie as he does for us.

His little Nova is powered by a BIG inch big block Chevy and is force fed with an F3 Procharger in front of a JW Transmissions powerglide. This power plant has been an adventuresome endeavor to say the least. But with the help of a lot of people like Jarod Wenrick, the ProCharger people and Chris from ATI Transmissions, we are finally coming to grips with what it takes to get this thing to do as we want. We have, as a team sorted the throttle body deal that he started with by changing it slowly all to manual fuel injection. The next step in the evolution of his fuel injection will come from Travis at Quillen Motorsports which should put all the correct pieces in place.

But on this Sunday all came together for Scott and he got the required amount of passes in for his upgraded NHRA license. And we all had a grand time.


Our Camaro Pro Mod Rendering / Background
X Ray Vision Of The Stanley & Weiss Racing Camaro
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 12/21/2011

Camaro Pro Mod Web Background
Click The Image Above Or This Link To Enlarge
Camaro Pro Mod Rendering Wallpaper 1440x960 Widescreen
Click The Image Above Or This Link To Enlarge 1440X960 Wallpaper Pro Mod Cutaway
Just by luck our webmaster "Mark" from goDragRacing.org not only does our website but takes many of our drag racing photos you see here. He also likes to dabble in the "Dark Art" of Photoshop making web backgrounds and graphics of all kinds, logo's, custom designed hero cards, brochures and Hot Rod Art.

Since he and I both have new computers, Mark works on a Falcon Northwest Talon Computer. Mark says they build "Hot Rod Computers" in the good ole' USA.

We had been talking about doing a "Cutaway" of our Camaro Pro Mod oh say about two years ago but Mark just couldn't find the power out of his older Talon so he bought this new one.

Mark stated that working with large graphic's and images plus the extremely large photos made it a necessity to complete his tasks out of his new Canon 7D Camera which he purchased from "New York Camera And Video" who he recommends highly for all your camera and photo printing needs.

The power in his computer is made up of Falcon Northwest's best parts they recommended for his line of work and under the extreme size of the file. This custom built computer didn't blink at the amount of data being saved and filed constantly reaching Photoshops 2 gigabyte limit many times before flatening layers.

You can read Marks Talon Computer Review Part One on just opening up this super computer here since he has only been using it for a couple of months though it's a year old already as of November.

I think I have more laps on my new Dell XPS than he does as he says he's just still getting used to the Windows 7 operating system like me.

Mark shot our Pro Mod during some test passes on the Pro Mod at the 2nd Annual Yellow Bullet Nationals at Cecil County Dragway. John had just finished our second pass and we stopped on the return road for some quick shot to make this image. The sunset on the car was gloriously brilliant making it sparkle against the tree-lined backdrop.

Mark has us dismantle the car taking hand held large format shots in various stages, most people use a tripod for this but we were in a hurry so he held his breath and clicked off some pictures. Mark cropped all the images to 30x24 300dpi in Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 correcting various layers to match. Since the car was to be on a custom background hand held shots were close enough to match and begin cutting various layers from many duplicated files of different exposure done in Adobe Lightroom 3 with his own custom presets. Putting all the layers together started to add up to more than 370 of them when finished.

Mark likes flames, skulls and smoke as much as we do, he has a wide assortment of brushes and stock images like the sky, backgrounds and so on to make cool stuff. He recently started taking advantage of many new techniques to enhance text and create patterns and stone for a more realistic look to concrete, flames, chains, rocks, skulls and fire. The image created took around three full days not including the shots and all was done by hand with the polygonal lasso tool only, no paths or line art since he still hasn't mastered this like many of his "Hero Illustrators" Tyler Clarke of "WickedGrafixx.com", Steve Vesperman, Scott Fisk, Greg Russell and many more that do custom renderings.

Mark likes using images and manipulating them into something "Out Of The Ordinary". Now we have a complete "Hero Card" special edition in really big sizes, he made us two different versions on set are fully cropped down from 30X24 print ready in all popular sizes to smaller web sizes, same goes for the second version which was redone in widescreen formats starting with a 36X24 moving 300 some layers into different positions to fill the void and allow for newer monitors with a 16:10 ratio or 1440X960 most common now.

Mark has done many cutaways, hero cards, and manipulated images over the years and feels this is more "Relaxation" than work as he's a very busy webmaster guy.

Our relationship with goDragRacing Mark as most know him by has been a very close one, he teaches us, we teach him and basically just have a good time when we get together at the races. You can download a complimentary wallpaper or background in two sizes by either clicking the images or the links, they will open in a new window for setting as your background.

Stay tuned as Mark adds a second review of the Falcon Northwest Talon under extreme pressure also at goDragRacing.org Photography / Web and Graphic Design.

goDragRacing Mark Is Also On Facebook Here: Friend Him and Check his other works there too.


The Official Stanley & Weiss Racing Team Song
Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup"
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/28/2011

Pouring out The Mix Into The Red Solo Cups

Cheers To Toby Keith's Red Solo Cupspace
Some days it seems like the road is long when towing to the races, but what we have here today is now the official team song of the Stanley & Weiss Pro Mod Drag Racing Team.

It's Toby Keiths "Red Solo Cup" just blaring on our way home, to the track or rockin in the pits. That "Little Red Solo Cup" sure has made a name for itself holding my mixers most have come to enjoy.

So for your pleasure, check out the video Created by a huge PROFESSIONAL singing artist! Please enjoy.

Watch it several times and then see if it doesn’t stick in your brain as The Real Deal! and sing along with the words to Red Solo Cup, and think of us.

Red Solo Cup Lyrics
Now, red solo cup is the best receptical
For barbecues, tailgates, fairs, and festivals
And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicals
If you prefer drinkin' from glass

Hey, red solo cup is cheap and disposable
And in fourteen years, they are decomposable
And unlike my home, they are not foreclosable
Freddy, man, can kiss my ass


Red solo cup
I fill you up
Let's have a party
Let's have a party

I love you, red solo cup
I lift you up
Proceed to party
Proceed to party

Now, I really love how you're easy to stack
But I really hate how you're easy to crack
'Cause when beer runs down in front of my pack
Well, that, my friends, is quite yucky

But I have to admit that the ladies get smitten
Admirin' at how sharply my first name is written
On you with a Sharpie when I get to hittin'
When I get to hittin' on them to help me get lucky

Red solo cup
I fill you up
Let's have a party
Let's have a party

I love you, red solo cup
I lift you up
Proceed to party
Proceed to party

Now, I've seen you in blue and I've seen you in yellow
But only you, red, will do for this fellow
'Cause you are the Abbot to my Costello
And you are the Fruit to my Loom

Red solo cup, you're more than just plastic
You're more than amazing, you're more than fantastic
And believe me that I am not the least bit sarcastic
When I look at you and say

Red solo cup, you're not just a cup
(No! No! No! God, no! )
You're my-you're my (Friend?) friend
(Friend x3; Life-long)
Thank you for being my friend

Red solo cup
I fill you up
Let's have a party
Let's have a party

I love you, red solo cup
I lift you up
Proceed to party
Proceed to party


ADRL Dallas Finale' Wasn't What We Had Hoped For With The Camaro Pro Mod
A Fitting End To A Terrible Drag Racing Season
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/6/2011
Photos Courtesy Of Roger Richards and Toyse Woody

The Camaro Pro Mod At ADRL DallasThis 2011 season have seen things go from bad to worse to what we thought were great and then back to bad yet again. After we left the next to the last ADRL Norwalk, Ohio we were pretty sure we finally figured out what had been ailing our race car since the Topeka race in June. And FINALLY we got it right!

So off to the last ADRL race of the year in Dallas, Texas we went, sincere in our beliefs that all was once again well with the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro. We really had no desire to put the car away for the winter not knowing if we had truly solved our issues. We consciously decided to use the last race of the season as a test session and could help justify the expense by dropping the car off at Garret Race Cars in Marble Hill, Missouri after the race. We had scheduled the car into Garret's after the Maple Grove race for some needed updates and some chassis work that could only be done on a chassis shop jig.

The ADRL had added an extra test session on the Friday afternoon to help fill out there first three day race weekend. This was great for us as we needed all the chances at the track we could get! So now into how those five chances at the killer ADRL track worked out for us. A little hint: can you say good, bad, and indifferent but in the end it came up GOOD! HA, confused you one and all didn't I?

The first run was a time run as I said and although John got timed out on the tree because he didn't get staged in time he did as he should have, he left go of the button and went to the other end for the data from our tried and true Racepak computer! The car did something it had not done since testing at Maple Grove. It didn't spin the tires, it didn't shake, it just hauled a$$! Finally we had our race car back under us with something to work with.

But that wicked witch, Fate who has been with us all year left us know in very short order that she was not willing to turn us loose yet! On Qualifier number one on Friday night the car left pretty well again although it had a cylinder out for 2.3 seconds. The issue with this run was that our good friend "Legbone" Leggett went "bowling for cones" in the top end. For the uninitiated, that means he ran over the top end clocks and shot them across the track and stopped our timers. Can you say DNQ because of that? Yep that it was! On Saturday morning's second qualifier we had an electrical glitch which did not activate the timers when John left the starting line! Instant tire smoke at the hit, but John pedaled it and legged it through for more of that infamous data we have been unable to gather! We needed to see if the car would respond to a quick pedal without doing anything stupid. And respond well it did, not quick, not fast but right down the middle of the track!

The Adrl Pro Extreme Camaro Has A Hole Out In The HemiAnd now we were down to two more shots at the race track and the bump was falling like a Wiley Coyote boulder off of a cliff! The third qualifier finally gave us something to be happy about till we got down to the bottom end. The oil pan cracked a weld AGAIN and dumped oil under the tires from about half track on and John drove his butt off all the way to the end of the track, not knowing what was going on. We still got a decent lap even without all the dramas. Our back half time was within .03 of Quain Stott's 3.71 run in the other lane. So time to call on Garret to weld ANOTHER crack in the oil pan. All fixed and back together again for the last qualifier we were in plenty of time so off to the lanes we went. But that WITCH was still riding on the spoiler for our last shot! When John completed his burnout something broke inside the transmission and he could not get the car out of gear even though the transbrake was applying. So he had no choice but to shut the car off and be pushed back ending our 2011 season!

And now you see what I mean about "a fitting end" to this racing season. We have managed to be attacked by every gremlin known to man in the racing world and some we invented along the way. BUT as I also said, we feel good about the car being back to where it has been and are looking forward to the 2012 ADRL season!

Thanks go to one and all that support Stanley&Weiss Racing for your continued support through this horrible year! It means more than you can ever imagine!

Our car is back!


A Pro Mod Drag Racer's Fortitude
And A Great Helping Of Humble Pie
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 9/28/2011
Photos Courtesy Of Roger Richards, Competition Plus

The Pro Mod Drag Racer John StanleyThese inanimate objects, constructed of nothing more than exotic metals and composites that we all call race cars can sure make us human beings look really, really foolish at times! We feed them great doses of fuel and massive amounts of electrical current to generate the most horsepower that we can dream of. We control and monitor all of these processes with the latest state of the art computers housed in little black boxes. And we then do our utmost to compel them to our bidding. We attempt to apply this entire ungodly amount of horsepower to two strips of concrete and blacktop that has been massaged and treated by the best in the business. We then try to unleash all of this power through large widths of rubber we do our utmost to turn molten before unleashing said power. And in the end more often than not the inanimate object overcomes all of our endeavors and makes the entire scenario appear to be the classic case of an exercise in futility!

We must all know these loves of our lives sit under their car covers snug in their garages awaiting our next guesses on how best to tame them. And wonder if maybe they are snickering softly to themselves because they have bested us yet again! Some of you out there in cyberspace may dispute these ramblings BUT we all know it to be true! Every time we think we think we have bested them they step up and show us who is really in charge. But there are a great number of us who refuse to give up, who continue to carry the battle to the fore. We do not know the word "quit", we do not want to acknowledge we know the meaning of the word. Someone much wiser than I once said something to the effect that for every action there is an equal and greater reaction. So we move forward trying this, trying that till we come upon what has ailed us.

The Adrl Pro Extreme Camaro And Chief Camp Stanley At NorwalkAnd this is wherein the heading "humble pie" has come into the equation. When last you read of our endeavors we were strong off a great test session with our new NRE X1 headed hemi power plant and chomping at the bit like thoroughbred horses to get to the ADRL race in Rockingham and reclaim our place among the powers in the ADRL. Well we have now been to two of the ADRL races, Rockingham and Norwalk and reclaimed nothing! We thought we had solved our Rockingham issues with a lot of chassis changes all to no avail. We solved the massive bite issues at the ADRL prepped race tracks with these modifications but with only two qualifiers in Norwalk and not sure what said inanimate object affectionately known to us as the "Appalachia on Steroids" Pro Modified Camaro wanted I completely missed the starting line tune up by about 300 miles. And then in the second and last one the "leave the line, spin the tires, then shake" scenario reappeared AGAIN!!!

And when all was said and done in Ohio we think we have stumbled (yes STUMBLED is the word I used) on to the cause of this issue. Our dilemma is that the only way to truly know for sure is take the Camaro to an ADRL race track because we have found out what others have discovered! You can only get truly accurate results of these cars performance's at this caliber of a racetrack. We have no desire to put the car away for the winter not knowing if it was all well and truly cured. So we are going to do what we said we couldn't do, we are off to Dallas, Texas in late October for the final round of the 2011 ADRL season. When we leave there we will know for sure if we are still floundering about like fish out of water.

Wish the Battling Rednecks well. We refuse to allow an inanimate object best us! The Scruggs' clan has proven it can be done so now we want to try and do the same.


The Hemi Powered Camaro Pro Mod At 2011 Yellow Bullet Nationals
Stanley & Weiss Racing, A Testing We Will Go At The YB Nats
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 9/18/2011

First Blazing Launch With The Hemi Powered Camaro Pro Mod during testing at the 2011 Yellow Bullet NationalsAfter fitting the new Hemi power plant into the Appalachia on Steroids Pro Modified Camaro it was time to see what the newest addition to our armory could do for us!

After checking around to see what would best serve our purpose we settled on a two day test at Royce Miller's Maryland International Raceway, BUT Mother Nature had other plans for us on that weekend! She dropped a nasty hurricane named Irene right on top of our plans! This "stuff" happens is really getting old! .

So we put our fall back plan into effect and headed to the 2011 YellowBullet.com Nationals at Cecil County Dragway just north of Baltimore, Maryland. They were having an open test session on Friday so that fit our plans perfectly.

John Stanley Straps Himself In The Camaro Pro Mod during testing at the 2011 Yellow Bullet NationalsWe rolled the Camaro out of the trailer and prepared to see what would happen when John Robert Stanley left loose of the trans brake button to the Lencodrive. With the assistance of Garret Livingston of Garret Race Cars who we had convinced to come and help us make sure the chassis was doing what it should we went over all the chassis components to be sure all was to his liking. And then it was time to go make some noise. John was to do a burnout, leave the line, shift into second and click it to see where we were with the fuel, timing, chassis and all the other various sundry items required to make this happen.

And the short times told us we had one bad-azz race car in our pits now! A .943 60 foot coupled with a 2.54 330 on the very first hit was great! That is till we found out John had left a trail of oil all the way down Jim Halsey's shutdown area!!! UH-OH! GOSH-DARN-IT! And other unprintable words were the theme of the day till we learned the oil pan had cracked a weld and that was where all the oil had come from.

The Pro Modified Camaro Posed With The Tim McAmis Chassis Builder Trailer at The YB Nats 2011Garret welded the crack shut thanks to the crew at Tim McAmis Race Cars who had the big shiny Pete support trailer on the grounds!

The leak being fixed and some chassis tweaks in place we were ready to have at it again. The plan was to run it through if all felt good to our top line steering wheel technician. But if all was not well, just click it.

When it was our turn the Camaro left the line wheels up and hauling the proverbial mail!!! But it drifted to the center line under power (sound familiar to our fans that keep track of what goes on?) and John just clicked it off as there was to be gained by running it out. And that run netted us our fastest 60 foot ever, a .938!!!

The Screaming Camaro Pro Mod Burnout at The YB Nats 2011We attempted one more hit at 9:30pm thanks to Jim Halsey and his crew but it was to no avail as the dew had settled in and the track was having no parts of the hemi's power quotient!

We figured we had a really good baseline and were ready to go and revisit our ADRL compadres in Rockinghham, North Carolina.

And that shall be the next installment shortly in the trials and tribulations of the team from the Hills. Stay tuned......

See The Complete Stanley And Weiss Racing Yellow Bullet Nationals Testing Photo Gallery goDragRacing.org Here at www.goDragRacing.org.

Blazing Burnout At Cecil County YB Nats Early Morning Checkup On The Camaro Pro Mod The beast about to be released soon in the pits at Yellow bullet nationals

The Stanley And Weiss Racing Camaro Pro Mod IN YOUR FACE Team Stanley And Weiss Rehashing the last pass at Cecil County A close look at the Noonan Race engineering NRE X1 Billet HEMI heads at the yellow bullet nationals


Stanley & Weiss Racing, The Newest Addition To Our Team
The Camaro Pro Mod Gets A Hemi
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 9/14/2011

Hemi Powered Camaro Pro ModWhen last the Stanley & Weiss Racing team visited you we were all bummed out and financially distressed to say the least. But being the never say QUIT, never say ENOUGH we hid out up here on The Hill and worked on our latest endeavor to bring us back in among the elite of the ADRL.

We finally did it! We had no choice if we want to be competitive! We went over to The Dark Side, but never fear Obi-Wan is still among us! We fitted a hemi between the frame rails of the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro in an attempt to make us competitive once again. This was done by selling off our primary AJ Olds and some of our spare bits and pieces for enough funding to make this drastic move. A "Road Trip" was planned to fill our coffers with bits to make this new project happen. The first call was to Jeff Burnett of Composite Specialties to see about purchasing the short block that we knew he had stashed under a bench in his workshop. That proved to be a very successful trip to Brownsburg, Indiana because as we always do we wheeled and dealed and I left there with lots of extra frugal and some freebie bits that would come in very handy.

The next stop was to a suburb in Nowheresville near Cleveland, Ohio to see our parts sponsor, Mr. Kenny J. as I call him from Motorsports Unlimited to acquire PAC valve springs, Motorsports Unlimited retainers, keepers and some gaskets to get the process started on the assembly of our heads.

Pro Modified Hemi EngineAnd speaking of heads I have been watching the progress of the hemi heads the last few years and the best heads on the market today are the NRE X1 heads that are manufactured in Brisbane, Australia. NRE is Noonan Race Engineering founded by Jamie Noonan, son of my old friend John Noonan. And since I have known them both for over 20 years I saw no other way except to call my old friend John who is the sales guy at NRE about getting a set of these heads. Let me tell you all something that John can attest to, I whined, cried, moaned and complained like the World's Biggest Baby, all the while giving him the Poor Us, Poor Us sob story as well!!! And it worked we got 4 sets of NRE X1 Outlaw heads for the sum of $500 USD!!! Never mind, I lied. That was a really big lie! But the NRE people saw fit to help us out in a great way with a set of heads that we could afford.

But I have digressed from the road trip, sorry. After leaving Kenny J's homestead I made my way eastward towards my next stop, Jan-Cen engines in Elma / Buffalo, New York. After a night's sleep in a comfy motel I arrived at Jan-Cen where we disassembled the short block so it could be freshened for assembly. And while there in talking with Mike Janis about rod/piston combos he remembered some hemi pistons he had "upstairs" (one of those places we all have) left over from some other endeavors. I picked Door Number One and got another GREAT deal as always from Mike to help out us "little guys".

And three weeks later the engine had been picked up at Jan-Cen, assembled by John Stanley and fitted between the frame rails. The headers had been fabricated by John and I and all welded by John while I was out traipsing the world over.

All that was left was a source for a test session before the next ADRL race. And that our friends is another story.

Stay tuned.......


Stanley & Weiss Racing At FIA Hockenheim Germany
Some Things Never Change For Us, Marcus Hilt & "Trouble Motorsports" Pro Mod Corvette
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 8/19/2011
Photos Courtesy Of Ivan Sansom

marcus-hilt-corvette-hockenhiem-fiaAs I wrote in the last ongoing saga of Stanley & Weiss racing I was to be off to Hockenheim, Germany for the next to the last round of the European FIA drag racing Championships last weekend. And what a weekend it was! And no one out there in cyberspace will probably believe this bit, BUT IT RAINED!!!! And, yes I am beginning to think that maybe it is me or it may be the fact that I am not supposed to ever be able to get Marcus Hilt’s Pro Mod down a race track in good fashion. Because that didn’t happen AGAIN, either!

When I arrived Thursday it was a beautiful day and we set about changing the suspension on the car to eliminate the gradual left turns under power we experienced at Santa Pod and made a few more little changes in readiness for Friday’s qualifying. And that is where the rain came into the picture. Friday morning dawned a bit overcast but it looked as if it would pass us over. NOT!!! Rain in buckets came and then slowed down till it finally stopped after about two hours. That was the good part, it didn’t stay around and would not return until Sunday late enough to halt the finals due to the curfew!

hockenheim-germany-fia-drag-racingAnd the Trouble Racing Pro Mod from Switzerland had another one of those weekends from Hades. I am ready to concede that I am never supposed to get this car this car down a race track from one end to the other under power! And this I know is not me! This team has to be the most star crossed Pro Mod team in the world. If anything dumb or stupid is going to happen it will happen to them. On the first hit the car went about twenty measly feet and spun the tires instantly. Marcus recovered well and hustled the car down the track but not even close to where it should have been because of the issues on the starting line. It was a complete surprise to one and all because on the very last hit in Santa Pod the car went .979 in the sixty foot! Because of several issues, we never made the second qualifier on the Friday. Another wasted opportunity…

So relegated to Saturday’s first round we were and at the hit the car did the same thing as the day before. Then it flipped a sprag in the transmission we thought so that ended that run. Marcus said the car was vibrating from something and when we got into the internals of the race car we found the rear main out of the motor which had created all the drama on both runs! And that ended our racing weekend once again!

And now I am back home on The Hill with the checkbook slightly replenished which is a GREAT thing! We are now in the process of getting the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro ready to go and do some testing before Rockingham. We have had just about enough of looking like a bunch of rookies trying to play in the ADRL’s sandbox. And Rockingham we are hoping, should show a newly rejuvenated team ready to take our place on the qualifying lists yet again!


Stanley & Weiss Racing's ADRL Sabbatical
Reinvigorated, Setting The Stage For A New Marked Path In The ADRL
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 7/18/2011

stanley-weiss-adrl-pro-mod-camaro-2011Dictionary.com describes a sabbatical as: "any extended period of leave to acquire new skills or training, etc." This, to all of our faithful followers is what we have been forced to take part in.

A run of three DNQ's has forced us to face reality! Although we finally figured out what has been causing our issues this year it all came "to little, to late".

After evaluating our fastly deteriorating checkbook balance with my assistant financier and friend Mr. Axle Weiss and the rest of our very close knit team, we decided it would best to take one of these forced sabbaticals to pump some new lifeblood into said checkbook!

Our plan is to sit out one more race, the ADRL Speedtech U.S. Drags IV in Richmond, Virginia. I have been telling lots of people that, "instead of spending money in Richmond, I will go to the FIA round in Germany that very same weekend and make a little money!!!" Our plan as it stands now is to be back out with a vengeance at Dragstock VIII in Rockingham, North Carolina ready to "get it on!" If things go according to plan and testing is successful you will see and hear about a new and reinvigorated Stanley & Weiss Racing team! The Appalachia on Steroids Camaro will be back to its old self, as will the entire team.

Missing the ADRL race in Martin, Michigan marked the first race we have missed since fielding our new Tim McAmis Camaro in Memphis in 2009! The facing of facts was hard to do, but bite the bullet we did. We all have seen many of our friends not know when to say "WHOA" and we refuse to get caught in that trap. We plan on being back in full force as the formidable, consistent team we have been since our foray over into the ADRL. We have never been the fastest! We have never been the quickest! BUT we have always been among the most consistent. We were always there on race day. We always brought our "A" game. And rest assured we will do all these same things yet again.


ADRL Topeka And The Yellow Brick Road
Racing The ADRL Pro Extreme Camaro Just Keeps Getting Harder
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 7/12/2011

What else can we say about Topeka except that we should have stayed home like we threatened to do a few updates ago. Between the bad (REALLY ROTTEN, ROTTEN) luck and the weather, Topeka was nothing short of a disaster for us. We started the trip off with a stopover at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio and Friday night and Saturday morning should have told us something! Massive thunderboomers Friday night and Saturday morning cancelled the racing and our testing on Saturday. But Sunday dawned a beautiful day and the National Trail Raceway track personnel gave us a track that was as good as they get. We left there, me on to Topeka and John, Scottie and Jimmy back home with a plan to change motors in Topeka since we decided that the experimental cam installed in the motor over the winter was a major culprit in our lack of performance.

motor-swap-at-topeka-adrlI met up with Andreas Howald, better known as Andy who is one of the crew on Marcus Hilt’s Swiss Pro Mod in Topeka and put him right to work I did! Andy and I removed the primary engine from the Camaro and put the spare from under the bench between the chassis rails. We got it done with a lot of help from help from our friend, Mr “I only have duallie” John DeCerbo and one of his crew guys. And when John Stanley and crew arrived we finished it up and were ready to have at it! So we thought…

Our first run netted us a very conservative 4.01 with lots and lots of fuel and no timing for the 4200 feet of density altitude. Happy with that we were for a start and after hopping it up a bit we went out for the second qualifier. John said the car felt the best it had since we went to the converter. All was well and good till 2.1 seconds in and the head fell off an intake valve, went back up through the port, across the manifold and into number five intake port where it wrecked that valve as well. John killed everything at 2.5 and the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro still mustered a 2.61 and a 4.06 with the blower hanging off it! The third round we were shut down with an oil leak and that ended our day.

bombed-by-mother-nature-topeka-adrlSaturday morning started bright and early at 5AM with high winds and rain wreaking havoc in our pit area along with lots of others. When we finally got the car put away and the awning down and out of the wind our pit area looked as if a bomb had gone off in it! And again more of our many fellow racers helped us out. As the winds and rain died down and we were standing back and surveying what had just happened I swore that I saw the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, Toto and some little girl running helter-skelter amongst the trailers!

Our fourth and last qualifier yielded us nothing more than another what appeared to be a burnout about 20 feet out when the Camaro blazed the tires from TO MUCH power! To little, to late and that AGAIN ended that!

So now we are back in Appalachia deciding on our next plan of attack and staring real hard at an almost empty checkbook! A lot of teams may say they don’t care about that $1500 to qualify check but let me tell you one and all, that figure is built into our travel budget way before the season even begins.

In 2011 we have already had THREE non qualifying outings and that has taken a cool $4500 out of our travel budget. And we have now already equaled the TOTAL amount of DNQs since we came over to the ADRL!

Hmmmmmmm, what to do, what to do??? That sure is starting to sound familiar!


Does It Ever Not Rain On The Main Event?
Trouble Racing Corvette Pro Mod With Camp Stanley At Santa Pod
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/26/2011
Photos By Ivan Samson and Camp Stanley

Camp Stanley At Santa Pod Raceway Tuning With Marcus HiltMemorial Day weekend saw me once again winging my way across the Atlantic Ocean one more time bound for England to help my Swiss friend Marcus Hilt with his Corvette.

I just knew it wasn’t going to rain n me this time…. But was I mistaken! I have been to Santa Pod Raceway in England FOUR times and I have been rained on FOUR times!

For those of you who may be interested if you follow this link to our video theater: “Camp Stanley reporting from Santa Pod for 1320TV” you will be able to view my first trip to Santa Pod.

And this trip was no different. There was a test day scheduled for Thursday that we were to participate in but of course that was a complete washout! And as Friday was a day for the Sportsman classes only to qualify there was nothing on for me except for visiting with people. And that I do love to do!

Saturday dawned COLD and WINDY and just a little bit of rain intermittently. We got our two qualifiers in all the while having race car 101 schooling. After weighing the car at the end of the run I realized the TMRC Corvette was 150 pounds OVERWEIGHT for the class.

So Saturday evening was spent removing all 327 weight bars Marcus had bolted in the car and replacing them with two pucks. This worked well as we went across the scales on Sunday at 27 pounds over. You haven’t lived till you weigh lead weights at a race track with a kilogram fish scale and a back that up with a borrowed set of kilogram bathroom scales (thanks Urban Johansson) and convert kilograms to pounds with a cell phone calculator!

Sunday was just as COLD and WINDY with same intermittent rain drops but we got both qualifiers in. The second qualifier enabled us to just make the field with a shut off 7.30 pass. But that pass did show the potential of the car by producing a .979 60 foot before Marcus had to lift before he crossed the centerline.

That was the best 60 foot pass out of any car on the grounds with the exception of Micke Gullqvist’s .960’s. And we were going to be able to race on race day! So we thought!.

rained-out-at-santa-pod-dragwayMonday was to be the day of eliminations and to the staging lanes we went as Pro Mod was to be first out! That was a great plan till about 20 minutes after we were in the lanes it started to sprinkle which eventually became the steady downpour I have become way to familiar with! And that as they say, ended that! The rain never stopped and the event was canceled!

So now it will be on to Hockenheim, Germany for the Trouble Racing Team for their next go at that magic six second pass…


The Nitro Champs At The Stunning Sydney Dragway
Wayne Keys and Mike Evans. Caramel slice, good friends and RAIN
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/2/2011
Photos By Grant Stephens dragnews.com.au

Rained Out Nitro Champs Sydney DragwayThe Nitro Champs at the stunning Sydney Dragway is the race to attend if you enjoy Australian drag racing. This is the next to the last round for the warriors of the quarter mile that reside all the way round the bottom side of the Earth as we know it. But it is also a race to attend if you are plying your wares in that very same drag racing industry.

And I got to attend at the request of two teams who I have been assisting for awhile. Over the course of time we have become very good friends, these entire teams and I. Those of you who follow the trials and tribulations of my world travels via this website will recognize the names of Wayne Keys from Perth and Mike Evans from Tasmania. I was off once again to see how well we could do against the best the country had to offer.

We did not have the good luck with the The Keys Family Racing Commodore as we did in Perth. The rains came both times we were in the lanes for qualifying and the track got cold which is something that this race car does not like at all. But the first round of eliminations brought a well deserved win and great incrementals on Wayne’s shutoff, save the index run. But the next round was not so kind to them. Their competitor hung him out to dry on the starting line and that little exercise welded the clutch together and that as we say, ended that. The Australian drag racing fraternity has a TWENTY second stage rule and some racers really abuse this. But as I told Wayne and Mike after the same thing happened to both cars, we have a fix for that for next year’s season. Then those racers with no class will be able to sit back for two days if they wish.

The Mike Evans team had come across the seas from Tasmania to race at Sydney Dragway so we could get a baseline on his newly fitted pedal clutch and get Mike some laps on driving the car with this new piece in preparation for the new season when he fits his newly acquired Brad Anderson hemi. Mike’s car did not give him much better ETs than he recorded last year but in between the raindrops it did give him very consistent runs. But he was as done as a Christmas turkey on his first round of eliminations run in the left lane of a very cold race track. He wisely clicked it off at half track when he realized it was spinning the tires and moving around way to much to be safe.

The best thing about racing with the team from Tasmania is his bride of many years’ desert named caramel slice. I first sampled this last year and became instantly addicted. It is not something a slightly overweight ole guy should really be eating but that along with Sunday morning pancakes cooked up in the trailer covered in jellied fruit is nothing that a man can very easily turn down. And Mike doesn’t help when he makes 200 comments a day about where the caramel slice is stashed. AND I am not even going to mention the other desert stashed away in that very same refrigerator! All things being equal we are pretty sure we have a plan in place to help improve both race cars for the new season. The drivers are on their games, the crews are on their games and the drive trains are performing as they should. It is now the Commodore’s chassis of the Keys Family Racing team that needs attention. And an off season weight savings campaign will also help improve the effort. An eighty pound heavy race car does not help the efforts in racing.

Some Tasty Carmel Slice In The Drag Racing PitsThe infamous caramel slice…

When there is a drag race in Sydney you can count on rain.

And as I stated previously the fitting of the new Brad 6 power plant in the Evans’ race car and the already sourced Kobelco blower and carbon fiber injector should enable them to step up into AA/AP from SCO. The SCO class is the class that evolved for the supercharged cars who could either not be competitive or had no desire to compete at the level required in class racing. It is a really great class for diversity as they race in a Dial Your Own format. The only requirement to enter this class is your power plant must supercharged, hence the Supercharged Outlaws moniker! Door cars, funny cars, dragsters, altered, they all come out to play as one!

More 2010 ADRL Pro Mod News Here:


Lost In The Pro Modified Wilderness We Are:
Testing Next Day After ADRL Maple Grove Proves To Be A Plus
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 5/25/2011
Photos By goDragRacing.org

Stanley And Weiss Racing Lightweight Pro Extreme CamaroThey say it happens to the best of us and we are sure having our share this year! Whatever can be wrong is always peeking just around the corner, so it seems! We fix one issue that had plagued us for the first two races and I still cannot get our car into the show on Saturday afternoon! But we could if the qualifying was held the day after the race! It seems as if that stupid hat may be permanently attached to my head and covering up my brain cells.

Camp Stanley Ponders The Next Move On The ADRL Pro Extreme CamaroSo after our 2nd DNQ of the year I am sad to say it is time to regroup and stop racing with the big boys in the ADRL. We seem to be in an arena where we are outnumbered, outdollared, outclassed and outsmarted.

NOT! HA-HA, bet I fooled all of ya! There is no way we are quitting the ADRL.

I just need to get my head out of my butt and put my thinking cap back on. There is NO WAY a torque converter can take a high 3.70 / low 3.80 consistently fast race car and make it not perform up to, much less way below those accepted standards. Especially when we joined all the other race car peoples by putting our car on a major weight savings program over the winter. And we slowed down!.

Testing Lightweight Camaro For ADRL Drag RacingSo now it’s back to basics for the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro to see if I can find my way out of this swamp we have been floundering around in! A tentative test session before Topeka is scheduled and we plan on coming out of it knowing a whole lot more than we know now about what ails us.

Stay tuned. We are not the only ones out there searching for what ails us. As my Friend Mitchell Scruggs asked me a month or so back in his best Mississippi draw: “Camp, how are we gonna get these cars of ours to qualify?” I will wager they are on it twice as hard as we can be! Rest assured we will be back, there is no quit in this ole dog!

What to do? What to do?

More 2010 ADRL Pro Mod News Here:


ADRL Maple Grove 2011
One Part Is All Better Now !!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/16/2011
Photos Courtesy, Axle Weiss, goDragRacing.org

stanley-weiss-racing-camaro-pro-mod-adrl-maple-groveWe got a lot of emails after our last update from the race in Palm Beach. What was the issue with the chassis of Appalachia on Steroids Camaro Pro Mod they were asking after the first two races of 2011? I know we left a lot of people hanging but there was a method to the madness. We needed to be able to prove that we had definitely improved the process.

garrett-race-carsTurning left, turning left, nothing I did was helping! And then, as I said Garrett from Garrett Race Cars pointed out where I put my stupid hat on while trying to fix our issue with the car.

There are different ways to make a car with lots of power go straight and one of them is what is termed rear steer. This is where you move one side of the rear forward or back depending on what side you like to work with.

I always preach to those I mentor that you must always work with one side of the rear. Do not change that process! Because invariably, whenever you do you that you tend to lose track of where you are and where you have been. And that is exactly what I did to our car!

I worked on both sides of the car moving the rear forward and back and then entirely lost my ability to read a tape measure! I had, as the Australians are prone to say, completely "lost the plot"!

However it's great to have friends in the industry to turn to when we are lost in the jungle and cannot find ourselves with both hands, a road map or a Garmin! When we got home from Palm Beach John and I put the car up on stands and proceeded to go back to square one and we redid the suspension on all four corners of chassis.

The video will show that the car is now doing as it should.

Thanks Garrett!

ADRL Maple Grove Photo Gallery Slideshow

adrl-camaro-pro-mod-on-top-endMany people of the ADRL have been part of this website in alot of ways, from competitors to record setters. We at Stanley and Weiss Racing invited our webmaster along to shoot the race and capture images of some of these names you have seen like ADRL Photographer "Roger Richards" who's images have appeared with a simple "Photos By" lead in. Axle Weiss' photos have filled the pages also in the same manner. Many stories have been written with some of the photos of the racers below in a slideshow mode, we give thanks to those who have contributed to our website in so many area's.

See The Complete ADRL Drag Racing Photo Gallery Courtesy Of Us and goDragRacing.org | ADRL Communications Here, Over 770 Images.

adrl-camaro-pro-mod-warm-up-maple-grove adrl-maple-grove-frankie-taylor adrl-track-prep-machine

camp-stanley-greets-adrl-track-prep-crew camp-stanley-stages-camaro-pro-mod-adrl-maple-grove inside-view-of-adrl-camaro-pro-mod

joey-martin-lowmad-pro-mod-adrl-maple-grove john-stanley-in-adrl-camaro-pro-mod john-stanley-stages-camaro-pro-mod-adrl-maple-grove

roger-richards-adrl-photographer-captures-more-drag-racing-photos team-stanley-weiss-racing-adrl-maple-grove tim-mcamis-race-cars-adrl-maple-grove


Two Down And Seven To Go In The ADRL Pro Extreme Sessions:
Taking It One ADRL Race At A Time
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/21/2011
Photos By Axle Weiss And Roger Richards

John gets ready for another qualifier at the beautiful Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas.We decided to wait to report some good news to the many people around the world who follow the trials and tribulations of Stanley and Weiss Racing. And as we all know our testing adventure in Mooresville, NC didn't work out so well unless you were a masochist!

And being the resolute optimists that we are we decided to head to Houston, Texas. And just so that we are clear on our mental outlook in all things drag racing, that glass must ALWAYS appear to be half full or the battle has already been lost. So off I went chauffeuring our trusty steed, Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Friday dawned a great sunny Texas day and the season was on. But not for long was it all peaches and cream for us. Friday evening brought a hint of the taste of sour grapes to our lips. We were way on the outside looking in because the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro appeared to have caught the flu and no amount of steroids was going to help. It wanted to turn left off the line every pass.

Part one of the Al-Anabi juggernaut, JR Todd!We worked late Friday night and right up to the last qualifying session Saturday morning changing everything on the car except John! And when our turn came we thought we had salvaged a qualifying spot. Which we had right up till the last pair when we were knocked out by .005 seconds! It might as well have been five tenths because we did not make the cut! That made for three non-qualifier outings in three years. This was not at all good for our ego but a fact of life it surely was.

So after our between races maintenance it was time to head south once again to Palm Beach International Raceway for part two of 2011. In the glow of the Florida sun we prepared the car for our assault on the track. We decided to not abandon our conservative approach in an attempt to sneak up on what would work with all with these new changes we had made. Our first hit led us to believe that we may be getting closer. It yielded us a 3.90 pass that wouldn't generally make us very happy but it was something to work with. The biggest issue was the fact that the car was still turning left. The night qualifier yielded us a 3.85 which was definitely going in the right direction. This made seven full runs with the converter in the car and we were really pleased except that it was still turning left.

Part two on the Al-Anabi juggernaut, Von Smith!The last qualifier on Sunday was a run almost a tenth off of the qualifying pace. A bit of James Bond 007 research led to the culprit which promptly caused my blood pressure to escalate off the scale! I had no choice but to fire myself on the spot. After cooler heads prevailed I agreed to a pay cut and gave my job back to myself. So off we went for first round of eliminations where we were paired against one of the cars out of the Al Anabi juggernaut. JR Todd had qualified number four with a 3.68 and was set to attempt to put a serious butt whipping on us. But the sun shone brighter and the fates smiled down on us. With the signal to fire up, both cars roared to life and John started towards the water box. I realized that JR was not coming forward yet so I held John behind the water box until I heard JR's car restart. John went through his burnout procedure on our new Mickey Thompson tires and when I again realized there was still an issue with JR's car I had john slow his backup procedure to a snail's pace to give them time to fix their issue. When John got back and stopped we waited and waited until we were motioned ahead by the starter. You always want to race for the win, but as I preach over and over again, you gotta be in the other lane to win. And we were. The next round found us against another Al Anabi car, the Howard Moon, Von Smith tandem of Champions from here and overseas! That one didn't turn out so well for us as a drastic suspension change in an attempt to fix our car was DEFINITELY the wrong thing to do. This time the car made an abrupt left turn and that was that for our Florida adventure.

Yes sir, it surely is turning left!!!ALMOST! We took the car back to the pits and took it all apart from the firewall back looking for something broken. And guess what we found? NOTHING! It took Garrett of Garrett Race Cars to point the issue out to me while under the back of the car. I definitely had missed something so stupid that this time when I fired me I really left me have it with both barrels! And I was halfway through South Carolina on the way home before I could convince myself to let me be more than just a truck driver in 2011.


Gosh Darned Ole Fluid Couplers…
Learning How NOT To Set Your Pro Mod On Fire
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 3/23/2011
Photos Courtesy Of Axle Weiss

So how has it been going with the installation of the torque converter (read fluid coupler) in the "Appalachia on Steroids" Camaro you may be wondering? We made the conscious decision to make that leap at the end of last year but as in all things new, some things are not really all that easy!

We headed down to Mooresville, NC to test the new parts and pieces to be sure all would be in the ready for the first ADRL race in Houston, Texas. Before we left I scoured the web for all the war stories on what NOT to do when you put a torque converter in a high horsepower car. I put all of this profound knowledge I garnered into a little cheat sheet/booklet so we could try our best not to make those same errors. More on that later!

Upon arrival on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon we unloaded the car and proceeded into our new year start up of the engine and filling and checking the new LencoDrive transmission. The transmission part went well but the motor part was way, way downhill after that. After setting the timing with the MSD mag 44, next up was to phase the crank trigger to the mag. In our case this takes several start the car, shut it off, adjust and then do it all over again. This was when I noticed the motor just didn't sound right. And after checking, rechecking and double checking 37 times we realized that there may be a distinct possibility that we had an issue with the new camshaft we installed in the engine this year. After a confirmation phone call to Mike Janis at JanCen Engines and a swap of some plug wires it was indeed a cam ground for a different firing order than what we run and what was specified. But that issue was solved with the swapping of several spark plug leads. But it was hint of things to come!

Shannon Davis aka Sparky of Davis Technologies Traction Control working his magicSunday was another bright beautiful day and although we couldn't start the car before 1200pm because of churches close by we had other things to do. Shannon, better known as Sparky in some circles, of Davis Technologies had come up to finish the wiring of the last few components that had arrived after I left his shop in NC in January. I had taken the car to him for a complete PROFESSIONAL rewiring job that we surely needed. A man has to really love his sponsors!

And then it was time to make some smoke from the Mickey Thompson tires and see if we could go from A to B easily. And that is where things started to go bad wrong. At the end of the burnout John couldn't get the car out of forward. So it was shut it off, tow it back, set the idle, try it again. Then it wouldn't go in forward because we had almost killed the trans brake on the pro jacks! We got two lousy part hits and the sun was starting to go down. Remember that cheat sheet I spoke about earlier? Don't forget it!

Brad Ector of Bradco Converters does it all for us!The next attempted hit on the car we managed, of all things to SET THE DOOR on fire! The timing retarded as it was supposed to do but never went back in and as John got ready to stage the car the alcohol that had been blown up on the door decided to go up in smoke and take the decals, the paint, the gelcoat and the resin in the carbon fiber along with it! After we sorted that mess out we FINALLY got one hit on the car with a wounded trans brake that gave us reason to believe all would be well for Houston.

And now back to my little cheat sheet/booklet on what not to do. When we were ready to leave Mooresville at 1030pm I had checked off every single solitary item on that list! AND added "catch your own door on fire" to it! So after a little mini team meeting we threw that booklet in the trash bin and headed back to the hills of Maryland.

More about Houston shortly…


Go West Old Man, Go West...
Keys Family Racing Team Gets Blower Guru Help In Perth AU.
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 3/23/2011
Photos Courtesy of Phil Luyer and Grant Stephens Drag News

Keys Family Racing teamThat was a famous saying from back in the day with only a tweak of one little word, so I undertook that adventure yet again and went West! At the behest and kind offer from Mr and Mrs Wayne Keys of Oakdale, West Australia. I had been assisting the Keys Family Racing team in a very low key, under the racing radar screens kind of way for a bit of time via that fabulous 21st century medium we all know as The Net! I had been following what they were doing the quite a bit of time with first their BMW and then their Commodore which they now race. They had persevered through thick and thin for a lot of years and have had a lot of successes and a few carnage laden years as we all do. They had managed to accumulate a really nice Kobelco blower from Matt Able who resides in Darwin in the Northern Territory.

And this was where our adventure began. We worked through the start of a basic tune up before the end of their season in June 2010 which showed some promise and was giving them some success and not hurting any parts. When their winter set in Wayne agreed that the blower would get an airplane ride to Buffalo, NY and be tweaked on by the crew at JanCen Engines led by Mike Janis, blower guru extraordinaire. After the installation of a really nice all titanium MRP clutch from Bob Molinari the decision was made between us to see if the aforementioned "hands on" approach of having me where the car was would enable us a a team to improve things a bit.

After 30 hours travel time to Sydney, and a short layover it was time to board ONE more plane to Perth. Upon my arrival in Perth I was met by Wayne and his bride. They allowed me to have an early night since my travel time had now neared 44 hours. But on Friday morning I was up and at it early as I am prone to do when I get into "race mode". The plan was to take the car out Friday and set up the pit area, do a little socializing and be ready to hit it hard on race day Saturday. But of course the best laid plans always seem to go awry when dealing with a race car. The car was loaded in it's transporter Friday evening and then a "Barbie" was organized by the Keys Family racing personnel which gave all a chance to do the interaction thing that is so important in creating chemistry amongst any team.

red Commodore HoldenSaturday brought forth a beautiful West Australian day and into the qualifying mode we went as a team. The decision was made to run the first qualifier with the same safe tune up so I could actually see the car go down the race track. An errant second gear shift light caused a bit of extra use of the clutch but the car went down the track and gave up some good data. The second qualifier yielded us an impressive 6.08 at 232.55 with a 3.98 half track!!! This run was well and truly under the national record of 6.15 and had bypassed the 231mph record!!! Not bad for an old car with Brad 4 heads and a roots blower!!!

And to say the entire team was ecstatic, including me would be a huge understatement! And the well wishes and congratulatory visits from many, many other teams to The Keys Family Racing Team was a joy to behold. Sunday brought another beautiful day for racing and a first round victory with a shutoff run to protect the index gave us another GREAT half track run of Four FLAT! But the second round wasn't quite as kind as kind to us as the red Commodore Holden went out about 50 feet and just over powered the race track and ended our day.

But all is well that ends well and the crew now knows they have a race car that can play with any other in the pits on any given day. They have since been back to Perth for a Top Comp Meeting where they ran a 6.11 and a 6.13! But again due to massive tire shake a win in the B final was not to be. The best thing to come out of that race meeting was that they now know they can be called "Players!" once again.

My thanks go out to the entire team for their gracious hospitality and willingness to listen and learn! pagebreak

Mark Rebilas Captures Drag Racing Moment
Stanley & Weiss Racing ADRL Camaro Pro Mod Blower Explosion In Drag Illustrated
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 2/15/2011

Drag Illustrated Magazine Mark Rebilas PhotosMark Rebilas known throughout the sports world as one of the most prolific and energized photographers of this era captured the Stanley And Weiss Racing ADRL Pro Extreme Camaro as it blew the the burst panels on the top end charge during qualifying in the ADRL series on the pavement of the Texas Motorplex as the year comes to an end and.

Rebilas' photo was published in Drag Illustrated's latest issue March 2011. John Stanley hit the loud pedal on his way down the track; on the other end of the spectrum between driver / fans this image was in the lens of Mark Rebilas; outcome of this came the much nationally recognized photo showing so much that happened in the flick of the shutters speed that most photographers don't get a chance to capture in such a way that brings the attention of the ballistic forces that happened during this one frame.

Mark Rebilas Captures Pro Mod Blower ExplosionTeam Owner Camp Stanley was quoted "Man, this is one outrageous picture" and it tells us a lot of what happened on that pass as the engine "nicked a valve" tossing the full charge back through the burst panels lifting the blower in a flash of alcohol fire and oil. The scene also shows that Rebilas was able to grab all of what happened as you can see the butterflies are open, the panels both front and back have blown the engine diaper into a balloon state from the concussion of 65 psi of boost seen pushed close to the track below the car as the flames rise around the brilliant orange Camaro in a speeding haze of exhaust rippling the air around the car with one click of the camera's trigger.

If you look close you can sort of see an image inside the smoke and flames right in front of the hood and the top of the blower of possibly a skull "The Stanley And Weiss Trademark Image" on the hood of the car, almost a definite resemblance of John Stanley's helmet as it is airbrushed.

See all of Mark Rebilas' work on his website / blog and on his Facebook Page where he is a much followed member.


Camp Stanley Delivers On "ADRL Drag Racing Live"
By Ian Tocher: Post Date: 2/11/2011

Play The Edited Version Here
Host Name: ADRL Blog Talk Radio
Show Name: ADRL Drag Racing Live February 10, 2011
Date / Length: 2/10/2011 9:00 PM - 1 hr 30 min Full Show, Edited Version Here 32mins

All things ADRL are discussed, poked, prodded and played out in a lively paced show hosted by the knower of all things Drag Racing - Bret Kepner and Josh "Paperboy" Hachat! Guests include Jason Hamstra and Camp Stanley.

Camp Stanley ADRL Blogtalk RadioYour agent can always count on some great sound bites from Pro Extreme owner Camp Stanley and this time was no different. Of course, your agent is talking about Camp's guest appearance on the latest "ADRL Drag Racing Live," offering an abundance of great insights on a variety of topics.

One of your agent's favorite parts of the interview was Camp talking about the pride he still feels watching his son, John, drive the Pro Extreme car. "My son can flat-out drive a race car, there's no ifs, ands and buts about it," Stanley said. "We have good power and we don't cut corners." Stanley also talked about the camaraderie involved in the ADRL on the show, a sign of how much he is looking forward to the 2011 season. "We're all in this together and we're all one big happy family," Stanley said. "It is a happy family."

To listen to the full, entertaining interview - and your agent can't recommend it enough - click on the latest "ADRL Drag Racing Live" show on the ADRL homepage. pagebreak

Thanking Our Camaro Pro Mod Sponsors 2011
Coming On Board In 2011, Making Us Go !!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 1/31/2011

Stanley & Weiss Racing would like to thank our new sponsors who have agreed to come on board with us in 2011 and those returning as well.

Lenco Drive TransmissionsThese major manufacturers will allow us to do more things than we could normally do. With the installation of the Lencodrive in The Appalachia on Steroids Camaro we will be jumping off into that abyss which is unknown to us. The last torque convertor racing vehicle I had experience with was John Stanley's back-half Camaro! And as I am now able to say: "back in the day" the extent of my convertor driven transmission knowledge was it took red fluid to make them go and Jack Weller's Superior Transmissions was THE ticket for a blown car!

Bradco EngineeringBut with the advent of the convertor technology we decided it was time to bite the bullet and take the plunge. And therein comes the first part of our new sponsors who have agreed to support us. Gary at Lenco Transmissions was very instrumental in helping us to decide what to do and how to go about it. He then delivered his product to the second part of the equation, Bradco Engineering. Bradco is who we chose to do our convertor development for us after talking with Brad off and on throughout the summer and watching some of his successes. Brad has made the commitment to assist us in the learning curve of this new combo at the race track for as it much time as it takes.

Meziere Racing EnterprisesThen we had to decide on the the piece that must take our 3000 plus horsepower and couple it to the torque convertor. Don Meziere of Meziere Enterprises stepped up and agreed to help us by supplying a product that would do above and beyond what we wanted at a very nice financial arrangement for us.

Pro Bell Racing ProductsThe last but just as important piece in this venture is the bellhousing. With weight consciousness being a very important part of our racing as well as safety for my son who sits beside this volatile combination, I had no choice but to go with those that I knew and had supported me "back in the day" as well. Probell Racing Products has a great product that is not only bulletproof but lightweight as well. The aluminum piece with its' formed stainless liner is a fantastic piece with a lot of innovative features. AND it is light weight and SFI approved.

VP Racing FuelsAnd now that this new venture's pieces had been sourced and secured, the next most important part of our equation was getting the AJPE Olds powerplant to first startup and then run down the race track at an extremely high rate of speed! Enter VP Racing Fuels who have agreed to help our team this year by supplying us with a very lucrative financial marketing partnership which will allow us to utilize their many great products. The past friendships and support between our team and the powers that be at VP Racing Fuels allowed this to come to pass.

We at Stanley & Weiss Racing definitely appreciate the support of all of our sponsors and we know that there is no way we could compete at the level which we do without them. Be on the look out for several complete sponsor support articles in the very near future. Please read these and support those that support us, one and all. pagebreak

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