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Christmas Calendar Blow Out Sale
Pro Mod Calendars, Cards and Good Fun, We Say Merry Christmas
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 12/15/2010

To all the good people at Christmas and fans of Stanley and Weiss Racing, we wish you the best of the year and offer a Christmas Card and A New Calendar for the New Year featuring the Appalachia On Steroids" Camaro Pro Mod.

Camaro Pro Mod Drag Racing Calendars 2011 For SaleThe Official Calendar of Stanley And Weiss Racing, ADRL Extreme Pro Mod 2011 Keeping track of important dates on your calendar is easy when you can view 12 months of inspiring images that reflect your personal interests. Our high-quality calendar is printed on thick 100lb cover weight paper and adds impact to any room.

* Each page measures 11" x 8.5"
* Measures 11" x 17" when hung on wall
* Full bleed dynamic color
* 100 lb cover weight high gloss paper, wire-o bound
* January 2011 - December 2011, 2012 preview, US holidays marked

Visit The Store And Pick One Up At Cafe Press The Official Stanley & Weiss Racing Store Here:

Hot Rod Christmas card Blow Out  Download A Large CardWe've had a plenty hard season and look forward to the upcoming wars between the baddest Pro Mods on the planet again in the ADRL and make our runner up spot at the Shakedown At E Town turn into a Winners Circle Shot.

What we have planned is some entertainment right here on our website and some Christmas fun for all including being "Elfded" as in Elf Yourself below, a downloadable Christmas card in large format from Team Stanley And Weiss Racing, just click the image and it will get larger for you.

We all would like to thank you for your support and hope to see all again at the upcoming races in 2011, follow along with us for another "Wild Bunch Style" season!!

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Updates Underway for the 2011 ADRL Season
The ADRL Pro Mod Camaro Changes For 2011 Season
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/21/2010

We are well on the way with our all of our planned updates and changes to the ADRL Pro Extreme Camaro known as "Appalachia on Steroids". The best thing we can say about this would be the fact that we sure are glad the 2010 season is over!!! All those that follow the trials and tribulations of our team know that we have just come off of the year from Hades!

New Step Headers Being Installed On The Camaro Pro ModIf you can think of something dumb happening believe you me, it happened to us this year! Dumb, stupid stuff with the car. Dumb, stupid stuff with poor ole Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Dumb stupid stuff with our trailer. AND don't even ask me about tires!!! The only good thing going for us in the tire department was our beloved Mickey Thompsons on the race car. They did their job very well all year, thank you very much. But the 2010 season has been completed and through all these dilemmas we persevered. The checkbooks got real thin at the end but we made it through. We are very proud of our TENTH place ranking in the ADRL Pro Extreme class we secured at years end. To finish this high out of EIGHTY-FIVE cars in the baddest class of doorslammers on the planet says lots about our determination and perseverance in our eyes. AND we don't even have a hemi!

Supercharger Air Throttle Controller Installed on the Camaro Pro ModSo enough of Whiner 101 from us! The year 2010 is done and it is on to 2011. We have decided to join the ranks of the torque converter race cars in 2011 and are now in the process of the changeover. Not being a big believer of the two step process we have opted to go the air throttle controller route. This new piece has been sourced from my goombah, Andrew Parise "Parise Racing" since they are going the opposite way to a clutch in both Dina's and his own car. Thanks Hero!

John Stanley Welding As he does the driving tooOur new big tube step headers are about 60% finished. Now John will able to create a cool light show when he stages the car just like Bubba Stanton does. We can't have Roger Henson get one over on us! We are also taking a good hard look, as does everyone else at where and how to get weight out of our race car. We cannot afford all the titanium pieces needed to really make a dent in this process so we must look elsewhere. We went the titanium route last year and gained a bit of weight savings but our $3000 budget wasn't near enough. K & K Advanced Door Car Technology did the best they could for us, way above the norm or we would not have seen the gains we got.

And then the poor tired screw will go back to JanCen engines in Buffalo, NY for a long overdue freshen up.

We shall do our best to keep you informed of our progress throughout the next several months.

Email us any extra dollars you may have lying around. We sure could use them!

HAPPY TURKEY DAY to one and all. Please remember why we celebrate this day!

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Rain, Rain Go Away…
ADRL Racing In Ennis Texas, Mother Nature Wins!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/1/2010 | Photos By Axle Weiss

Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Extreme Camaro At ADRL Ennis TexasThe Appalachia on Steroids Pro Extreme Camaro team headed off to the Motorplex in Ennis, Texas for the first ADRL race of the 2011 season with great plans and aspirations. Thursday dawned another beautiful Texas day with a nice, bright, sunny day for all to enjoy. After setting up our pits and visiting with our peers it was off to the Fat Daddy’s bar and restaurant for a relaxing evening and a few quiet drinks amongst friends. Well as quiet as quiet can be amongst a building full of drag racers! It was an enjoyable time and I even participated in an interview with venerable duo of the Big Head and Bret radio show. And then it was back to the track for a good nights’ sleep in preparation for a long day of qualifying.

Marcus Hilt's Bride All The Way From Switzerland Looks On At The Pro ModFriday dawned another beautiful, sunny day. We prepped the car for our first shot at the race track with a game plan of using the things that had served us well the last several years. In other words don’t do anything stupid! Be aggressive, BUT not too aggressive. It was imperative that we qualify for this race if we were even going to entertain any thoughts of another season of full time ADRL racing. The Camaro was back in the game as far as being able to do whatever we asked it to do. The first round netted us a 3.82 at 198 and some change for the number ten spot on the ladder. With the air not being the normal fall Texas type I felt that would stand us in good stead through the other three qualifying spots.

Marcus Hilt European Pro Modified Driver Over-see's The Pro Mod Engine Repairs And Camp Calls For More Money To No AvailThe second qualifier was not quite as good as John to do a quick pedal to a 3.89 with the blower leaving the manifold just past the traps in spectacular fashion, when we nipped a piston. After a mad thrash and replacing a piston and the head we were ready for the third qualifier just in time. It was so close time wise that Scottie and Jimmy had to the clutch in the staging lanes! When it was out turn yet again we elected to try something novel with the traction control after consulting with Shannon of Davis Technologies on the phone. We decided to turn it off and see if the tack would hold something I had been wanting to try. That was not a good move as the Camaro did it’s all to make John lift as it tried its hardest to spin the tires. John drove through it without having to lift but we did not improve. At the end of the day we had only lost two spots to the number twelve position. And then it was Saturday and after having a hearty breakfast we set into getting ready for the fourth round of qualifying and looking forward to eliminations Even though were several heavy hitters still on the outside looking in we felt fairly confident that our qualifying number would hold up should something go awry. There was no thought of a 3.7 bump with the air at 2700 feet! And then it rained. And then the sun came out. And then it rained, again. And then the sun came out, again. And so it went throughout the morning and into the afternoon. There were several calls for “Extreme Pro Sock to the lanes” and “Pro Extreme Motorcycles to the lanes” only to be followed by more and then it rained.

Andy Robinson And Son Of Andy Robinson Race Cars Watching The ADRL Pro Mod Camaro Warm UpAnd then the sun came out. The track prep people worked their hardest to save the track from going away but it was all to no avail as Mother Nature won another battle with the ADRL in 2010! The race was officially canceled when a terrible hailstorm struck north and west of Ennis and the rain just kept coming and going. So now it will be on to the first ADRL race in 2011 at Houston, Texas if we should decide to make that trip. The eliminations ladder has us paired against Mick Snyder in the first round of eliminations with the Snyder Motorsports 3.60 Corvette. There are no gimmies in the ADRL!

We want to thank our international friends for traveling all the way to hang out with us and we are sorry that they could not see the elimination rounds. Maybe next year…

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Piston Carnage From The Shakedown At E Town
Carnage! Will It Ever End???
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 10/18/2010

Pro Mod Piston Carnage From The Shakedown At E TownThe 2010 racing season is what I speak of. We are almost at the end of one of the most disastrous racing seasons we have ever had! And through it all we kept kicking, fighting, biting and gouging all the demons that descended on Stanley & Weiss Racing this year.

The final, WE HOPE bit came last Saturday as we prepared to leak check the motor before going into our before race preparations for Ennis, Texas.

We had a spark plug in one cylinder a bit hard to get out and when it came out the end of it was beat like a red-headed step child!

We pulled the head off and found that we had dropped the head of ANOTHER valve and it in turn wrecked the intake valve, both valve seats and the piston. This is really getting old I'm telling you! And the two spare heads were on the spare motor under the bench. And that is all we have unlike some big hitters. So straight onto the phone to Mike Janis, our engine repair guru, extraordinaire. We coordinated getting the heads to Buffalo for Monday morning via another racer on the way up.

Joe Janis worked his magic and both heads were back to us on Friday and back in their rightful place. The JanCen crew sure knows the meaning of the word "service"! And big thanks have to go to Ken at Motorsports Unlimited for getting us all the bits to Joe so he could make our heads as good as new. Next stop, Ennis, Texas!!! It's the first ADRL race of 2011 and it can't get any worse!!!

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Stanley And Weiss Racing Head North For Raceway Park
The 8th Annual Shakedown At E'Town 1/8th Mile Challenge
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 10/6/2010, Photos By

We have just returned to The Hill from running at Dave Hance's large outlaw race at the famed Englishtown Raceway Park in New Jersey. This race was a bit less stressful for the team as a whole since there were no point's scenarios to worry about. It was actually one of our favorite types of races. Show up! Shut up! And race! Just like the Canadian Fastest Street Car Races of old.

The Stanley And Weiss Racing Camaro Pro Mod At Shakedown At E Town

The ADRL Pro Mod Camaro At Shakedown At E Town 2010The Shakedown was an 1/8th mile race where there are no rules outside of safety, just like the ADRL. Although the car count was very disappointing, there were still nine cars entered. The field was led by Mike Stawicki with us slotted into the number two spot with a 3.825 pass.

That pass netted us the chore of replacing a piston that we nipped when the killer race track had a lot more teeth than I anticipated down track.

Team Readies The Camaro Pro Mod For A Pass At Shakedown At E TownSaid part being replaced, we added some more clutch to the car and went up for the second qualifier. The added clutch did nothing for us except shake the tires. With that run aborted and after looking over the field of qualified cars we felt we would be pretty safe with our number two qualifying effort. Knowing that we had never been a 3.72, we were not comfortable trying to do so in the killer Etown air. Although there were three turbo cars, all of which were more than capable of making three second runs we felt this was our best option.

Team Readies The Camaro Pro Mod For A Pass At Shakedown At E TownSunday dawned cool and sunny and created a great atmosphere for the race. But by the time eliminations started the clouds started to roll in and there was the threat of rain for later in the day.

Our first round opponent was a nitrous car that was piloted by young man from Georgia "Adam Garner" in another Camaro Pro Mod.

Shakedown Scoreboards Showed A Pedaling 200MPHEven though the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro rattled the tires enough to unsettle the car, John gave it a quick pedal and we took the win light with 3.88 at a little over 200mph! This was our first 200 this year and only the second one with the car. It told us we were getting back into the power range where we needed to be.

With lane choice going to us in the second round we decided to run the right lane because we knew that we would be placed there if the number one qualifier got through to the final. In another parts saver move we elected to do more than leave the starting line, click it in second gear and shut it off.

John Stanley and Father Camp Stanley Accept Awards At ShakedownFor the final round we changed some things around in the car figuring we might be able to give the NY Firebird a run for the money. But it wasn't to be! When John left the clutch out the car didn't go two inches before smoking the tires when a dry sump oil line broke! All the while our opponent only went 3.89 for the win… And that's the type of year we have been having. But it is good to know that we can rely on our trusty AJ Olds to stand us in good stead with the juggernaut of hemis we will see in Dallas in a few weeks.

We had two .930 sixty foots in the two elimination rounds which were our best ever. This tells us the car itself is working just fine again, As long as I do not get to cautious! We took our accolades with style as a father and son team that keeps running through the ranks of supercharged pro mods.

Next up for the team will be the first ADRL race for 2011 in Dallas, Texas October 22 and 23. We have decided to go to Dallas and run the first race of 2011 and then weigh our options on running the entire ADRL season next year. As always, wish us luck!

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Camp Stanley Named As Grand Marshall
8th Annual ADRL.US Shakedown At E-Town Event
Shakedown At E Town Press 9-28-2010

Camp Stanley 2010 Shakedown At E Town Grand MarshalCamp Stanley is a name that is known in drag racing circles spanning the entire PLANET - "I actually consider it an honor to be recognized for all that I have done and I am still having a great time creating champs around the world. There is no off season when you are an old retired guy getting to do what you love all the year around! I have been lucky enough to make a lot of friends internationally over the last 20 plus years that has enabled me to have the ability to travel the world far and wide"

Camp Stanley has many accomplishment to his credit but the one he is most remembered for the first six-second, 200mph combination pass in a door slammer. "It's one of the many...going to Australia to represent the door slammers from the United States is another. There have been so many memorable moments in my life, its hard to narrow it to just one. I have been able to learn an awful lot about the violent unpredictable cars we live for over the last 30 years. Yes, I did say 30 years! My first blown door car was created in 1978."

"The Wild Bunch started out as a group of guys choosing to be different in bracket racing, but we quickly evolved a match race circuit and the inspiration for the Top Door slammer class in Australia. Their finest hour resulted in the first six-second door slammer pass in drag racing history. We had two goals when we went to Atco. We wanted to get the first six second run and we also wanted to piss the nitrous guys off. I'd say we succeeded on both counts. We took normal street cars and threw in blower motors, and raced. We had the Chevy Luv truck, and a Ford Taurus station wagon with blower motors. The Wagon actually goes back to Jim McGraw when he was with Super Stock and Drag Illustrated," said Stanley. "He asked the question as to why there weren't any Fords in the Wild Bunch. That conversation took place in Bob Rizzolo's RCD Performance, the one that built my cars as well as Tommy Howes' cars. Someone came up with the idea of a Taurus wagon. McGraw got in touch with Ford Motorsports and they sold me the body in white"

"I have been racing at Englishtown for a long time and I have to say that Vinnie Knapp must be watching and smiling. Finally I have to have the last word, and the thing I like to say is "Boys and girls its good to be me."

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The 2010 ADRL Season Has Been Completed
The Run For The ADRL Battle Of The Belts Is Over
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 9/28/2010, Photos By Axle C. Weiss

The Ultimate In ADRL Pro Extreme Drag Racing

John Stanley Faces Wes Johnsons ADRL Pro ExtremeIn one sense we were surely glad to have the 2010 season completed this past weekend. But on the other hand we were not quite ready to "go quietly into the night"! We have had one of those drag racing seasons that would test the mettle of any human being! But we never quit! We never gave up! We persevered throughout this dismal season with our heads held high. When the bell was rung Saturday afternoon at the beautiful Summit Motorsports Park we had ended our first full season in the ADRL.

We have finished 2010 in the number 10 points position. Although this left us 2 spots away from the Holy Grail of the ADRL, The Battle for the Belts, we were very proud of how well we have done this year. This is very special to us as "privateers" racing in a sea of greenbacks! To end the season in that position out of EIGHTY FIVE point's earners is great in our eyes!

The Stanley And Weiss Racing Camaro Pro ModAs a team, we feel very good about the opportunities that 2011 holds in store for us. We also feel very confident should we make the decision to chase that Holy Grail once more. That will be a decision that my friend and partner William C. (Axle) Weiss and I shall make over dinner and cocktails in the not so distant future.

Meanwhile it is all about getting ready for The Shakedown at E Town this coming weekend. And working away we are! When that construction barrel orange "Appalachia on Steroids" Camaro roles out from under the Englishtown tower, Vinnie Knapp will be watching us with pride, thinking about how far we have come!

We are there to take it to 'em!
Wish us luck!

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ADRL's Drag Stock Leaves Its Mark !!
The Stanley And Weiss Pro Extreme Camaro And The Supercharger Effect
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 9/4/2010, Photos Courtesy Of Van Abernathy And Roger Richards, In Car Video By Davis Technologies

Camaro Pro Mod At ADRL Rockingham Blower Explosion Caught By Van Abernathy"Sucks to be us." was my blunt assessment to Competition on being outside the 16-car field after three Pro Extreme qualifying sessions for the ADRL's prestigious Dragstock VII on Friday at Rockingham Dragway.

We don't very often blow our stuff up and almost never, ever knock the blower off of it, but we did a good job of all of it in one go yesterday in that second qualifying session. We lost two cylinders on the run, one of them at 1.6 seconds in and the other 1.8 seconds later. Then we managed to blow the blower off it at 3.03 in! And John still put up a 3.93 lap at only 163.51 mph.

Enjoy the in car camera videos compliments of Davis Technologies

We got back, checked the damage and got right into fixing the blower issues. That being completed we were checking the driver's side valve lash and found out that an intake valve seat had fallen out. Then we knew why the blower left the manifold! This was where the carnage started. So, we fixed that by putting on one of our spare heads, and then it was on to the other side for a valve adjustment. There we found that a head had fallen off a valve on that side. So we changed that head with our last spare piece!

Then when we went out for the night qualifier in the great air I got way to aggressive inside the bellhousing! When John swapped feet the Camaro went about 15 feet and rattled itself almost all the way to the next county! So there we were qualified at # 19 in the ADRL's most prestigious race. BUT never, ever sell us short! Never, ever consider us dead and buried!

Up Close Look At The Supercharer Blown Off The Manifold At SpeedWhen Saturday's lone qualifying session came around we were ready to go with a borrowed blower belt from those great ADRL sponsors, LenMar Motorsports! The racing surface appeared to be in top notch shape even though the clouds were in abundance. The first cars put up some great numbers which gave us confidence that our last second shot would be a good one yet again! BUT then of course it had to rain! And then it stopped, the track was dry and we were the second pair after the aforementioned LenMar 57 Chevy. And Gaylen did for me exactly what I asked him to PLEASE do! He gave me a set of 3.67 tracks for John to run right down the race track in!

Thinking Of Katie For Axle Weiss' Daughter By Roger RichardsAt the flash of green John was off and gone beside Alex Hossler until Alex turned the paint brown on the side our car when he went by in the traps! But it was all good, because as a team we had succeeded yet again by breaking into a field at the last possible chance, we hope. Now all that is left is to go to Norwalk in two weeks and see that none of the 8-10 cars left to make qualifying attempts do just that. As long as our hard work and perseverance pay off and we are in the field, it's GAME ON from there!!!

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European FIA Round With Trouble Racing's Marcus Hilt
Hochenheim, Germany: Racing Pro Mods In Europe
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 9/4/2010

Trouble Racing Pro Mod In GermanyThe European drag racing scene consists of FIA rounds all over Europe and to become the FIA champion you must be committed to traveling very long distances to race. For some to spend 30 plus hours on a ferry is not uncommon! And the costs are astronomical at any exchange rate or any currency.

I had committed to travel to the FIA round at the famous racing facility in Hochenheim, Germany with Marcus Hilt's Trouble Racing team, again. Our goal was to see about getting the car, the driver and the crew all dialed in and on the same page. Marcus has a great, dedicated crew and the team just needed some outside help in putting all the pieces in their correct places. It does take all three, part and parcel to make an operation work and work well. Marcus had fitted a late model Lenco between the frame rails of his TM 63 Split window to replace the 35 year old one that he had destroyed at the Santa Pod round in June. And JanCen Engines in Buffalo, NY had repaired the leftover head damages from Marcus' blowup at Hockenheim in 2009. So all that was left to do was to fit the bigger fuel pump to the car and then see if the car could go from one end to the other under power.

The first qualifying round on Friday proved that gremlins still abounded in the car. Marcus depressed the clutch to arm the two step and it did not come on when a relay decided to stop working. With that issue being diagnosed and repaired the Punisher was ready yet again to try and make a full pass. With a decent 60 foot for a Littlefield blower at 20 over amongst all the DMPE pieces the Vette set sail till 3.6 seconds when the burst panel did it' s job! ONE more anomaly had shown up! The clip that holds the fuel shutoff cable broke and allowed the fuel shutoff to slowly go closed. All air and no fuel does not a happy combination make, so the burst panel ended that run as well.

Camp Stanley Tuning In GermanySaturday dawned a beautiful day and the entire team was ready to finally show the true potential of the Swiss Pro Mod! The car left the line well and appeared to be doing a fairly good job of making its' way down the track until it nosed over and gave up an 8 second time slip. This was starting to really get to all of us! How many things can go wrong was heard from one and all!

When the crew tore into the car they quickly found the reason why the engine had stopped running 3 seconds in! A broken timing belt was the first sign of things not being happy internally. And after further diagnosis Marcus and the crew discovered not one but TWO broken connecting rods! And that ended yet another run at that elusive 6 second pass all were looking for! Although they were all dejected as is to be expected, the long faces did not stay long! They had all done their part and mechanical gremlins had been the cause of their demise, not any people failures.

So then there was nothing left to do but have another great meal in The Punisher pits! That is the one and only bad thing about working with this team. I would weigh 200 pounds if I ate with them all the time. They really, really eat well and I have enjoyed some great dishes that have names I can't pronounce. It is great to see and great to be a part of the camaraderie on this team. As I said earlier people are ALWAYS the key to success. So it will all have to be done again in 2011. There are no tracks for a Pro Mod in Switzerland so it looks like England again in the spring.

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Nothing Is Easy Anymore !!
Clifford "The Big Red Dog Drama" On The Road
By Camp Stanley: August 28/2010

Clifford The Big Red Dog Gets Hurt Needs RepairsI'm an old trucking guy from way back, just like my friend Roger Henson, although with a whole lot less money! For the most part I enjoy the peace and solitude of the open road and as John and Tracy like to tell me, it is where I dream up all kinds of things.

And I must admit I do come up with some doozies! Some of them are really great reminders of things we may need to change. And some of them may perhaps be a better way of putting something where it is easier found. My do to lists after after a long trip such as a Dallas or Houston can sometimes be what appears to be an entire trash can of sticky notes!

And then there are the times where I wish I was the one riding in an airplane! The return trip from St Louis was one of those times. As I was motoring along the highway of life on Sunday morning I noticed a strange smell like brakes smoking and heard a faint screeching sound coming and going. When I was able to I pulled over to the shoulder and walked all around my trusty Mack, Clifford the Big Red Dog. I looked all around front to back and could find nothing wrong. So I attributed the smell to another truck and headed off yet again. But was I ever wrong!!! Being the super trucker I like to be I was in the passing lane cruising at 75 miles an hour when I suddenly discovered part one of my dilemma. The right front tire blew out with a thunderous KAPOW! Now that was fun and I had a brief flashback of the last time I blew a front tire on a Mack! That time gave me a free thrill ride to the bottom of a mountain gully coupled with a free ambulance ride!

I got Clifford stopped on the shoulder of the road without any drama and when I got out to assess the damage I found the inner front wheel bearing had given it up. Luckily I was by an exit with a truck stop across the way. Although they could not do anything for me I did find a nice fellow who was on call at a truck repair facility who called me a very reasonable wrecker service called Pardoe's! With nothing able to be done on Sunday I settled in on the back lot of Greenforks Alignment. I had no idea at the time I was going to be spending several days there! On Monday the very efficient staff at Greenforks set out trying to find me a spindle to replace the ruined one. There were none available in any of the truck salvage yards anywhere close and a new one could come from southern Ohio for Tuesday morning for the paltry sum of $1400 plus dollars! And since we are not my buddy Roger I opted to put that process on hold.

Clifford The Big Red Dog Work Being DoneI called my friend and the maintenance engineer behind helping us keep Clifford on the road, Dave Kline at D&D Truck Repair and Towing. He has just about anything and everything for a Mack that you can fathom. Sure enough the elusive spindle was in stock and in no time Dave had it off, cleaned up, and boxed up and his bride Diane, the other half of D&D had it on UPS red label to me! What great friends and sponsors they are! So on Tuesday morning the driver of the Big Brown Truck arrived with the part to get Clifford back among the living. Then with all the bits and pieces in place and my very reasonable invoice paid to the Greenforks people I was finally back to looking at life through the windshield! It didn't take long for Clifford to hit his stride and back on our hill in Appalachia we were Tuesday evening.

My only thoughts now are: "What's next?" These trials and tribulations are really starting to get old!

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ADRL St Louis Pro Extreme Results
What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong…
By Camp Stanley / Photos By Axle Weiss

John Stanley Faces Off With Quain StottOur friend, that fickle woman Ms Lady Luck appears to have deserted us. We survived the first races of the 2011 season with a lot of her magic. And after St Louis with the rained out Topeka race included we knew she was off and gone to help some other wayward soul. With our spare motor planted between the frame rails on the off weekend between Houston and St Louis we were ready once again to give our fellow ADRL warriors a run for their money. Or so we thought!

On our first qualifier John informed me that he had no oil pressure at the end of the burnout. So for the first time in our short ADRL career we pushed the car off to the side after John backed up through the water box. Strike ONE!

On our second attempt John had to pedal the Camaro when it started to light the tires at the top of low gear. Strike TWO!

But on our third qualifier we thought we were finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! When we rolled out from under the tunnel at Gateway, we were the slowest non qualified car in the field. That night session was nothing short of astounding for the ADRL crowd! They saw the ADRL's second quickest ever Pro Extreme field created! And it was done in August racing next to the Mississippi river! In the Missouri night time on that Friday night an amazing, unheard of FIVE Pro Extreme racers recorded times of 3.78! We were one of them when John piloted the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro to nearly an all time best run of a 3.78 with a ONE! The only sad thing about it is that it left us qualified in the SEVENTH spot! That meant that were 3.70 cars in the bottom half of the field! But we had now qualified again amongst the Big Boys with our little team that could! We had become yet again the quickest non-hemi car in the field. No strikes, no balls, just a good old qualifying run!

But on Saturday morning before the last qualifier that witch woman deserted us yet again! Scott realized that our brand spanking new oil pump had a seal leaking and oil was dripping out the front of it! Oh boy, joy of joys, an oil pump seal was needed in Missouri before lunchtime on a Saturday! How was that going to work we had to wonder. Then magically down out of the clouds our lady friend appeared to tempt us yet again that she still had a place in her heart for us.

Our newfound friends, the Rister clan that we met at the Martin race were from within 20 minutes of the race track and operated an automotive repair shop. Mrs. Candy Rister, being the parts procurer for the family run business spent a lot of time on her cell phone till she found us a seal at a local Carquest parts store! You really have to love Carquest! If you need it, invariably they will have it! So off Mr. Axle Weiss and I went to find this place and find it we did without getting lost ONCE!

With the car fixed and the team ready to race, to the staging lanes we went for our first round matchup with the venerable one, Quain Stott. This time it was our turn to have lane choice, so again we did what we did in Houston, we raced in the lane Quain was not in! And this time he got the win light when that fickle woman got to us yet again! The two cars left the line welded together but it was over right after that. The throwout bearing collar broke, turned in the bellhousing which never left the clutch release!

We are planning on a really nice seance session with this Lady Luck female person in the not so distant future before Rockingham. We plan on lots of candles, lots of incense and anything else it may take to get her back in our corner yet again! We have even thought of calling Stan Allen or one of them other creole area boys to recommend a good voodoo lady to help us out!

But we shall persevere! We shall not give up the fight! Never! Ever! We are in this till the bitter end!

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What An Adventure Heading To ADRL Houston Part Two
The Orange Camaro Pro Mod "Car Magnet" Unscathed Outside, Hurt Inside
By Camp Stanley / Photos By Axle Weiss / Dragzine Online

ADRL Houston Part Two, John Stanley vs Al Anabi RacingThe second trip to Houston in 2010 for an ADRL race was most definitely a lousy experience! It was bound to happen to us sooner or later, the odds were in fate's favor. The July journey to Texas started off just fine but started to go wrong at the outset of the second day's journey. While cruising along the highway of life in a two lane construction zone I hit a piece of steel in the middle of the road when there was no place to go and no way to avoid it. Luckily I didn't have a blowout! At that time we didn't! But I did down the road an hour or so. ON THE TRAILER! So out into the 105 degree heat I went and changed the tire.!

And then there was the racing itself. We had not yet qualified for the first Houston race and with everyone only getting one shot at it we failed to make it in! There went our qualifying streak we were so proud of! But we also had our car magnet facts reinforced yet again when Jason Scruggs ended up bowling for cones out of the right lane. And that was a close one yet again! We were all glad it was a matter of two experienced drivers paying attention or it could have been ugly! The orange car magnet was in the house, AGAIN!

ADRL Houston, Jason Scruggs Crossing Lanes Image 1ADRL Houston, Jason Scruggs Crossing Lanes Image 2ADRL Houston, Jason Scruggs Crossing Lanes Image 3

So it was on to the qualifying rounds for the 2nd race. The 1st qualifier was not much better than the last one but then we managed to hit our stride! Our 3.89 with a 5 was good enough to solidify us in the field. This was the first time this season that we were comfortable enough to be secure in these thoughts. The 3rd qualifier in the cooler night air although still with lots of water hanging around gave us another 3.89, this time with a 2 hooked to it!

ADRL Houston Part Two, John Stanley vs Quain StottThe last qualifier on Saturday morning netted us an off pace, lift and save the pieces run. So into eliminations we went qualified number 10 out of 23! WE had to line up beside Quain Stott, his ownself for the first round. Quain did all he needed to do on the tree, but it wasn't to be for him on that day as his car went into shake and he had to abort the run while John was trucking down through there with another 3.80 pass. This time it was a 3.88 with 6! 3.895, 3.892, 3.886!!! Pretty stout bracket car huh? But we had dramas of our own on that run! A broken rod inside the motor basically ended our day!

Thrown Connecting Rod Ended Our Day At ADRL HoustonAnd then it was off on Sunday morning to head back up the “Highway of Life” from Baytown, Texas. And that is when that wicked witch Ms Fate struck again!!! Only five miles into Louisiana that very same tire on the front of Clifford from the Alabama adventure decided to go flat at 75 MPH!!! Two hours later after my good friend Shawn Davis along with his bride Leigh from Lake Charles, LA facilitated a tire repair service for me, I was off and going again.

JOY. JOY. I love race cars, the most humbling pieces of inanimate objects in the world!

So now its on to St Louis next weekend for our butt-whoopin Frankie Taylor has promised us!

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John Done Made Him Mad !!!
Now We Are In So Much TROUBLE, ADRL Topeka Updates "Frankie Madman Taylor" vs. John Stanley
By Camp Stanley / Photos By Axle Weiss

Two Wild Pro Mods At Topeka, John Stanley vs Frankie TaylorThe race weekend in beautiful Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas sure wasn't one to write home about after all three of Friday's qualifying sessions were completed.

We found ourselves and our normally potent race car on the outside looking in! We were number NINETEEN out of a field of THIRTY! So much for the headline at the end of the Martin race. We may have thought we were back but on Friday night it wasn't looking so good!

A lot of Thinking 101 went on and the crew spied what they thought may be the issue Friday night and then Mr. Bigtime Crew Chief came to the same conclusion on Saturday morning while the crew were still snuggled in their beds like bugs in a rug. He, being ME had made a really Dummy 101 tilt error mistake when making some mathematical calculations. That's right, he can't count! But as an Australian racer used to tell me: "if you did it-put your hand up." And I have both hands up and am standing on a ladder for one and all to see!

So all that was left to do was to go into Saturday morning's last shot at qualifying and see if anything had been retained about racing a blown door car. John carefully staged the car and not willing to risk anything to chance, when the yellow flashed he waited on Scottie to bang on the car as they planned to be his signal to leave! The Appalachia on Steroids Camaro did what it had wanted to do all day Friday. Went straight down the race track and put a number on the board that should solidify them in the elite field of sixteen. All that was left was to let the other fifteen cars make their runs and we would know. And when the smoke and dust settled we were "in the show" in the fifteenth spot. Anyone in ADRL Pro Extreme drag racing will tell you that the winner can come from anywhere in the field!

John Stanley vs Frankie TaylorWhich brings us to the headline: "John done made him mad!!!" followed by: "We are in so much TROUBLE........" Our number fifteen slot allowed us to be paired against the Texas Tornado Terror, his-own-self: Frankie "Madman" Taylor. And his moniker aptly suits him in this instance. He told John Stanley that not only was he going to leave on him, BUT he was going to beat him like a red headed stepchild! He claimed for one and all to hear for miles around that he owed John one!

But alas it was not to be; Mother Nature frowned on the ADRL along with their racers and fans by dumping copious amounts of liquid sunshine on them midway through the first round of ADRL Pro Extreme eliminations. And now Mr "Madman" is going to have to wait till the rescheduled race in St Louis to fulfill his prophecy!

All we can say is be careful what you wish for..... Stay Tuned !!

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WickedGrafixx Rocks!!!
Stanley And Weiss Racing Awarded Best Appearing Team, ADRL Topeka
By Camp Stanley / Photos By Roger Richards

Stanley & Weiss Racing Awarded Best Appearing Team, ADRL Topeka Wearing WickedGrafixxIn the early winter months of 2010 the drag racing team known as Stanley & Weiss Racing decided to out source a new design for a t-shirt to sell to our many loyal fans worldwide. We settled on Tyler Clark's WickedGrafixx t-shirt emporium as our newest supplier of a quality shirt that anyone would be proud to wear.

Camp and Tyler burned up the internet and the phone lines over a 2 month period tweaking and perfecting what became a GREAT design for our newest shirts Showing off Our ADRL Pro Extreme Camaro! While Tyler provided the insight to the design, Camp provided the essence of the team and all were melded into a design that said much about who the Hillbillies from Appalachia really were.

These shirts were debuted at the ADRL race in Houston in March to rave reviews! There were orders via mail and phone for them from literally around the world!

And then later there was a new avenue opened for the WickedGrafixx / Stanley & Weiss Racing partnership. The ADRL powers that be had very wisely asked that all the teams wear at least a collared shirt while on the starting line. Now the hillbillies had been doing this for some years and had carried over their Pro Street uniform shirts to the ADRL. The edict from the ADRL prompted them to revisit this issue and the decision was made to go all out and order some REAL, DOUBLE THROWDOWN, PROFESSIONAL crew shirts. There was no one besides Tyler Clark's WickedGrafixx emporium to do this after our good friend Steve Hall had a very serious bout with a cancer bug.

Tyler had never done a crew shirt before but was game to give it a whirl. So Tyler and Camp set off to design a shirt befitting of the world class Pro Extreme Camaro piloted by John Stanley. And after weeks that became months the finished product was delivered to The Hill in Appalachia and then they were hung in the trailer with care for their debut at the ADRL race in Topeka, KS.

And on that bright, sunny, hot Friday morning they were worn and profiled for all to see by the crew that maintain the Appalachia on Steroids ADRL Pro Extreme Camaro Pro Mod. And unsure of the response they would receive we played it very low key while in the staging lane for first round. So you can imagine what at first was astonishment and then instantly became pride when the two marketing ladies from the ADRL made their way down the staging lanes and stopped to compliment Camp on how well they thought the new crew shirts were. And then they informed him that everyone who had a vote had agreed as well and that they were to be given the Best Appearing Crew award for the Topeka race! How cool was that? Really, really cool we think!

And now Tyler Clark has to think about getting completely out of the crew shirt business. This being his first and only design and being a winner instantly says that if he quits now he will go out with a record unequaled by anyone else in his industry. But knowing him like we do that will most definitely not happen!

Thank you Tyler, you have done well by us!

Visit Tyler Clark's "WickedGrafixx" Custom T Shirts


We Think We Are Back!
Stanley & Weiss Racing Clocks A 3.75 At ADRL Martin Michigan Against Josh Hernandez MMA Fight Me Pro Modified
By Camp Stanley / Photos By William C (Axle) Weiss and Van Abernathy "Drag Illustrated Magazine"

Stanley & Weiss Racing Team Stands Ready To Face Josh Hernadez MMA Fight Me 57 Chevy Pro Mod The Appalachia on Steroids Camaro piloted by John Stanley has not had as good a year as the results would show. Two aborted qualifying shots in Houston garnered nothing educational for the team from the hills of Western Maryland. And then it rained and rained and rained some more! So it was on to Valdosta where more rain bright and early on Saturday morning probably saved their butts yet again! Then Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani "KH" handed them a first round win with -.002 red light. Remember that color for later on!!! The second round was lost to the bad to the bone Corvette piloted by Wild Wes Johnston running out of the Taylor Brothers Speed Emporium in Texas.

Stanley & Weiss Racing At ADRL Martin MichiganAnd then it was on to Richmond, Virginia for round number four of this war called ADRL Pro Extreme drag racing When the dust settled after four rounds of qualifying John found himself in the 11th qualifying spot and paired with the second team car of the Al Anabi juggernaut piloted by the legendary Todd Tutterow. At the flash of the lights on the Christmas tree John was off and gone like a shot. Meanwhile Todd suffered an uncharacteristic shake issue that saw him end up in John's lane automatically handing the win over to John R. Stanley! The second round saw him paired against Jason Scruggs who is a bad, bad man! John's jitters from staging against one the men who made the ADRL what it has become got the best of him and he left a red light hanging on the tree handing the win over to a tire shaking Jason. Now do you remember that color from above??? Don't forget it yet!

So off we went last weekend to the beautiful facility in Martin, Michigan hoping we had solved the chassis issues which had been plagueing us all year to date. After the rain decided to leave for the day on Friday we ran a 3.93 and then a 3.92 qualifier all the while annihilating the clutch. Saturday morning the team awoke to more raindrops which finally gave way to blue sunny skies. So needless to say the last qualifier was pitched and into eliminations John went, head held high from his number 13 qualifying position. His first round opponent was Bad-Fast 211 mph Wild Wes Johnston yet again! But today was not to be Wes' day!

At the flash of the green Wes's mount left him stranded on the starting with a broken blower pulley while John screamed down the race track. Next up was the aptly named Frankie "Madman" Taylor, the driver of the Corvette tuned by his brother Paul. And again the lucky luck bug bit John yet again! John left with Frankie but it was all downhill for The Madman just past the 60 foot clocks where his potent Corvette succumbed to some horrific tire shake and had to abort the run while John was cruising through with 3.83 at almost 200 mph!

Stanley & Weiss Racing Pro extreme Camaro Pro Modified LaunchingSo there sat John Stanley paired yet again in the semi-finals against Josh Hernandez. And for the trivia buffs out there in cyberspace, this was to be John's 3rd semi final appearance in three years of ADRL drag racing. It has been one a year for three years and they have all been against that wicked 57 Chevrolet MMA Fight Me Team who John has never been able to get a win light against! So after great burnouts and careful staging the two warriors were left to settle it on the race track! But it was to become three for three for the affable Texan against John. This time John left a light that was so red on the tree that the police were giving out tickets in Kalamazoo! But all was not lost here. John learned to never anticipate a tree again. The starter will get YOU just about every time.

John And Camp Stanley relaxing With The Camaro pro Mod in Michigan By Van Abernathy Drag Illustrated MagazineEven though we had lost another chance at a final round race and a potential win the ADRL Extreme Pro Modified Camaro has found its form in the chassis department again. All that was required for the repair was for the Crew Chief to reinsert the gray matter that had fallen out from between his ears. The formidable crew of Scott and Jimmy are doing their part in making the little AJ Olds wedge motor sing like a demon against those BAE hemis. A 3.75 time slip on the last run gave the crew cause to be optimistic that they have found their form yet again.

And now they are hoping that they can find the keys to that yellow brick road in Topeka, Kansas in a few weeks!

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It Has Been Confirmed!
Stanley and Weiss Racing Ventures To Santa Pod Raceway With Trouble Motorsports Racing Pro Mod
By Camp Stanley

The confirmation is that YES, I do have the world's greatest "job". I have just returned from my trip to Santa Pod Raceway in Merry Ole England. This trip was a return to a race track where my friend Brian Wood and I had ventured off to several years ago and observed 40 days and 40 nights of rain over a six day time span. To say that it rained hard would be a gross understatement of major proportions!

Santa Pod Raceway

Marcus Hilt's Punisher Pro Mod CorvetteSo when I arrived at the track Wednesday afternoon after a visit to Andy Robinson's race car emporium and it started to sprinkle I had a massive case of deja vu! Not this again was all I could think! But after meeting all the crew on Marcus Hilt's "Punisher" Pro Mod Corvette we got straight into the suspension setup of the car. The harder we worked and the faster we worked, the harder it rained and the little rivers of water running through the pits was enough for us to just give up on it for the night. We had no recourse but to delve into the premixed stash of that margarita stuff manufactured by the infamous mixologist (I am not a bartender!) himself, Me! And it was received well by one and all! The WORLDWIDE reputation enjoyed by this drink has now been carried to the European side of the world. Until we ran out of mix, they had been sampled by people from Texas, Sweden, England, Switzerland, France and Denmark. And it received its' just due in the compliment department.

Punisher Pro Modified Corvette Being Led Into The Beams By Camp StanleyBut by Thursday afternoon it was wonderful t shirt weather! The first test hit with the Vette gave us reason for optimism as things went exactly as planned. Even though it was setup really weak the car went quicker by .04 in the 60 foot than ever and even more tenths in the eighth mile even though it was a planned shutoff. After some between rounds maintenance we went back for our shot of the day. The result should have forewarned us that we were not going to be very happy with our results on the weekend. The reverser broke on the burnout and then it was into the take two transmissions and try and make one mode.

Cool Artwork On Tractor Trailer In The Pits At Santa PodThen Mother Nature intervened and gave us rain and lots of it all by the bucketloads!!! The entire qualifying Saturday session was washed away down the storm drains. So we went into the Sunday qualifying with the expectations of three shots to gather some data. This was not to be as well since the track was plagued by a myriad of happenings that stopped the racing dead in its tracks! Everything from the Christmas tree being run over and destroyed to a massive power outage to the ENTIRE facility. Both of our runs were ruined by nagging little issues that the testing and the first couple of qualifiers were going to show us. NOT!!! On the first run the two step malfunctioned and his borrowed transmission broke when the large Swiss fellow plugged it into second gear. And that ended our racing adventures for the weekend!

Three Antique Fighter Planes Flyover Santa Pod RacewayI spent a lot of time on Sunday watching some racing and talking with people. Roger Burgess had flown his Camaro along with Mr and Mrs Al Billes, Mr and Mrs Darren Mayer, several of the crew and Ms Melanie Troxel to enter the race. The Camaro qualified for the field but lost its first round race. But the tuning people on the team came back and showed why they are at the top of their game in the US. The Camaro logged a 5.93 at over 242mph on an exhibition pass. Never sell Al Billes short! He was just one run shy of my prediction to the track announcer…… And how about that pair of young brothers in the Rockstar Energy Drink sponsored ex-John Russo Firebird! A true honest to goodness 6.0 bracket car that just never ceased to amaze everyone on the grounds and they won the event with those kinds of numbers!

What can be said for Urs Urbachers' 4.70 Top Fuel dragster? 4.70s at will when he needed them and a new European speed record as well at almost 315 mph.

All in all it was an enjoyable experience and one that I hope to experience again. Thank you to Santa Pod Raceway, Marcus Hilt along with his entire crew, all the many people who took the time to stop and speak with me and especially to all the fans who persevered to witness a GREAT drag race .

Well done one and all!

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Bad Fast Is What They Were
Richmond ADRL, "Appalachian Hillbillies" Dinwiddie Wild Style
Photos Courtesy Of Roger Richards

Stanley And Weiss Racing Captured By Roger Richards In Richmond VA ADRLThe third stop on the ADRL tour in 2010 was the fantastic drag strip located in Dinwiddie, VA just south of the staid old city of Richmond. This track was good to us last year for our first appearance there as an ADRL Pro Extreme racing team. It was where we shocked ourselves and everyone else around us by completely bypassing the 3.80 ET zone and running a 3.79 on the night qualifier!

The first two hits in qualifying were nothing to write home about and had left us on the non qualified list. But we redeemed ourselves a bit on the night qualifier yet again. A pedaling 3.89 along side the first Al Anabi Racing Team Camaro put us in the show where we would stay through the last qualifier on Saturday morning. Our 3.806 on Sat morning was real close to another 3.70 run for us but it was going to have to do. The bad thing about that 3.80 with a 6 run was the fact that we were only number eleven in the field of sixteen!!!!

Only two years ago that would have been a number one spot!!! There were FIVE cars in that magic 3.60 zone led by Frankie Taylor with an astounding 3.60 run!!!

We went into round one paired up against Todd Tutterow in the second Al Anabi team Camaro in a rematch of the second round from last year at this very same race track. The two Camaros left the starting line as one with John having only a .003 advantage. But Todd"s car made an immediate left turn right off the starting line and it was a good thing for us that John had a very respectable sixty foot time. Todd had gotten the Al Anabi Camaro squared away without hitting anything so all was well. What"s up with this first round thing of having other race cars in our lane??? First Cody Barklage in Valdosta and now Todd Tutterow in Richmond! Everyone else has cars that could very easily be chick magnets but it seems our orange car has become a car magnet in 2010!!! But all"s well that ends well.

The second round left us paired against Jason Scruggs and his 3.60 Camaro. John tried his hardest to leave on the red Camaro and he sure did!!! But it was accomplished via a red light and we were again finished for the day. But we never leave the race track without hopefully learning something and we did yet again this past weekend. Our plan is to go on to Martin, Michigan in June and have the ability to run a little closer with these other bad fast Pro Extreme cars.

After all we have an ADRL seven race long qualifying streak going on by this team of Appalachian hillbillies! That is something we are very proud of and we also know that fate could make it go away at any time.

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I Love My "Job" !!
Off To Santa Pod With Trouble Racing Motorsports Pro Mod Corvette
By Camp Stanley, Stanley And Weiss

Trouble Racing Motorsports Pro Mod CorvetteAt the end of this month of May I will again board a United Airlines flight and wing my way the opposite way 'round the world than I normally would go. I am off to The Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway outside of London. This will be a return for me to Santa Pod although I shall be in a different role this time. I will still be doing human interest writings for RPM Magazine, but I will also be in my element in the pits this time. Also I will be able to reacquaint myself with all my European friends I have made throughout my career.

Instead of just being a nosy tourist in amongst all the drag racers I will get to be a hands on worker bee person with the Trouble Racing Motorsports Pro Modified Corvette from Switzerland. Marcus Hilt has graciously offered me a chance to tweak some screws on his Mike Janis/JanCen hemi powered race car. Although Marcus will be at a VERY distinct disadvantage with the blower he will be running we both think it will give us a chance to work out a few other issues.

Trouble Racing Santa PodMarcus and I got to know one another through a small internet deal we made on some parts through Will Hanna's website. Our cyber-friendship has grown in leaps and bounds from that first transatlantic swap of cash for parts! We have delved into a lot more discussions about a lot of race car inner workings. Thank heavens for email! How did we ever get by before? Just kidding, I still have a file full of thermal fax paper faxes from everywhere full of race car stuff!!!

If, and that is a big IF, the weather cooperates we hope to test at the track on the Thursday before qualifying actually starts. The car will have lots of new bells and whistles on it that are going to take some time to get right. Although I do have some data to draw on from some of the cars I help with, each is a different animal all unto themselves as we all know!

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A Happy Day For The Novus Windscreen Crew
Camp Stanley And Mike Evans At The Nitro Champs "Sydney Austraila"
By Camp Stanley, Stanley And Weiss

Mike Evans Supercharged Outlaws Camaro At Sydney DragwayMike Evans of Novus Windscreen Repairs down in Launceston, Tasmania ventured onto the boat and endured a long drive north to participate at the Nitro Champs at Sydney Dragway this past weekend. It was there that we finally got to meet face to face after months of emails and phone calls back and forth around the world. Mike had bought an MSD Pro Mag 44 from me to pick up the pace with his Supercharged Outlaws Camaro. This is a very popular class in Australia where they literally bracket race blown vehicles. It is an anything goes type of vehicle class as long as it is blown. There are rear engine dragsters, front engine dragsters, altereds and all types of door cars!

Mike's prior PB (which means personal best in Australianese) with his Camaro was a 7.86 / 186. Now granted this was on the local track in Tasmania which is not quite the caliber of racing surface as is Sydney Dragway primed for a National Round. Mike and I had been tweaking on his engine combination for several months and it was slowly starting to show some signs of success. After discussing what we should or should not be doing for the first round, Mike ventured to the starting line, did a strong burnout and his first lap yielded a 7.43 which had the entire crew jumping for joy! A new PB for the team! So then for the second round we tweaked it a bit more and off to the starting line he went again. This run set the entire crew back on their ears for sure when another new PB, an unthought of 7.07 popped up on the board!!!

The third qualifier was not as kind to Mike and the crew as the mag turned and retarded the timing leaving them with a 7.18. So for the first round of eliminations Mike got real greedy and dialed a 6.95!!! Talk about confidence, they had it in spades! Mike got a REAL lucky break when his opponent ran out handing the win over to Mike who had transmission dramas. So it was out with the Lenco and to work they went fixing the transmission in preparation for the Sunday morning second round race.

Mike Evans Of Novus Windscreens Racing CamaroSunday morning dawned foggy and overcast but the sun burned through it in short order and it was time for Mr MEE to go and see about winning another round. That was not to be BUT, Mr and Mrs MEE and the entire crew were ready to do backflips on the starting line when the times came up on the boards. The Camaro had just ran a 6.89 at almost 203 mph!!! To say they were ecstatic would be a gross understatement! A one second pickup on their engine combo was a fantastic achievement for the team and one they should be very proud of!

All that's left now is to take the car back to Tasmania and take it all apart to get it ready for it's upgrades. I have never been to Tasmania, bur Mike says I won't be able to say that much longer. Another new place for me to visit doing what I so love to do, tune a race car and make it do things that make myself and lots of people happy!

Good on ya Mr and Mrs MEE and crew!!! You have done well!!!

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pagebreak The Luck Bank At ADRL South Georgia
Taking The Race One At A Time In ADRL Extreme Pro Modified
Photos By Axle Weiss

Hardee's South Georgia Motorsports ParkOur return to the fantastically prepared and well run Hardee's session at South Georgia Motorsports Park was quite the exercise in futility for our Appalachia on Steroids Pro Extreme Camaro. And that, My Friends is a classic understatement! After what we thought was a very successful test session at Maryland International Raceway the Saturday before the Easter Bunny arrived, we found out was a major misconception.

Frank Manzo, Camp Stanley and Tim RichardsThe ADRL draws the first two pairs out of the hat for each class in the first round of eliminations which eliminates the "I ain't going up first, are you? NOPE!" syndrome. So as our luck would have it John Stanley was the first car drawn first round. And this as well is not usually good for us! At the hit of the throttle for the first qualifier John's usually able steed went about 20 feet and blazed the tires. Luck bank draw, NEGATIVE number one. Then on the second qualifier young Cody Barklage came out of the right lane across the center line on two wheels and missed the back and/or the driver's door of John's Camaro by a bit. The fact that Cody missed John at all put us even more in the Luck Bank at that point!

So it was on to the third qualifier on Friday night and our time to shine! Not a snowball's chance in Hades' on this day! John left with a lazy car under him and no power to do anything except to pedal it and try to get to the other end. And when it was all said and done we were left number 16 on the ladder of sixteen! We called that one a wash at the Luck Bank.

Stanley And Weiss Vs Al Anabi Racing Round OneThe ADRLSaturday morning dawned and we prepared in anticipation of our fourth and last qualifier and our last attempt to make a stout field. BUT Mother Nature had other ideas. The thunder boomers that were to arrive Saturday evening arrived bright and early in the am, thereby nullifying the last qualifying session with our not on the mark we had hoped for 4.044 @ 189.02. This meant we were seeded in the field and we had "made the show"! Hooray to be us!!! Then we realized we had to run the number ONE qualifier, the very potent Al-Anabi Racing Camaro driven by Sheik Khalid Bin Hamad Al-Thani his own self! During the last qualifier on Saturday they made the quickest and fastest run in 1/8th mile history! with a 3.637 @ 212.49 and he was our first draw. Luck Bank withdrawal number four was most definitely not in our favor at that point!

But as I always tell the drivers I mentor "Races are won on the starting line, not on paper and most definitely not on a message board in cyberspace! You MUST be in the other lane to win! And this was our turn to finally have a positive return from the Luck Bank. Sheik Khalid made a slight error by double bulbing John (VERY, VERY unintentional, I might add but more on that later) allowing John to do his normal deal and not get flustered. You have to imagine how John felt at that time! It was the classic David Rednecks vs. the Goliath team from Fort Knox! At the flash of yellow Sheik Khalid left a -.002 red-light on the tree running 3.760 @ 207.50 handing the win over to John with his 3.971 @ 185.77! John Stanley 4.752 @ 115.13 would fall in the next round of eliminations by way of shutting off early getting loose from traling oil giving the win to Wes Johnson 3.805 @ 194.30.

Now on to the double bulbing scenario…

At the bottom end of the track, John said that Sheik Khalid was one of the most professional racers he has ever met! He was gentleman enough to come over to John and congratulate him on the win and he apologized over and over for double bulbing him! That young man showed an awful lot of class on that day! So if any of you read some of the message board "bs" about him take it with a grain of salt. He is a very sincere young man that can only do good things for our sport.

So with no more to say I will quote what the age old Mr. Paul Harvey said for oh those many years: "And now you know The Rest of the Story!"

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pagebreak Giving Back To Mickey Thompson
Camp Stanley's Recognition Of Carl Robinson At ADRL SGMP
Photos Courtesy Of Roger Richards

Camp Stanley presented Mickey Thompson Motorsports Manager Carl Robinson A Pro Mod Photo Recognition Award As many know, the team of Stanley and Weiss Racing are never at a loss for thanks and putting you at the fore front of their agenda for the major contributions not only to themselves as a sponsor but to the grand scheme of making the drag racing venues grow in a positive way.

Carl Robinson "Mickey Thompson Motorsports Manager" is handed a photo taken by Photographer David Anderson "Which I Know To Be One Of Camps Favorites Of All Time" from Camp Stanley with John Stanley poised inside the New Camaro with their record numbers from "The Rock" inserted in it "3.765 @ 202.06" during the morning before the race began as a gesture of their appreciations to the man you will always see at the track and in any drag racing image as Carl's stature ( He's Very Tall ) is one of a gracious and personable man always there watching and seeing the cars work down the track.

This is The Stanley And Weiss Racing way, a giving group, a fun bunch and a serious competitor on Mickey Thompson Tires as Camp well knows, all of it has to hit the track and the rubber counts when you unleash the horsepower of an ADRL Extreme Pro Modified!!!

As Written By The ADRL
Before the ADRL Hardee's Georgia Drags VI got underway at South Georgia Motorsports Park this weekend, Pro Extreme team co-owner Camp Stanley presented Mickey Thompson Motorsports Manager with a striking, mounted photo of the "Appalachia on Steroids" '68 Camaro driven by his son, John Stanley.

"Mickey Thompson gets a lot of attention for their tires in the Extreme 10.5 class, but we thought they deserved some recognition for the great tires they provide to the Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous teams," Stanley explained. "So we had this photo made just to say thanks and let Carl and everyone at Mickey Thompson know that we appreciate all their hard work."

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pagebreak Back At It Once More
Stanley And Weiss Racing Retruns to ADRL SGMP
Photos By Bret Kepner And John Fore III

John Fore III Captures The Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Mod Last Year At SGMP In This Pro Mod Photo This week the Appalachia on Steroids Pro Extreme Camaro is off to the site of our very first ADRL race at the fantastic South Georgia Motorsports Park. We fronted for our very first "Show up, Shut up and Race" ADRL event after giving away our "street car" racing career in 2008. Nobody, but nobody knew who WE were on Friday morning. BUT a whole lot of people knew who we were on Saturday night.

At our first ever race amongst the baddest race cars on the face of the earth we acquitted ourselves well with a semi final finish against perennial powerhouse Josh Hernandez! Hence our statement about who knew us then in the ADRL's Pro Extreme Class!!!

Pro Mod Photo By Bret Kepner At SGMP, A Great AngleAfter our dismal outing in Houston we knew that we DID NOT represent ourselves or our fans well. We also knew we had to get our arms around our issues and that we needed to do it quickly! Otherwise we knew we were going to be upside down in a hurry with our 2010 plans. So it was off to Royce Miller's Maryland International Raceway in Budd's Creek, MD for some testing on the Saturday before Easter. We needed to know FOR SURE that the wrong decisions that were made in Houston had been corrected.

We made three hits before packing up and heading home with the thoughts in our heads that we have rectified our issues. After all the Easter bunny was hanging out waiting to give us cool stuff the very next day!

So now all that is left is for us to roll out of the water box in Georgia and show the world that we are indeed worthy of playing yet again amongst The Sharks!

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pagebreak The Race That Wasn't
The ADRL Extreme Show Was Rained On But We'll Finish Up
Updated 3/27/2010

ADRL Pro Extreme Camaro In Houston DragapaloozaThe first ADRL race of the season turned out to be the "one that got away" for the ADRL!

We went into Houston confident that all was well and the Pro Extreme Camaro was ready to play race car. We sat out the 1st qualifier because we did not think the race track was ready yet and that was a good decision because at the end of that round the bump was a very uncharacteristic 5.49!

John Stanley Driving The ADRL Pro Extreme CamaroOn the 2nd qualifier the Camaro left the line wheels up for about 4 feet until it blazed the tires from way to much power for any tire to hold. That's a good problem to have but when John pedaled the car and got back after it the motor went silent. This was the fault of a new electrical connector failing because the crew chief FORGOT to tighten the screw in the switch!

Fuel Pump Failure On The ADRL Pro Extreme CamaroThe 3rd qualifier was the one everyone waits for because it is always held at night and great times prevail. This one was not to be for us AGAIN as another "you have got to be kidding me" thing happened yet again!

At the end of the burnout when John applied the brakes the motor leaned out and shut off yet again.

When we got back to the pits we found the culprit to be a fuel pump that had fallen apart! But the blessing in disguise was that it happened at the end of the burnout and not going down the race track.

And Saturday morning dawned and while in the lanes waiting to race the monsoons deluged the Houston area and then it was Baytown, Texas' turn and rained on we got!!! And that as they say, ended that! So back we will go again in late July to try it all over again in the ADRL's Pro Extreme Class

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pagebreak Stanley's Carve Out Their PX Niche'
Written by CompetitionPlus
Friday, 19 March 2010

Competition Plus OnlineThey are drag racing's version of Appalachia On Steroids.

John Stanley and his father Camp relish their role as underdogs in the big dog division of ADRL's Pro Extreme.

Not many people would write those words in black marker on hunks of tape slapped on the front fenders of a race car, nor would they be likely to later paint that car a brilliant shade of construction-barrel orange and adorn it with Barney the dinosaur purple flames. But not many people are Arthur Camp Stanley III.

Unless one of them is his son John Stanley, of course.

These audacious competitors from northwestern Maryland have long been recognized as under funded racers who have made careers out of doing the most with the least. Read More Here At CompetitionPlus

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pagebreak ADRL Houston Bound, Stanley Style
Dragpalooza VI Presented by Safety-Kleen, Houston Raceway Park
Updated 3/14/2010

ADRL Pro Extreme Camaro Stanley And Weiss RacingIt's been a long, cold and snowy winter up on The Hill here in Hagerstown, MD.

We were plagued with snow, snow and more snow throughout the winter months. At one short span of time we managed to accumulate over 48 inches in a week. But we persevered and worked our butts off getting things completed.

Camp Stanley Saying Hi From Hagerstown During Blizzard 2009The Appalachia on Steroids Camaro is finally ready to roll off down the highway of life snugly tucked away and ably toted along by our trusty steed, Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Even Shelby The Dog Had Enough Of The 2009 BlizzardUpon arrival in Houston it will be ready yet again to enter the arena of the baddest hot rods on the planet, the ADRL's Pro Extreme class.

The only rules changes over the winter were the postings saying that there aren't any!!!

You just have to love that business model, don't you?

And on Friday afternoon we will take to the track and do our utmost to continue hold our own against the quickest and fastest cars in existence. Wish us lots and lots of luck, because we are going there to play in their sandbox.

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pagebreak Greatest Photos Of 2009 Drag Illustrated Magazine
Q & A With Camp Stanley On His Illustrious History
Excerpts From Author Denise Schmidt
Updated 3/8/2010

Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Mod Camaro in Drag Illustrated Magazine Greatest Photos 2009

Drag Illustrated Article Featuring Camp StanleyDrag Illustrated Magazine is known right well for grabbing the most prominent names in racing and bringing them into a spotlight not everyone gets to see in their lifetime. Camp Stanley regarded to many as the leading pioneer in doorslammer racing is now etched into the magazines history pages.

The article stems to show Camp Stanley now sitting as owner and son "John Stanley" as the driver in this intriguing question and answer spread. The history behind the Original "Wild Bunch" is a glorious one that led from Top Sportsman to what we know now as Extreme Pro Modified in the ADRL, all out doorslammers unbridled.

From looking back on his first 200 MPH six second doorslammer pass, traveling all over the world as a tuner and ambassador of the sport to his most honored to date accomplishment of being the father of the next generation with John Stanley harnessing the Stanley and Weiss Racing Extreme ADRL Pro Modified Camaro power in this league of racers devoted to the most violent door car class in the world and their fans of the various power adder outlaws.

Pick up a crisp new copy since there's nothing like the feel of a real magazine in your hands at Drag Illustrated Magazine.

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pagebreak The Baddest T Shirts This Side Of Pro Modified Drag Racing
Stanley And Weiss Racing Dressed In WickedGrafixx
Updated 2/25/2010

The Stanley And Weiss ADRL Camaro Pro Modified Racing T Shirts By WickedGrafixx In Black, Back Image In Black 2010There are only a handful of artists in the drag racing genre that can compose and style an image or design well with the intent to portray the people behind the race car and the owners; this is Tyler Clarke of "" sometimes better known as "Grafixxman" home of the baddest T Shirts. View More Of The Shirts Here:

A the skillful rendition of the Stanley and Weiss Racing Pro Modified "Appalachia On Steroids" Camaro racing team shirt shows the creative skill of this racing shirt master of Photoshop and illustration.

The design and idea behind this shirt is nothing short of getting right into Camp Stanley's mind and digging out how the veteran of drag racing history is characterized with his team and John Stanley the driver. Both have a wild sense of humor and a dedication to the sport like none other with their WFO !! thought processes and the strong attitude they show in competition.

Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Mod Shirts Front View By WickedGrafixxMany take for granted the amount of true skill it takes to generate an image in this almost mysterious art form of T Shirt Creation, a science that is embedded deeply in the hands of this artist. Going from an image to a shirt takes many years of crafting your trade to a point of being individualistic and not stopping until you have the creation ultimately perfect in your eyes.

Next steps are the hardest, the confirmation of the artwork and finalizing the design, WickedGrafixx has no problem pleasing their clients ten fold with awesome illustrations that set you apart from others knowing you took the time to seek out the most pleasing for you and your fans outerwear of pure dynamic designs.

Nothing is ever the same with Tyler Clarke, his shirts are original in all aspects and staying true to his senses, he drops another classic piece of hot rod art onto the scene for people to admire and keep as memorabilia, we still have those shirts from years ago that we just can't part with; here is the newest one the wife won't be using as a dusting cloth without taking a big chance.

These shirts will be available at all the races Team Stanley And Weiss will be attending in the ADRL and many others like the Shakedown At E Town 2010 and some upcoming car shows.

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We Were Just Kidding!!!
Sort Of .....

Supercharger Installed On The Pro Mod Camaro With Nitrous Express Kit John Stanley's race cars used to sport a decal on the hood that stated unequivocally: "No boxes, no juice, Just balls and boost!"

Now we have graduated into a new experimental arena with that infamous dental tool, laughing gas. We just hope we are not the ones being laughed at!!!

The Camaro With The No Boost On The HoodAs these latest photos will show you, the proper power adder has been reinstalled on the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro for the upcoming season.

It has been enhanced with a few of Mike Wood of Nitrous Express' brain children.

We are embarking off on a new area of additional power adders. OTG Racing is contributing to this new effort as well with some new storage vessels Brian has been in the process of creating, all attached in the car by some trick Pat Bennett Race Cars pieces.

Nitrous Installed On SuperchargerNitrous Express Kit On BlowerCustom Nitrous Bottles

Just don?t stand to close when John swaps feet in Houston!!! Who knows what could happen?

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John Stanley and Pro Nitrous ???
The Nitrous Express Is Running At Stanley And Weiss Racing

Nitrous Express Bottles MountedThe Stanley and Weiss Racing team have been hard at it on the updates to their 3.7 second, 202MPH Camaro for the upcoming 2010 ADRL racing season.

Some persons unknown sent these photos into His Royal Highness of Webmastering out in Cyberspace, USA.

Those who have followed John's career over the years may remember that there was a time he was a member of the Prock's Rocket brigade in his back half 68 Camaro he and his Dad had built him! It was all part of the learning experience and growing into more and more power.

Supercharger Removed From The ADRL CamaroNitrous Express Adds To Sponsorship AgainIt now appears that perhaps the Nitrous bug may have bitten John Stanley yet again!

He was observed at PRI in Florida huddling in a corner with Mike Wood, the owner of Nitrous Express.

And now these photos have appeared in our Cyberspace Mailbox?

You just never know about these guys!!!!

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John Stanley In The Top 20 On
All Time Quickest And Fastest 1/8th Mile Doorslammers
By: Draglist Author

The Official Drag List Website A brilliant start to the season for Stanley and Weiss Racing is the recognition on The Draglist for last years efforts By John Stanley "a proven championship driver" starting with a brand new car and being the underdog with one of the non Hemi powered supercharged warriors taking top rankings of showmanship in the ADRL and Shakedown at E Town venues.

The Draglist is one of if not the most informational websites in the world, following racers and allowing racers to keep a dedicated resume' of their racing online in a fun but detailed environment heavily watched by Bill Pratt and the rest of the team for quality and accuracy.

The standing of John Stanley is one that should be prized by all, "The little Camaro that could" showed well after only a few hits on the car it ran an astounding 1/8 Mile ET: 3.765 @ 202.06 at Rockingham ADRL 09/09.

You can find the statistics of both John Stanley and all your favorite teams under the heading they so perfectly described as "Outlaw Pro Mods, Aussie Top Doorslammers, Super Chevy Nitro Coupes". Throw out the rule book baby, these are the fastest doorslammers in the world! See John Stanleys Ranking On DragLists All Time Quickest And Fastest Here:

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Stanley And Weiss Racing, Looking Badder Than Ever In 2010 !!

New Team Crew Shirts For Stanley And weiss Racing For 2010 By Stateline ApparelThe Team of Stanley and Weiss Racing will be looking sharper than ever with new Crew Shirts featuring the scary skull and crossbones with the signature flames found on the Camaro Pro Mod. The team will be debuting their new garb at all the ADRL associated races and other Outlaw Pro Modified Racing Venues in 2010 making sure you will notice them at each and every race.

Stateline Sporting Goods takes on the challenge of providing these awesome shirts and was established in 1979 as a small part time family business. Over the past years, Stateline has become known worldwide and is located in Athens, Alabama. The Association of cool looking wear and the bad, blown Camaro will surely make you sit up and take notice of this championship team in the coming series of races to be announced soon.

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Its GREAT being me!
Trekking Across The Globe To New Zealand
By Camp Stanley

Camp Stanley Drag Racer And Team OwnerThere is no off season when you are an old retired guy getting to do what you love all the year around! I have been lucky enough to make a lot of friends internationally over the last 20 plus years that has enabled me to have the ability to travel the world far and wide unlimited. From my first international drag racing experience in 1988 to the world Down Under, Australia to the far vast continent of Africa in the early 1990's, I continue to enjoy it all.

I have been able to learn an awful lot about the violent unpredictable cars we live for over the last 30 years. Yes, I did say 30 years! My first blown door car was created in 1978. How about a Hillborn four port on gasoline and 427 Chevy? Then throw in an automatic transmission and bracket racing. Add to that mix someone who had no idea what he was doing with the entire package. But persevere I did, spending an entire summer learning how NOT to run a blown door car! But it was on from there! From that bracket car all the way up to and including the The Wild Bunch years. These were the years that the Pro Mods of today were born. I will never forget those years that we were dubbed the a$$holes with the blower cars! And now look at how far it has come. Don't you just love it! What goes around comes around!

Lake Tuapo In New Zealand, Land Of The Long White CloudBut I digress. This winter has seen me venture off to the beautiful country of New Zealand "land of the long white cloud" yet again to help an old friend Mark Vincent and his crew with their new JanCen Engines prepped roots blower combination.

Their alcohol dragster was in need of an injection of horsepower if it was to compete with the old guy on the block in their class.

Wanganui Airport New ZealandMark entrusted the running of the car, driven by his son to me as he had to be at a trade show in the states for his RPM International tool and die company. After being picked up at the International terminal in Auckland by Mark's eldest son Todd it was off to the factory to set up the car for the next day's unlimited testing.

Mark Vincent top Alcohol Dragster under the awningThe Saturday dawned bright and sunny that lasted long enough for us to get one lousy 40 foot shot in before the clouds opened up.

And so that ended that adventure. But at least we had secured a baseline for Mark to come back and tune from.

Grant Rivers Speed and SparesSo it was on to Wanganui with my long time friend Dave Green with a stopover for the night in the beautiful little town of Taupo. After a nice restful night of sleep we soldiered on down the highways and byways of the North Island, eventually finding our way to Grant Rivers Speed and Spares.

This was to be my second stop over to delve into that which I love, setting up blown motor combinations.

Grant had purchased the JanCen prepped K8 Kobelco Superman blower and injector combination and the clutch from Da Orange Ho's street racing days.

Grant Rivers Top Alcohol Funny CarHe had reinvented his alcohol funny car and was ready to venture forth to Meremere for some testing in a few weeks. With that chore and Clutch setup 101 school completed over several days it was off to the large bustling airport of Wanganui, New Zealand.

Welcome To New ZealandA short hop to Auckland, and then several hours spent getting a canceled flight rebooked found me back In Sydney for one night before leaving for home the next day.

Sean Mifsud, he of Wild Willy fame picked me up at the airport and we went to his workshop to view the updates of the Willys. He is going to be a player in the Australian Doorslammer wars in 2010! The screw cars best be aware!

The next day saw me depart on the first leg of my journey home after some more great hospitality Down Under. This entire journey takes on average of 28-30 hours of travel time from my home to touchdown in Sydney. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

And now you see why I say: "It's GREAT being me!"

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