Custom Pro Modified Drag Racing T-Shirts By WickedGrafixx
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Custom Pro Modified Drag Racing T-Shirts By WickedGrafixx
Custom T Shirt Design By Wicked Grafixx For Stanley And Weiss Racing:

The Stanley And Weiss ADRL Camaro Pro Modified Racing T Shirts By Wicked Grafixx In Black, Back Image In Black 2010There are only a handful of artists in the drag racing genre that can compose and style an image or design well with the intent to portray the people behind the race car and the owners; this is Tyler Clarke of "" sometimes better known as "Grafixxman" home of the baddest T Shirts.

A the skillful rendition of the Stanley and Weiss Racing Pro Modified "Appalachia On Steroids" Camaro racing team shirt shows the creative skill of this racing shirt master of Photoshop and illustration.

The design and idea behind this shirt is nothing short of getting right into Camp Stanley's mind and digging out how the veteran of drag racing history is characterized with his team and John Stanley the driver. Both have a wild sense of humor and a dedication to the sport like none other with their WFO !! thought processes and the strong attitude they show in competition.

Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Mod Shirts Front View By WickedGrafixxMany take for granted the amount of true skill it takes to generate an image in this almost mysterious art form of T Shirt Creation, a science that is embedded deeply in the hands of this artist. Going from an image to a shirt takes many years of crafting your trade to a point of being individualistic and not stopping until you have the creation ultimately perfect in your eyes.

Next steps are the hardest, the confirmation of the artwork and finalizing the design, WickedGrafixx has no problem pleasing their clients ten fold with awesome illustrations that set you apart from others knowing you took the time to seek out the most pleasing for you and your fans outerwear of pure dynamic designs.

Nothing is ever the same with Tyler Clarke, his shirts are original in all aspects and staying true to his senses, he drops another classic piece of hot rod art onto the scene for people to admire and keep as memorabilia, we still have those shirts from years ago that we just can't part with; here is the newest one the wife won't be using as a dusting cloth without taking a big chance.

These shirts will be available at all the races Team Stanley And Weiss will be attending in the ADRL and many others like the Shakedown At E Town 2010 and some upcoming car shows.

The Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Modified Camaro Shirts In White Front View by Wicked Grafixx Design of Extreme Camaro Pro Modified on White Shirt For Stanley and Weiss Racing Back Image 2

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