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A Racer's Work Is Never Done

The Stanley And Weiss Camaro Pro Mod Under Construction for 2010The Stanley & Weiss racing team's season is over and the beautiful 1968 ADRL Extreme Pro Modified Camaro is stashed away in John's garage in a bazillion pieces.

It is in the midst of its updates for the 2010 racing season.

We have dismantled the car front to back, top to bottom, updating some things and fixing others that we found wrong here and there.

Then it will be off to Mike Janis' "Jan-Cen Racing Engines" speed emporium in Buffalo, NY to get the block and crank checked and to have Joe Janis work his magic on the non hemi heads! We are not changing much of anything for the new season. We just want to correct the few anomalies we had at the end of the year. You cannot do well going out first round time after time! BUT our plan for 2010 is to go rounds and to make our way to a final and win a race if the racing gods decide to smile upon us and we have earned it!

The Stanley And Weiss Camaro Pro Mod Under Construction In The Shop for 2010The PRI show in Orlando was a bit more low key than normal with the economy affecting so many things and so many people. It showed everywhere but at the "Howl at the Moon" Saloon Thursday night. The old saying "and a grand time was had by all" most definitely applied that night. Both John and I walked the aisles for 2 days and we got to thank the many companies and their representatives who have helped us with sponsorships and continue to do so. It was good to visit with every one of them without the pressures of a racetrack.

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And now we at Stanley & Weiss Racing want to be very politically UNCORRECT and wish a very MERRY CHRISTMAS And a Joyous New Year To one and all!

May there be happiness and win lights in everyone's 2010 future and may Santa bring each and every one of you all that you desire in life.

The Team Of Stanley And Weiss Racing

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Team Stanley And Weiss Racings Finale'
The Year In Review
Photos Courtesy Of

After our failed attempt at a $20,000 payday at The Shakedown at Etown its time to sit back and look at quick snapshot of the 2009 season for Stanley & Weiss Racing.

Shakedown At E Town Burnout In The Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Mod Camaro

It definitely did not start off well for the team and our brand new 1968 Tim McAmis Camaro that was purchased from, of all places, Racing! Don't laugh, this car is living, breathing proof that "The Deal" is out there waiting for someone to find it! All it takes is a stroke of luck, be willing to pay the agreed on price and have a friend out there in cyberspace to certify that it is what is professed to be! That must be followed up by an honest person willing to take your Benjamin's!

The very first hit on the car saw the new piece bounced off the wall about 100 feet out! Only John Stanley's quick thinking and driving skills saved it from being a lot worse than it could have, should have been! After John's brother Raymond, his friend Richard and Tim Fraker Race Graphics repaired the battle scars, it was off to the home of the blues, Memphis, Tennessee. We had put Memphis on the schedule so we decided, to heck with it, let's just go! When the smoke cleared after qualifying we ended up 18th with 3.91! On only the 2nd full hit on the car.

So it was off to Richmond, Virginia next to see if maybe, just maybe we had what it takes with our new car to REALLY "swim amongst the sharks". Our test hit early on Friday yielded us a shut off run after the car was not lined up straight. Another part of our learning curve with a state of the art car. And then it was into qualifying Friday night and did we qualify well or what!!! The aptly named, it soon became evident, "Appalachia on Steroids" Camaro went, to quote the ADRL Prez, right by the 80's with a booming 3.79 qualifying run!!! John may have lost a close race to Todd Tutterow in the 2nd round but we left Virginia happy, happy, happy!

Next up was St Louis, Missouri the home of our "financial advisor" (we need me more cash!) and friend William Craig Weiss, better known as Axle to all in the drag racing fraternity. The 3500 feet of air did not bother the Camaro as it laid down a qualifying run right out of the box 1st round. John got a bit upside down mentally in the first round and left a BIG red light on the tree against Bubba Stanton. (Thanks Roger Henson, but he did pay me!) And then it was on to Columbus, Ohio, the scene of lots of our successes during the street car wars. We again laid down a number in the 1st round that would not get us booted from The Show. John redeemed himself well in the 1st round when his 80 flat got to the finish line before Todd Tutterow's 78. Next up he put a needed .027 bulb on the young phenom Jason Hamstra and took the win light as well. In the semis it was Josh Hernandez and his Bad-Azz 57 Chevrolet. At the flash of the yellow John had .06 in the bank and although he had a car on Josh at the 60 foot marker it was not enough to hold off Josh's 74 run!

At the Rockingham Drag Stock meeting the Stanley and Weiss Camaro again showed why it can no longer "fly below the radar screen" of all the racers. Our 2nd round qualifying run of 3.76 at over 202 MPH showed everyone we were a force to be reckoned with. A first round loss AGAIN when the car rolled the beams ended our day, but we left there the world's quickest AJ Olds car to the 1/8th in the world!

At the season ending Texas race in Ennis is when it started for us! What you may ask? That very same thing that bites one and all somewhere, sometime! The "Stuff Happens" syndrome. The first round qualifier AGAIN left us solidly in the field but it was all downhill after that! "Luck of the draw" they call it and it was all craps for us! ANOTHER 1st round loss left us starting the 2010 season in the 12th points position. Although it's not too bad considering there were 49 other cars in the mix!

This brings us to this past weekend in Englishtown, New Jersey. This was the 2nd in a row of "what the heck just happened to us" racing weekends. A mechanical gremlin bit us 1st round and then again 2nd round of qualifying. A 1st round loss against Tommy Gray showed us another thing we MUST fix this winter.

Thanks again to all our loyal friends and supporters. You help us keep marching onward and upward!

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And So It Ends For The ADRL Season
Heading To The Shakedown At E'Town For Our Finale'
ADRL Drag Racing

The Stanley And Weiss Camaro Pro Mod ADRL Racing The 2009 ADRL season came to end for the Stanley and Weiss Racing team in the flatlands of Texas this past weekend. We have sat and analyzed our endeavors amongst the best this country has to offer in a class made up of the world's quickest and fastest door cars, Pro Extreme. And we have decided that we did just fine for a "bunch of Rednecks" out of Appalachia. Our little one car concrete block garage has put forth a car that has been competitive right out of the box this year. A best of 3.76 at 202+ in 2009 has proven we are now most definitely able to swim amongst the sharks!

Although we had an early first round loss in the not so favored left lane, we did qualify tenth out of 49 cars! Those guys and gals down in that neck of the woods must breed Pro Extreme cars in their backyards! And competitive ones as well!!!

And so we headed back home to Appalachia to prepare the "Appalachia on steroids" Camaro for the rescheduled Shakedown at E Town 2009. There we will end our year and then plan a well deserved rest for John, Scott and Jimmy for several months.

For a change the Camaro will only be getting a few minor changes over the winter. We shall see everyone in the ADRL in Baytown in March.

Enjoy your holidays, one and all!!!

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The Wrobles or The Rubbles ???
All Walks Of Life Can Enjoy
ADRL Drag Racing

Jim Wroble along with his wife Anne, Steel Dynamics IncThe ADRL race in Ennis, Texas "Texas Motorplex" this past weekend has given pause to those that say free tickets don't always draw people from "all walks of life". This past weekend William Craig Weiss, better known as "Axle" in the Doorslammer drag racing world invited his longtime and good friend Jim Wroble along with his wife Anne to come to Ennis and see what this "drag racing" was all about.

That invite was the prelude to something the average person never gives much thought to. What is he going on about you may ask, BUT humor me please. You will be rewarded in the end!

Jim is a semi retired General Sales Manager for one of the most successful steel manufacturers in the world, Steel Dynamics Inc. His bride Anne is a highly successful registered nurse that works at a major Dallas hospital.

And that is where this where this little story is going. Right into that said hospital in Dallas!

It shall prove to one and all that drag racing has surpassed the dirty fingernails; grubby clothes type of environment that is so often associated with it. Our spectators DO most definitely come from all walks of life and they ALL do not have dirty fingernails!

Ms Anne's story was recounted to me by friend and associate William C "Axle" Weiss and I felt compelled to "put pen to paper" and enlighten a lot of people out there in cyberspace that WE, the drag racers of the world have become a whole lot more than the world believed of us only a few short years ago.

Anne Roble was working at the hospital Monday morning when one of her colleagues asked her in passing: "What did you do this past weekend?" And it "was on from there"! Anne told them that she and Jim had gone out to Ennis to a drag race. "No kidding" was the response from her colleague, "so did we"! They had gone with some friends and neighbors who also raced on the weekend. AND Anne's colleague even knew of the Stanley & Weiss Camaro from the hills of Appalachia! That speaks well of our reputation all the way down in Texas, BUT it speaks even better of our sport of choice! It says that drag racers, even without the national name recognition or the television presence on a national scale of a John Force is still recognizable and speaks well for the ADRL and its' marketing partners.

The road leads only one way from here, onward and upward!

Steel Dynamics Inc

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Off To The Great State Of Texas We Go
The Cause and Effect Of The Shakedown At E Town Rain Cancellation

Looking down the barrels of the Stanley And Weiss  Wide Open BlowerThis week try as we might we could not make the rain go away from the state of New Jersey, home of the Shakedown at E Town!

Not one iota of our power of positive thinking nor any of Sheik Al-Anabi's dreams of glory could stop the Nor'easter that was bearing down on Old Bridge Township Raceway Park!

So Dave Hance, promoter of The Shakedown had to cancel the event! Credit must go to Dave to "pull the plug" in plenty of time so others could change their plans and not incur unneeded expense. So this means that on Tuesday, we are off they say the great state of Texas. It looks to us rednecks like it is way, way, way down there and appears to be about 47 days of travel from here! We have made a conscious decision to attempt to race the entire ADRL series next year so the last thing we need to do is get upside down in the chase for "The Speedtech Battle for Battle" for 2010 right out of the box.

With Houston being scheduled in the early part of March, that could leave us with the possibility of being 2 races in arrears before the year even got started. You see the "Appalachia on Steroids" Pro Extreme Camaro is based in the western part of the state of Maryland.

And John Stanley, driver extraordinaire and I, the other Stanley live way, way up on top of a very large hill. In March we are subject to possibly have lots of snow on the ground and possibly with no chance of getting "Clifford, The big red dog" off of our hill!!!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we will see you at Billy Meyer's fantastic speed emporium in Ennis, Texas next weekend! Come by and say hello to us! Let us hope Mssr Meyer is in the house!

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Shaken But Not Stirred!
Stanley And Weiss Racing Heads North, The Shakedown At E Town 2009

John Stanley Fires through a smokey burnout at the 2008 Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown at E TownIt has been a little well deserved four weeks off since the ADRL race in Rockingham. BUT "no rest for the weary" is the game plan now. The "Appalachia on Steroids" Pro Extreme Camaro of Stanley And Weiss Racing, fresh off its own personal best runs at The Rock is ready to head off up north to The 7th Annual Shakedown at E Town's all out Outlaw race at the infamous Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in central New Jersey.

And all who would know will know that Vinny will be smiling down on us at that news. Vinnie used to ruffle John Stanley's hair "back in the day" as he packed his Dad's parachutes!!!

The powers that be nixed screw blowers racing in the 1/4 mile Al-Anabi Racing, Lend America Pro Modified Blown Class so John's desired five second time slip shall have to wait for another day. Therefore we will race in the Outlaw 1/8th Mile Pro Modified Challenge that the Al-Anabi Racing And Barwa people have funded.

Come see us at The 7th Annual 2009 Shakedown at E Town and make yourself known!

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We love Them There Mickey Thompson Tires
ADRL Dragstock 2009, "At The Rock"
Photos Courtesy Of David Anderson and Axle Weiss

David Anderson captures The Stanly And Weiss Racing Extreme ADRL Pro Modified Camaro, Click To Enter ADRL National Guard Website

The "Appalachia on Steroids" braintrust received a phone call about the ADRL Dragstock race at Rockingham a week before it was to be held. The person on the other end wanted to know why we were not going to attend the largest ADRL race of the year. We had to tell them the truth---POVERTY had inevitably entered into the equation! That being said our new fairy Godfather agreed to put up some money to help us attend the race.

What a great call that turned out to be! We arrived to beautiful sunny skies and a perfectly prepped track by Steve Earwood's competent staff. The pits were full of bad to the bone race cars of all shapes, colors and sizes. The buzz right out of the box was how fast were these fields really going to be? At the end of the first session on Friday we ended up on the outside looking in as our 4.23 was only good for number 19 on the ladder. We went back to the pits mumbling one of our famous (to us) sayings: "Well that didn't work!". We then made the changes back to where we were. Our great crew never complained, they just pitched in and we all got it done with time to spare.

The Team Heads Into The Lanes For A Spot In The Dragstock Ladder At ADRL National Guard RockinghamThe second session was then canceled due to the car count nearing 150 and not enough time in the day! So the scheduled third round became the second one which is always set for Friday night's cool air. We made the decision to be as close to the front of the staging lanes as possible so if we had work to do it would not be 2 AM when we finished. That plan worked great. We ended up the first pair alongside Doug Winters bright yellow nitro methane burning 57 Chevrolet. At the end of this race Victor Bray would have been very proud of Doug's numbers. BUT not as proud as we were of our 3.765 @ 202.06 pass! Our entire team was ecstatic alongside a lot of our supporters!

This pass slotted us into the number four position at the time and we ended up number five Saturday in what was to become the quickest and fastest door car race in the world, EVER! And all of this with a wedge headed Alan Johnson engine and NO lockup clutch! These numbers placed us in an elite class of racers that we never thought would be possible to accomplish so soon. We are now listed at #10 in 1/8th mile ETs and number 15 in 1/8th mile speeds ALL TIME on Bill Pratt's website! Thanks To Our Mickey Thompson Tires, Pretty good for an underfunded team by anyone's standards!

Those ADRL racers were not playing this past weekend! They lowered the previous bump by lots! It took a 3.827 to be number 16 out of 35 cars! But, alas and a lack of our good feelings went the way of a red light start first round when John could not hold the car in the beams. But all is not bad. We think we are pretty sure we know the reason so it's on to The Shakedown at Etown October 16th, then home to take a shower and go to Dallas for the start of 2010!

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We love National Trail Raceway
Stepping It Up !! At ADRL Columbus
Photos Courtesy Of Roger Richards

The Stanley And Weiss Racing 1968 McAmis Camaro Doing  Burnout In Front Of ADRL FansThe Stanley and Weiss racing team headed on their merry way out the highway of life this past weekend to the next round of the ADRL race in Columbus, Ohio. For us it was a homecoming of sorts for the team as we had raced and went rounds at the track over a period of seven or eight years. We won our first NSCA Pro Street race there.

We finalized our first NSCA Pro Street World Championship there. We also participated in all three of the Profiler Heads Shootouts as well with a runnerup coming in our last one to the infamous Marc Dantoni.

Roger Richards Captures The Stanley And Weiss Racing Camaro Pro Mod In Action At Columbus Ohio But on Friday morning all the nostalgia had to be laid to rest and our current racing program concentration had to become the thought for the day. We have slowly but surely been working toward a successful combination that can compete through qualifying and on into eliminations. On our first qualifier Friday the "Appalachia on Steroids" Camaro posted a fine 3.872/195.96 right out of the box. This was good enough to place us number three on the qualifying ladder.

BUT it went the way of all good plans in short order. The night qualifier had one of those bad things happen that should not happen but does all the time. Enough said about that which is actually too much, but proved we are not as smart sometimes as we think we are! So for the last qualifier on Saturday afternoon the crew chief decided to see if he could get a little more aggressive in the bell housing which was definitely not the right thing to do!

John Stanley Faces The National Guard ADRL 57 Chevy With The Clutch Not Set Right But Made A Race Out Of ItSo into eliminations we went from the number eleven spot with a first round matchup against Todd Tutterow in a rematch of Richmond. At the stripe John took the win over Todd with a fine 3.800/197.65!

The second round would pit John against young gun and past Minuteman winner Jason Hamstra. This time John's win light came on yet again with a 3.830/195.08.

The computer was telling us we had an issue with the car but with no time to address it we stepped on it a bit for our semifinal matchup against perennial winner Josh Hernandez. And a great race it was to about the 475 foot mark! John had a car on the National Guard 57 Chevy at the 60 foot clocks and John still held the lead past the 330 until Josh lit the afterburners and buried our 3.841/193.99. All throughout the race we did all we could do to wreck
Bob Molinari's "Molinari Racing Products"
clutch and all of Bob Malek's "Friction Unlimited" discs we owned but we were unable to accomplish either! Great parts make up for dumb decisions.

Thanks as always to all our supporters and well wishers! You make it easy to be us!

Special thanks go to our newest sponsor "The Beer Lady", Krista of Ridgely Distributing of Keyser, West Virginia. She and her distributorship helped a lot of our friends "tip the can" over the weekend. Thanks Krista!

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Stanley And Weiss In Ole' Miss, Dropping Big Numbers
John Stanley Lays Down Some Serious Power At ADRL Missouri
Photos Courtesy Of Axle Weiss

Team Stanley And Weiss Racing In The Heat at ADRL MissouriWhat do you get When you cross NINETY-NINE degrees of heat, an adjusted altitude of 3751 feet with an Alan Johnson wedge headed Oldsmobile engine? Before the answer appears we must throw in the fact that John Stanley accomplished this answer on that day while sitting in the oven that is known as the Stanley and Weiss Racing 1968 Extreme Pro Modified Camaro. Okay, do you give up?

You get a number eight qualified car that ran out the back with a stunning 197.45!!! And WITHOUT the lockup clutch that has become so popular! AND we are thinking we don't need no Hemi!

The beautiful Tim Fraker Racegraphics flames on the "Appalachia on Steroids" Camaro were definitely appropriate for this past weekend at the ADRL Gateway Drags in St Louis, Missouri. It was most definitely hotter than the proverbial fires of Hades this past weekend. After their number eight qualifying effort the team was ready to go into the first round of eliminations against Bubba Stanton driving the Widowmaker Corvette, another Alan Johnson Olds powered hitter! With both cars staged John put an uncharacteristic RED, BRIGHT, BRIGHT RED light on the tree when he couldn't hold the car in the beams. That ended the weekend for the team and though they were not happy, they refused to be down about the loss.

Team Stanley And Weiss Racing Set The Fans On Their Heads With Phenomenal Blasts Of Non Hemi PowerThe terminal speeds put up by the Tim McAmis Camaro show that they are making the power equal to the majority of the killers in the class that is called very appropriately, Pro Extreme!

The great crew worked diligently at preparing the car all throughout the weekend with no complaints and definitely earning their large paychecks they DO NOT receive. These guys deserve to have their time in the sun as well as the driver, car owners and supporters! Scott Kline and Jimmy Kline (no relationship) have been with this team since its inception in 2002. Both have worked tirelessly through the good times and the bad times with the team. There have been several others who have been a part of it as well but could not continue on for one reason or another.

These two young men have given tirelessly to the effort and are now being rewarded yet again by helping create a car at the race track that has fast become one to be reckoned with in the ranks of the world's baddest hot rods! Thank you Scott and Jimmy!

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Stanley And Weiss ADRL St Louis Bound!
Ready to be a player in the ADRL shark tank

John Stanley Buttoning Up For A Pass In The ADRL Series Clifford is off on his way west this week toting the "Appalachia on Steroids" Pro Extreme Camaro to the home of both the ADRL and the Axle Weiss part of Stanley & Weiss Racing!

Cliffords Set up at The ADRL Racing SeriesAfter the very successful showing in Virginia the team is ready to search for the additional consistency, ETs and speed needed to be a player in the ADRL shark tank. The plan is to try to step up some more of the Jan-Cen Racing Engines Alan Johnson Olds power that resides between the frame rails.

Come by and visit with the team anytime all weekend.

John Stanley Is In The House!
Stanley And Weiss Racing Set All Time Best at ADRL Virginia
Photos Courtesy Of Roger Richards

Stanley And Weiss Camaro, On a Killer PassStanley and Weiss Racing are back, ready and willing to participate in the ADRLThe Stanley and Weiss Racing Team came roaring out of Appalachia with a vengeance this past weekend.

The team rolled into the beautiful facility in Dinwiddie, VA appearing to be just another ADRL Pro Extreme team looking to make their mark amongst the best of the best.

After Friday night's first round qualifier they had accomplished that feat quite well, thank you very much! In the quiet Virginia night John staged against the Widowmaker Corvette driven by Bubba Stanton, the premier Alan Johnson Olds powered entry in Pro Extreme. Then just that quick the entire Stanley and Weiss team showed that they had indeed become a force amongst the players in the baddest doorslammers on the face of the earth.

John Stanley Had His Hooks In The Track Clicking Off A All Time Best 1/8th Mile Run At ADRL VirginiaJohn's 3.797 shot in his new Tim McAmis Camaro on only its third full 1/8th mile pass placed him amongst the elite in the Doorslammer world. The team celebrated amongst the many congratulations from its peers and all the people surrounding them! The camaraderie of the ADRL series showed far and wide on that Friday night and into Saturday.

On Saturday it was an entirely different ballgame. The day slowly but surely became a place from which Lucifer was spawned. The decision was made to attempt to show the world that their 3.70 shot was no fluke and to attempt to develop some consistency in their program. They ended up qualified in the number four position out of the elite 28 and went into round one against Minuteman trophy holder The Mad Man himself, Frankie Taylor from Texas. The "Appalachia on Steroids" Camaro did just fine, thank you very much with it's first round win ever AND against a "hitter". Round two would pit John against 200mph Todd Tutterow's bad to the bone Corvette. John's light was a tiny bit late against Todd's killer bulb and that proved to be the difference in the loss. Todd's 3.851 beat John's 3.849!

The best thing that the team could take from the loss was that they had indeed found their consistency. The first and second rounds netted incremental of .964 vs .966, 2.577 vs 2.577. 3.849 vs 3.849 and 194.72 vs 194.77! YES!!! The consistency has arrived. All that is left is to turn the race day wick up a bit!

Look out Alice, the Appalachia on Steroids is on the way to dance a jig on your yellow brick road!'s Review Of The Virginia ADRL Race With Stanley And Weiss RacingThe stories just keep on coming for the 6th installment of the 10 race ADRL series hosted by the fine folks at Virginia Motorsports Park. Before I get into the biggest story of the weekend, we'd like to congratulate the team of Stanley and Weiss for a great 3.797 blast to qualify #3 for the race. This was the fastest time the team has ever run in it's many year of competition in the fast door car world. Look for these folks to be a player during the rest of the season!

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Carry Me Back To Old Virginia ADRL Series
Ready To Rock And Roll In The Sweet Virginia Breeze

Stanley And Weiss Camaro, In Your Face And Ready To Run With The ADRLStanley and Weiss Racing are back, ready and willing to participate in the ADRL series this coming weekend in Richmond Virginia, home of redbirds and dogwoods. We've had the time from Memphis till now to perform some upgrades to that 'Appalachia on Steroids' Camaro Pro Mod that ran an untested 3.91 in Memphis on its second full hit working the Mickey Thompson hides to their fullest. The data we gathered in Memphis gave us what we hope was a good baseline for the balance of this season and into 2010 as it's standing now, the Stanley and Weiss Racing Season is past its testing and into the stiff Extreme Pro Modified Ranks Competition, new car blues have been dealt with and we are planning for some excellent numbers for our sponsors and our own high fives afterwards "I may have to jump real high to get one in".

John Stanley, Pilot Of The Stanley And Weiss Racing Camaro Pro ModMike Janis at Jan-Cen Racing Engines worked his magic on our Hi-Helix blower to give us a bit more power as he has done for the last five years. Jeff Burnett at Composite Specialties provided the team with one of his new composite injectors to complement Mike's finessing of the supercharger, John is going to see the menacing screwcharger inhaling the mountain air as he git's her down the track from his drivers seat view.

After last months scolding by Tim Fraker making sure I never touch another decal in my life, Tim applied our signature Tim Fraker Racegraphics completing the look of the Camaro allowing our outstanding photographers an easy way now to shoot the car in all its glory from any angle since it's now covered correctly with the new rubbed out paint by Raymond Stanley from Maaco Of Hagerstown and the application of her new flames and STRAIGHT decals, in our unbiased opinion, the shots of the car should be amazing to view online here and in ADRL's Galleries and look spectacular under the lights at night.

Clifford the Big Red Dog gets some aerodynamicsNot to be outdone, Clifford the Big Red Dog got "aerodynamicized" (We really think this is a word) but you can choose if it is. In short the addition of an air shield on the body and a wing on the roof of the cab that was hand carried back from New Zealand by "Me" which was donated to the cause by our good friend Toe-Knee Johnson of Hell Pizza Chevy fame to lower the drag coefficient of our big hauler that tipped the scales at a trim 50,000 lbs fully loaded with fluids on our last trip down after Clifford's overhaul. We barely had to drop a gear getting on the highway or pulling up a mountain grade with our new found power.

Welcome To D and D Truck Repair and TowingAnd after being zinged by those large transports like Roger Henson owns, Clifford got a brain transplant as well so as to try and keep up with a better injection mapping tune from it's original fleet map compliments of the good people at D&D Truck Repair and Towing!

Come and see us in Richmond! We will be the team having fun doing what we love to do!

Stanley And Weiss, Urban Hillbilly's ??
You Bet, Included in Door Car Chaos 2009 Vol. 2

Urban Hillbilly Action Videos have been a staple for drag racing enthusiasts for so many years and now they have reached an audience never perceived.
Their videos have been acclaimed by many for the outstanding quality, raw action and unusual abilities to catch some of the most incredible footage of racing all over the country.
Front Man of Stanley and Weiss Racing "Camp Stanley" admits he's a man on a mountain in Maryland overlooking a town known to many as the Appalachian entrance, his outhouse is heated of course.

John Stanley is featured in the new Door Car Chaos Video from Urban Hillbilly Videos from his wild burnouts, to rowing the gears and dropping the laundry, all of this is seen in this new release and others.

Stanley And Weiss Racing a bunch of hillbilly's; you bet and proud of it.
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Add Color, Shake Well And Race
We Put Stickers On Too

Taking away the injury status of the primer factor, Maaco Of Hagerstown Added The Hugger Orange and Flake Maaco Of Hagerstown Added The Hugger Orange and Flake. The 'Appalachia on Steroids' Camaro is all bright Hugger Orange metal flake cloaked yet again! Off the gal went to Maaco of Hagerstown's paint emporium on Friday. She was to be finally all repaired from her altercation with Jim Halsey's wall at Cecil County Dragway that occurred on her maiden voyage in the spring.
The boo boo she suffered left us at Memphis last time we reported looking unlike the fresh new car we opened up the season with.

Just a little dab with the brush is all she needed from RaymondThe Maaco of Hagerstown's crew led by driver John Stanley's brother Raymond worked their magic and she rolled out of the paint booth Monday morning looking very spectacular! It has that new car sparkle again like nothing ever happened to the sleek lines of the Camaro body.

She now awaits the loving touches of family pal and sign writer extraordinaire Tim Fraker of Tim Fraker Racegraphics to work his magic yet again to bring her full appeal to the forefront.

Tim Fraker Makes This Look Easy, Camp tried and as sent packin !!Tim will reapply all the many contingency decals that the ADRL has posted for the Pro Extreme class. Car owner Camp Stanley has been banished to the darkest corner of the decal installation room and forbidden to ever install another decal by the illustrious Tim Fraker.

ADRL Contingency stickers are applied properly with the flames by Tim Fraker Comments were spewed around the garage like "Crooked, Cock-eyed, Put them down, Don't touch them, Go Away and more". All the better for the appearance of her was the consensus of one and all, Camp included!

As you can see the car looks the part now, all cleaned up and dressed to go out, we just need to get to the track and show off some Jan-Cen Power sitting under the hood.

JanCen Power Successful Down Under
Mifsud, Janis And Stanley Down Under

Sean Mifsud On The Front Page Of Western Sydney International Dragway Sean Mifsud's Wild Willy team has proved yet again that the roots supercharged Hemi is still competitive amongst all the screw blower power plants that dominate Australian Top Doorslammer Racing! The crowd pleasing 41 Willys continued on with its very successful record since the installation of the Mike Janis prepped Jan-Cen Racing Engines power plant with tuning and mentoring help continuing to be supplied by Camp Stanley. At the just completed Castrol Winternationals in Brisbane the team scored a spot yet again in the quickest Top Doorslammer field in history.

. Since the installation of the JanCen hemi between the frame rails of the 41 Willys in late 2007 it has qualified at every event it has entered with the exception for its first foray into the wars known as Australian Top Doorslammer racing! At that meeting they ONLY secured a number nine spot in what was then the quickest Top Doorslammer field ever assembled! Do you see a pattern developing here???? At this first race the team settled for a win in what is known as the B consolation race that had the likes of Kath Stevens who secured her first 5 second run in the first round to the giant that Sean won the final over, none other than Mr. First to the Five-Eights, Robin Judd!

John Zappia's Zaps RatAlong the way they secured a win at the Tin Tops Titles at Willowbank. They did not back into that win by luck. They secured the victory by being the quickest car on the grounds behind John Zappia every round! The win over Zap's Rat was secured by being a bit better pedalfest driver on the day than the infamous John Zappia! They then carried on through the rest of 2008 and into 2009 putting up good numbers at each event. Along the way they also secured the quickest and fastest roots blown car records in Australia! Although the brain trusts kind of lost their way for a bit and then missed two races while Sean, in true Maltese fashion tended to his Mum and her health issues the entire team never lost faith in their abilities nor the abilities of their race car.

They came roaring out of the doldrums tunnel at the Nitro Champs meeting at Western Sydney International Dragway and left the other teams know they really had not died and gone to visit Lucifer! Sean's 6.02 with the astounding short times proved they were no fluke. And then that nasty woman Ms Fickle Finger of Fate jumped up and bit them yet again. A timing controller malfunction against Ben Bray in the first round ended their day early but they were very happy with being back the 'Ohs' yet again! At the Willowbank Winternationals the team came out with a safe and sound 6.04 which they thought would secure them a spot in the field. They tried a bit different combo in the second round which did not give them what they were looking for yet still gave them a 6.09! But after he went through the traps the dramas began for Sean inside the car! When he pulled the chutes on the car a chassis bar failed that the chutes were attached to lifted the rear of the car completely off the ground at almost 230MPH! When the car settled back to earth it was minus its parachutes! Sean brought Wild Willy to a stop at the edge of the sand trap very calmly and skillfully with a sigh of relief! And then the fun began!

The time required to repair the car negated another shot at Willowbank's infamous starting line and race track. The entire team never, ever says quit and did not even consider parking up the car! When you have a crew that has an airplane engineer, a chassis builder, a machinist and tool maker amongst their midst led by a team manager who is Barney Rubble personified you cannot help but to succeed. When Sunday morning came around Wild Willy's repairs had received the blessing of the ANDRA stewards to compete in eliminations. The first round car in the other lane was to be Robin Judd and his 5.90 Moonshine Bandit Studebaker. Although Wild Willy put up a valiant effort it was all for naught as Robin's 5.9 eclipsed Sean's 6.07. Although the team did not win at Willowbank again they are not disheartened in the least. The last five runs in a row have all been 6.0's with amazing short times on each and every one of them. This feat signed, sealed and delivered to the team a record not seen by a lot of Australia's Top Doorslammer teams. The chore for the brain trusts of Sean Mifsud, Camp Stanley and Mike Janis are to bring the back half numbers up to match the front half ones. And do not be surprised to see this happen during the 2010 season!

Sean wants to thank his wife Danielle and son Daniel, PPG paints, his entire crew along with Camp Stanley and Mike Janis Jan-Cen Racing Engines, for all their help and perseverance to make this dream come true. Wild Willy still lives and will be back in the 2010 season. Come by and say hello and thanks for your support!

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Those Were The Days When
First Outing At ADRL Nets A 3.91, Close But No Cigar.

Way, way back in the year 2008 a race team could show up at an ADRL race and think they could qualify in Pro Extreme with an untried, untested piece! All they needed was to be on their game and have a good car.

The Stanley And Weiss Racing Camaro At ADRL MemphisIn 2009 those thought processes no longer apply! The competition has picked up two hundred fold. If you bring your Bowie knife to an ADRL race you are gonna get yourself mowed down by a 50 caliber gun! DO NOT pass go, DO NOT collect one hundred dollars. Go directly to the house!

The bump this year has slowly dropped from a 3.99 in Houston to a 3.92 in Valdosta that has now become a 3.900 in Memphis! These guys and gals are not playing!

Stanley and Weiss Racing made the conscious decision to take our untried, almost untested racecar to Memphis and see if we could at least make the big show in order to race with the Big Dogs. We made one hit Friday night to be sure we would not run into or over anything like the time out with our new pride and joy McAmis car. That run gave us the little bit of data we were looking for and we DID NOT run over or into anything! With the way our 2009 has gone that was a definite plus for us.

Friday's qualifier, number two in the ADRL's scheduling gave us a 3.98 time slip for the 'Appalachia on Steroids' Camaro's first hit down the racetrack! This gave the entire team the confidence that the hard winter's work and the last month's trials and tribulations to be well worth it! The last qualifier netted the team a 3.91 time slip, which was not quite good enough to make the cut for the big show.

BUT the team is very happy with the results in a competitive situation. To take an untried car to a major event and put up numbers of a 3.98 and 3.91 in the first two hits down the track on a new car speaks well for our team.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all those people and companies that support our racing endeavors. Without each and every one of you we could not do what we enjoy doing.

Home Of The Blues
Bound For ADRL Memphis Untested

The Appalachia Primer BluesThat is exactly where we have been residing for the last several months with this new race car! AND guess what? That is exactly where we are gonna be on Thursday! Watch out BB King fans. We are gonna rock up in your house! Between health issues, Cecil County's unforgiving concrete walls and then that fat fickle witch Mother Nature lightly raining down on us on Saturday we cannot seem to get the opportunity to test this new race car!

Just a little work on the front fender is alOn Saturday we left sunny Appalachia at 6:00AM bound once again for Jim Halsey's Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, MD. We arrived, set up the pit area, reset and rechecked everything, zero'ed the clutch and got ready to GIT-R-DONE! Ha what a joke that was to be. The light fog in the area became heavier and heavier fog. Then that fog became light drops of rain that came and went. And when it was all said and done it was not going to happen on Saturday. The powers to be pulled the plug early as they should have, refunded our money and we were on the way back home by 11:30AM!

Raymond Stanley Fixin up the Stanley and Weiss Pro ModSo John's brother Raymond came up on Sunday, finished the carbon fiber repairs and put the concrete wall wounds in our signature Stanley & Weiss desert tan primer as Pat Budd had aptly named it years ago. We have a few little things to do and then we are off Wed night bound for Memphis! What else can happen to us? We figured out that if Tommy Gray can do it we figure we can!

Come By And Say Hi To Team Stanley And Weiss !!

The Camaro Under Power At Cecil County !!
And now we know how Jason and Mitchell Scruggs felt last year!

View The Full 2009 First Hits Gallery Here:

John Hooking Hard On The First Pass of 2009We ventured forth to Jim Halsey's Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, Maryland on a gorgeous sunlit Saturday morning April 18th for the first hits on our new Tim McAmis Camaro.
The day was beautiful and the place was full of race cars as we were attending during the newly started 10.0 and 12.0 Index drag racing series for the racers in the northeast and a special 275 Drag Radial Session also new at Cecil County this year. We unloaded and set about finishing a couple of things we had left yet to do.

Team Stanley And Weiss RacingAfter the warm-up, rezeroing and setting of the clutch and the fuel system, The Team was ready to go make a hit on the Cecil surface with Jim Halsey amped up for our first pass on his quarter mile.

Both "Carey Cable" of CLC Video Productions and Photojournalist "Seth Cohen" of were on hand as usual to capture our passes digitally.

Click To Play Video In New WindowJohn rolled through the water, prepared himself mentally and proceeded into the burnout with fans cramped along the fence clasping at their ears and covering from the alcohol fumes from the screaming Alan Johnson "all screwed up" 481X passing by.

The car worked its magic as all appeared to be well. Straight, true, not a hint of a bobble a couple little tiny flicks on the wheel was all that was needed. He backed up, brought the car into the staging beams under Dad's guidance, revved her up and swapped feet! then all went down the tube.

For those not sure of what "Swapping feet" means; mashing the throttle and leaving the clutch out at the same time. This is opposed to a "Two Step" where the throttle is mashed and the ignition system is on a limiter.

A Great Shot Before This All HappenedIt was bad to the bone GREAT for the first 30 feet hooking hard but quickly made its way to Hades in a hand basket! The car left straight as an arrow, no twist no nothing until it started to get up on the tires turning them unmercifully then the RPMs went to the moon spinning around 7,200 RPM creating a violent shake that set the car INSTANTLY sideways and had it pointed head-on at the wall within fractions of a second!! The data logger recorded a major impact of 4.3 G,s after john had pulled it back in from three wheels on the ground as you can see in Carey Cable's Video.

John Will Have His Day Again Soon After The Repairs Are MadeJohn's years of championship experience kept it out of a head on collision and luckily the car only got a glancing side blow, John was OK but the car did suffer damage.

The headers saved a lot of carnage as they took the brunt of it. So a new door from Tim McAmis Race Cars, another 'UH-OH, better call Maaco" of Hagerstown !! phone call and some groveling to Tim Fraker Signs and Graphics shall see us all back together by the time I get back from Australia on May 4th.

And now YOU know why WE know how the Scrugg's family felt last year.

Camp Stanley Confronts Surgery Complications
The Stanley & Weiss Racing Team Not Attending First ADRL Race:

Camp will Be Back Home Soon, Apologizes For Missing ADRL RaceThe Stanley & Weiss racing team will not be attending their first ADRL race this weekend in Valdosta, GA. after all. After all the great work throughout the winter and the support of all their sponsors and friends, that fickle lady Mother Nature put a screeching halt to the planned debut of their new car!

Camp Stanley had a minor surgery procedure on Monday the 30th of March and developed some issues with internal bleeding that got bad enough to land him in the hospital in Hagerstown, MD at 230am Sunday morning. Camp should be out and home Tuesday evening after a final test to be sure they have the cause of the bleeding stopped.

The doctors said there was no way Camp could ride, much less drive for 16 hours a day after this last procedure and that Camp needed a few more days of doing nothing after he got home. The entire team decided it was best to not even consider going. There will always be another race and the planned ADRL debut is now set for Memphis in May.

Stanley & Wiess Racing hopes all their fans come by and see them in Memphis!


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First Looks "All Stickered Up"
Tim Fraker Works His Magic With Graphics:

Tim Frakers Signs and Graphics Complete The LookJust in time for the season to begin, Team Stanley and Weiss put the finishing touches on the New Camaro with Sign man Tim Fraker doing the honors of adding that last little bit that will define the car as a complete "Stanley and Weiss Racing" Machine.

Pro Mods today have evolved back to the wild graphics, awesome paint jobs of before with a few exceptions.

Stanley and Weiss Racing aren't the subtle group as you probably know now.

Tim Fraker Taking Controls Of The Graphics At Stanley And Weiss RacingThe rich orange is now set off with the signature purple flames with a brilliant contrasting lime green / yellow outline and the nasty skull and crossbones featured on the hood, top end shots should look amazing with the foreboding cowboy hatted skull in your face as this Evil, Mean and Nasty blown spectre makes its runs down track.

Tim Fraker Signs and Graphics also out of Hagerstown, MD lays down some of the graphics in the shots at Camps home garage or "War Room".

Tim Fraker Eyes Up The Skull and CrossbonesThe quality and gloss make these almost indistinguishable from paint, but much more efficient when it comes to fixing a dropped wrench scratch as a replacement is all that's needed instead of days lost being airbrushed again.

Tim Fraker took controls of the job and finished this thing of beauty for Team Stanley and Weiss with ease as he's done so many times before. His work is oustanding in every respect and never duplicated as he adds his own style into everything with the customers wishes.

Tim Fraker Getting Prepared To Begin His WorkJohn Stanley should feel quite comfortable looking at his new Camaro now superimposed and replicated with a totally new car in its place yet still having that discernible feeling of his old ride.

The Stanley's have a tradition of sticking with what works and what feels right to the team so it's now just a trip down the track for a shakedown and it's right into competition for John and the crew.

Click A Thumbnail To Enlarge In More Detail.

Skull And Crossbones With Camps Hat  A Great Side View  This Car Looks Mighty Tough Now  No Details Were Left Out  One Mean Looking Ride Now

Stanley And Weiss Camaro "Certifiable"
Passing The Cert With Flying Colors:

Clifford Rolling Into Mason Dixon For CertifcationWith "Clifford" back from D & D Truck Repair after its overhaul, Team Stanley And Weiss powered down to Mason Dixon with the new Camaro in tow for the certification process.

All went well and looking over the car, Camp and team have created one Bad Mutha that is now OK to start off its season with a full pass on safety in the ADRL Extreme Pro Modified Class.

Man, We Really Love This New Car !! The wide open shot shows the AJ 481X looking ready to swallow the competition as its new chassis is plenty capable of handling tons of blown horsepower. A minor setback on needed wheels that Mickey Thompson is taking care of has kept Team Stanley And Weiss off the track so far but this may change within the next week or so and all will be right in the Stanley world once the wheels are in with the backspacing needed since the teams old set weren't able to fit the new car.

Looking At Where John Stanley Will Be Seated The team had no doubt that the time and care taken over the months would be an easy pass to certification knowing that all T's have been crossed and I's dotted during the build.

Driver "John Stanley" will soon get his test sessions with the northeast weather permitting for some shakedowns and data recovery to get a baseline on this completely new car that the country and as far away as Australia have been waiting for.

Stay tuned for completion and track testing From Stanley And Weiss Racing

"Camp Stanley" The Focus Feature In RPM Magazine
New Worlds To Conquer:

RPM Magazine Fastest Doorslammers Racing In The Country PublicationsIt's hard to ignore Camp Stanley once you have shook his hand or spent time with him at a race or function, but through the resources of
RPM Magazines great editors, they picked up on an incredibly well written and photographed article by the now legendary Brian Wood and added photos of the old "Wild Bunch" days of the classic T-Bird Pro Mod by Mark Flemming.

RPM Magazine dedicated seven pages of history only a good friend like Brian Wood can tell in his way he has done so well for so many publications adding to the above title "How Camp Stanley brought blown door slammer racing to prominence on three continents".

A complete story on smooth gleaming high gloss paper you won't find in your average magazine only makes the article shine with a depth and feel unlike shelf brand advertisement overloaded publications.

RPM Magazine went this route of high gloss almost photo quality paper in the beginning of this year to enrich its appeal that no other "Doorslammer Racing Magazine" ever will in the future, always leading the pack in as soon as it's done material and almost as fast as you can see it on the web. As Chief Editor Chris Biro once said "There's just something about print magazines over internet posts or talk when you can actually feel it in your hands and it's right in front of you", there's no higher dedication to a racer than to see himself in a magazine in many peoples words also.

Subscribe To RPM Magazine Here, There's Nothing Else Like It !!

The Non Hemi Is In !!
The AJ481x Olds Nestled Comfortably

The AJ481x Olds Nestled ComfortablyThe Stanley and Weiss racing team have been hard at it over these past weeks! With January in the books, Camp had finished installing the full electrical system, lexan windows, the team added the final touches on the motor plates, chute mount installs and getting it ready now that we're in the middle of February and the beginning of March fast looming as they worked hard on making their new
Tim McAmis Camaro ready for their freshened 'not a Hemi' powerplant.

Camp went up to Mike Janis' Jan-Cen Racing Engines in Buffalo, NY Friday a week ago to pick the parts and pieces that the very capable staff had prepared for them. After Camp's return John worked away diligently putting the power plant together so it could go in between the chassis rails on Saturday.

Scott and Jimmy, capable crew extraordinaire appeared on the scene ready to 'git-er-done' Saturday bright and early and by 3:30PM finish time the AJ481x Olds was nestled comfortably in her new home! Almost all the new spiffy fuel lines had been run and the rest have been laid out to be made by John while Camp is in Australia hanging out with the Big Dogs.

Their plan is to have this piece ready to 'make smoke' in two weeks and to then be ready for testing when the weather cooperates in March. Thanks for persevering with us through this buildup. We all hope you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!

Click A Thumbnail To Enlarge In More Detail.

Chutes MountedThe Lexan InstalledAnother Look At The Lexan InstalledCamps Electrical WorkJust Waiting For The Non HemiA Close Look At The Screw BlowerFinally The Motor Is In ItThe Bad Non Hemi Up Close

Clifford "The Big Red Dog"
Getting A Heart Transplant at D & D Trucking

Another Upgrade For Stanley and Weiss Racing

Not only is John Stanley getting a new hot rod to drive, Clifford The Big Red Dog is in the process of receiving a heart transplant.

Clifford Ready For A Heart Transplant from D And D Trucking

For those of you who do not know Clifford outside of the cartoon world, he is our trusty bulldog that transports the team all 'round the various race tracks without a wimper or a stumble.

Clifford Opened Up At D & D TruckingClifford Opened Up At D & D TruckingClifford has been a little ill the last year so Camp and Axle decided to check him into the clinic at D and D Truck Repair and Towing in Hagerstown for a thorough exam.

425 Horsepower ready and waitingAfter concluding that Clifford was in need of some professional help Dave at D and D produced an almost new Mack power plant complete with one of them there Jacob's engine brakes and 425 horses locked up inside just waiting to get out and stroll with the Big Dogs!

425 Horsepower ready and waiting for youClifford should roll out the door at D and D by weeks end ready to picked up when Camp gets back from Down Under.

So as you roll down the highways of our great country, do not be surprised to hear off in the distance: 'Who let the dogs out??? WHO? WHO?'

Clifford Packing New Power From D and D Trucking Proud Sponsor Of Stanley And Weiss RacingIt'll be Clifford on the prowl looking for A Big Truck! Thanks to our great sponsor at D and D Truck Repair and Towing for making this happen!! For Team Stanley And Weiss Racing.

D and D Truck Repair And Towing
Look For A Brand New Website Coming Soon To D and D Trucking.

D & D Truck Repair & Towing Inc
16803-D Notley Rd (Off Hopewell Rd)
Local: (301-582-2304)

It's Home And Man! Is It ORANGE !!
Finally Coated In Brilliant Color

Brilliant Orange Paint By Maaco Of HagerstownThe newest addition to the Stanley and Weiss Racing stable is home from Maaco, That's right !! "Uh-Oh; Better Call
Maaco" of Hagerstown !!

John's brother, Raymond spent his days over the Christmas holidays prepping the Tim McAmis Camaro body for fit and finish and to ready it for the two stage "Hugger Orange" paint with Raymond's signature, subtle rainbow flake in the clear to give it that beautiful glow we've come to recognize.

Raymond's job is to make them pretty, ours is to ding'em up and Raymond fixes them! Hey what are brudders for ? Right !!

Nothing could look as deep as the depth's of the ocean until Raymond and his friend Richard wet-sanded then buffed the clear to a smooth as glass finish pushing it out for all of you to see in its new vibrant coat and a few pictures below to be taken to share with our fans.

Next to come, the Pro Mod will begin it's transformation with the detailing graphics in the capable hands of Tim Fraker of Tim Fraker Signs. The graphic's are custom made with all the trimmings of some really wild stuff as the car had before giving it that wild Pro Mod look.Stop back frequently as this "Bad Mutha" progresses, Team Stanley and Weiss Racing will keep you updated.

Click A Thumbnail To Enlarge In More Detail.

A Beautiful View Of The Paint In The Final StagesWhat An Awesome View Just Waiting For GraphicsThat Signature Flake ShiningShining In The SunSoon To Have All The Details By Tim FrakerThe Stanleys Hard At Work WetsandingNow This Looks Sweet !!

Something Wicked Is Coming
John Stanley Has A New Machine For 2009

A Wild New Ride ComingWith last years promising showing in the ADRL series and the Shakedown at E Town, the Team of Stanley and Weiss Racing decided to open the old barn doors and pull out the fresh new Tim McAmis Camaro that had been sitting just waiting for someone to get her going.

Camp has the power to push this state of the art ride well into the needed numbers with John Stanley seated deep behind the big screw blower just waiting to indulge itself with some alcohol and track time under the sleek new body.

Like a fine mix of Cointreau, Fresh Lime, and of course 100% Agave over crushed ice and served with some cumin spiced salt on the rim, this car is getting the works. You really didn't think Camp would give away his own killer recipe did you ??

This car will feature its own blend of carbon fiber, titanium and secret blower power tune, it's going to rock again with a fresh coat of Hugger orange and the "Can't be missed Purple Flames" with the skull and crossbones coming straight at you.

The team has set a date of mid January to have the car ready for testing so they can take a short break and have some of the above mentioned libations and then off for some secret passes to break her in. Look forward for more information and build details from Team Stanley and Weiss Racing Coming Soon !!

Click A Thumbnail To Enlarge In More Detail.

The New ChassisAn Inside lookBoth Views Front and BackBad Mutha In Your Face !!Header RevisionsStill Working, Margarita BreakJohn Needs To Step On ThisFresh Out Of ASAP Powdercoating

John Stanley's Drag Toon Featured
On The Cover Of's 2009 Calendar

Proceeds from these sales go to the Late Leo Barnaby's Daughters Scholarship Fund

John Stanley Calendar CoverIn an effort to help with funds for the late Leo G Barnaby III's daughter, Stanley and Weiss Racing donated their commisioned artwork for this memorial cause for "Jenna's Scholarship Fund" for 2009. Others like
Paul Major of Drag Radial fame, Wayne Keegan of Competive Wiring have also intoduced phenomenal amounts of money to help this youngster reach college as well as with this small token of heartfelt wishes to Leo and his family during a tough holiday season for them.

Inside, you'll find many colorful racing "Drag Toons from Mark of" to add to it as the Stanley and Weiss Camaro fills in the final month of December with John Stanley rowing the gears of the lenco trans "ala Old School Ed Roth Style". Immediate shipping before Christmas and New Years From for a great cause.

View The Complete Calendar Here:

Wild Willy Goes West
Misfud and Stanley In Perth

Sean Misfud Wild WillyThe ANDRA drag racing series in 2008/2009 is to consist of eight rounds at three tracks throughout Australia. For the uninitiated this may not seem like much but few people outside the country realize that the Australian population is equal in count to New York City! These tracks are located in three of the largest metropolitan areas of Australia. They are Western Sydney International Dragway located in Sydney in New South Wales and Willowbank Raceway located in Brisbane in Queensland. The third track is the only one located in Perth in Western Australia. The Kwinanna Motorplex is a state of the art facility that will take a backseat to no drag strip anywhere in the world of drag racing! The largest drawback to racing at Perth is the distance. An airplane ride from Sydney takes up the largest part of five hours! It is the equivalent of going from Atlanta to Pomona! The powers that be make a special concession to the racers that attend these two events at Kwinnna by awarding bonus points to those who make the journey.

ANDRA drag racing SeriesAfter successful outings at the end of the 2007/2008 ANDRA Group One racing series, Sydney's Sean Mifsud sat down with his crew and got everyone's input and commitment to run the entire 2008/2009 series. Being one of the less funded teams in Top Doorslammer Sean had to put on his thinking cap and create a way to do this at the lowest possible cost so as not to completely destroy the year's budget. The first part of the equation was getting the car and all the necessary parts and pieces to race the car that far from home to Perth. Enter the Big Man himself, Victor Bray! Since this was not a Top Alcohol round Victor had room for another car in one of his two Castrol trailers going to Perth. Victor and Sean quickly came up with a cost factor that suited both and Wild Willy had its ride west secured.

Sean Misfud Wild WillyOnce there and unloaded, Wild Willy was accepted with open arms by the Western Australia fan base. It had never been seen by the vast majority of these fans outside of Sydney and Brisbane or on 'The Telly' from one of the Group one rounds. With the Australian economy traveling down the same road as the US economy several teams elected not to make the trek across the country due to the expense. Their were still nine teams represented for an eight car field, which meant someone would not play on Saturday night. Wild Willy did fair in this new arena qualifying in its' traditional number five spot in the eight car field with a pedaling 6.19. At the end of qualifying Victor 'advised out' of the round since he was not comfortable driving with a finger that had been badly injured in a freak accident. This allowed the Batmobile of Peter Kapiris who was struggling to get a handle on his newfound horsepower into the field .

Saturday evening came about with the corrected altitude in the 900 foot range and Wild Willy was paired with the Castrol Monaro of Ben Bray. At the flash of green Ben and Sean were away and both went into mild shake with Ben recovering first with Wild Willy in hot pursuit. At the stripe neither driver was sure who had won although Sean was sure he had ran out of racetrack on the big end. He lost this one to Ben with a 6.15 to a 6.18 drag race!

Sean Misfud Wild WillyThe brain trust duo of the Wild Willy both came to the same conclusion at the same time as to why they could not harness the bottom end power of their JanCen hemi. The car had never been run in this kind of mineshaft air. Try 500 feet adjusted on Friday night with a measly 39 grains of water! Mike Janis quickly confirmed that their thought processes were right on the money as to what the cure was.

Three meetings and 6.0's at each had made them a bit complacent and they had fallen into the 'lets rotate the earth' syndrome. BUT Wild Willy will be back with a vengance at Willowbank looking to avenge what they consider a lousy performance in Perth during the contesting of round three!

But all was not a total loss in Perth as Wild Willy and the team were presented with the trophy for best appearing car and crew! The stunning PPG paint and Sean's choice of crew attire had been noticed and rewarded by the powers that be out of 200 plus race cars!
Read More Here From Perth Motorplex

How About That Agent 660 !!
Stanley and Weiss Racing Press

Stanley and Weiss Racing Featured On ADRL.usWhat an honor to have Agent 660 notice that you've hit the internet and suprise you by finding it on the front page of The ADRL Website.

The fantastic ADRL Flowmaster Series is the farthest reaching in press, commentary and incredible photography by the best in the nation. Just having a "blurb" on this page is phenomenal in all aspects and to top it off "Roger Richards" adds to the flash of this with a gorgeous shot of John Stanley heating the tires unmercifully through the burnout box. This is something we at Stanley and weiss Racing will not soon forget as that little something that means alot.
Read More Here From The Official ADRL Flowmaster Series Website

The Wild Willy Is Coming And Bringing Camp Too !!:
Courtesy of Sean Misfud

Sean Misfud and Camp Stanley headed to PerthCamp Stanley takes his first trip to Perth Austraila, one of the very few places he's yet to visit in this country to team up with Sean Misfud at Perth Motorplex. The battle of the Tuners and the first appearance of Sean Mifsuds 'Wild Willy' at the Perth Motorplex will add even more reasons to attend the West Australian Round of the Australian Top Doorslammer Championship series.

Mifsud, from Sylvania Waters (yes, for those who are old enough to remember...THAT Sylvania Waters!), New South Wales is bringing one of Australian Top Doorslammers most unique vehicles West.

The Willys is no slouch either having run a number of low 6 second passes culminating in a win at Queenslands Willowbank Raceway at the Tin Top Titles.

Since partnering up with US engine guru Camp Stanley, Mifsud has not only started to enjoy his racing more, he has also become a force to be reckoned with.
Read More Here From Perth Motorplex

2008 In Review A Year Of Transition
Written By Camp Stanley 2008

This year was our first venture into the land of real flat out, run what ya brung, hope ya brung enough drag racing! AND if you haven't brung enough you best keep your butt on the porch! Not to sound to too awfully brazen, BUT we are really proud of the year we have had running with The Big Dogs!

At our test session in Mooresville, NC we we figured we had enough to play in the go fast arena with all the heroes. With Jeff Burnett's baseline tuneup and Patrick Budds chassis setup we hit the track and instantly they yielded us an early shutoff 3.9 pass! After two more hits we felt we may have a combination thatw e could take to our first ADRL race and attempt to qualify.

ADRL Flowmaster SeriesOur first ADRL race at Valdosta created my new ADRL analogy. Nobody knew us on Friday but everybody knew us on Saturday! Our first round qualifier on Friday night left us way down the ladder when the car rolled the beams and nobody took notice of 'Da Orange Ho'. But Saturday's first qualifier told an entirely different story. We posted a 3.94 at 188.98 at 3700'! This run placed us sixth in a field of twenty three where we would stay. We lost our SEMI-FINAL race to Josh Hernandez but were in no way dismayed at this! We had come into the arena of an entirely new group and left with our heads held high. Five runs on Saturday from 3.93 to 3.98 and not one aborted run showed we were on our game and Pro Street Racers can change their spots, successfully! We pride ourselves on being in a very select group to come out of the street car scene and be successful.

Zlumlords Streetfire VideosThe last year for Stanley & Weiss was the Shakedown at Etown, the world's largest quarter mile Outlaw style race. We went to this race for several reasons. We had to support our friend Dave Hance in this endeavor and to see if yet again we could do well in a race with the hitters that had $20,000 up for the winner. Having never had our screw charger past the 1/8th mile we elected to have our John pull the chutes and click it at the 1000 foot marker. Our GREAT driver did just that and it netted us a 6.09 at only 202 and change! Not to bad except that it nipped a piston just before he clicked it and we elected to take our time and fix the problem. When the smoke settled we were comfortably qualified in the number 9 slot. Were we on par with Scotty Cannon and all the 5 second runners? We were not, BUT we sure felt like were! We were the one and only wedge headed motor in a field of Hemis! Ya gotta love that Alan Johnson/JanCen engines Olds power, don't ya!

To be able to run three ADRL races and qualify at two of the three was a whole lot more than we ever expected in 2008. We only wanted to see if we had what it takes to compete at this level. After our number six qualifier at Valdosta we qualified number nine out of twenty at Maryland International Raceway and had a DNQ at Norwalk when we had a substantial amount of gremlins alight in our pit area. To be able to finish in the top twenty in points with the best the US of A has to offer in Outlaw Racing gives us cause to go into the 2009 racing season with a lot of hope.

For 2009 we have elected to go with a brand new car out of the Tim McAmis chassis emporium in Missouri. We are expecting our new piece to be beneficial to us in more ways than one. We were giving up a minimum of a hundred pounds to some and as much as 300 to others in this Outlaw arena! "Da Orange Ho" has served us well over the last five years and the proof is there that the boys in Rochester, NY can build one helluva car!

None of this would be possible without the help of our many friends in the industry who help us wherever and whenever they can. For this our heartfelt thanks go out to one and all.

Wild Bunch Forerunner Camp Stanley Set For Trackside View At Tin Tops:
By Outlaw Nick At

promodified drag racing(4-12-2008) WILLOWBANK, QLD, Original "Wild Bunch" forerunner Camp Stanley is headed to Australia for next weekend's Castrol EDGE Tin Top Titles at Willowbank Raceway, which, for the first time, will feature 16-car fields in Top Doorslammer and Pro Stock alongside an action packed support program.

As a founding member of Australia's Top Doorslammer category, Stanley has seen its evolution and will have a close eye on the sport as it takes it's next step at the Queensland quarter mile next week.

'The original "Wild Bunch' concept was a great way to create and be paid to race many different types of vehicles,' said Stanley.

'And I am happy to say I have been able to watch it grow and evolve from those very beginnings, and it indeed has been wonderful to behold!
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Camp's Tales ~ So You Think It's A Passing Fad ??:
Written By Camp Stanley

godragracingShould anyone need ironclad proof that street legal-style racing is maintaining its market growth patterns they only need to experience a race or two or three in the Northeast or down in ORSCA country in the South. Or perhaps they might want to venture out to Texas or take a trip to Detroit! They might be amazed at the sights and sounds their senses are bombarded with!

The car and spectators counts may be deteriorating in the big name organizations and some competitors have finally given up, as my friend Tony Depillo did. I have watched this Outlaw style of racing grow in the Northeast with my own eyes over the last several years. And trust me (they all say that), the spiral is one heading upward and not downward.

The three major classes in this style of racing have become Outlaw 10.5, the headline class of all the organizations much to the chagrin of the other class' hitters. The ever-popular Heavy class follows up outlaw 10.5. And then we have the Radial guys with the wheels in the air, bumper dragging, out the back door antics.

Now some of you out there in cyberspace may wonder what in the name of Hades is this person going on about? What can he know about Outlaw racing? It is true that my roots run real, real deep in the Top Sportsman/Pro Mod type of cars. However, they run much deeper in the Outlaw antics. The guys and gals in today's cars do more with less than anyone would have thought possible several years ago. The limiting factors in this type of racing have become one of two things, tires or weight. But how did they get to the stage where they now are. I envision that it to went something like I have outlined below.

The first one being the rules that the power brokers that be came up with. "We will slow these clowns down easily". We will make them run a tire that is only 10 inches wide!' Then they looked over at this other group of racers with cars who wanted to run on a street legal DOT tire and they told them: "Okay Big Time Racers one and all, you can race BUT you have to do it on a radial tire!" Then as they looked around at all the overweight fat tired cars sitting out in the pits, they told this group: 'Ok you want to race with us we'll fix you all once and for all. Your new rule is you have to weigh 3500 pounds!' These power brokers then went back up into their air-conditioned towers and sat around smoking cigars and telling each other smart they were! The problem is that they did what rules makers have been doing for years and years and years. They most definitely underestimated the ingenuity of The Racer! These classes that they thought would waste away to nothing grew to become a driving force in today's 'grassroots' style of racing. The power adder differences are amazing to behold. All of the classes utilize each and every type of power adder known to mankind!

Dave Hance, the big, no pun intended, mover and shaker of the Northeast Outlaw-style racing puts on a race that he calls the Shakedown at Etown at Englishtown NJ in mid October. Last year, they saw 30 cars entered in Outlaw 10.5, 25 cars entered in Heavy and 23 cars entered in the Radial tire class. Now bear in mind this is mid October after 'The Real World Streetnationals' and everyone has worn out their cars, the crews and the tow vehicles! At this event each of the classes had record or near record times and all power adders were represented well in all the classes.

But Dave has to take a back seat to the car counts in Florida for now. In spite of the threatened rain that did finally put a nail in the coffin of Carl's 2007 Real World Street Nationals, better known to one and all as simply 'Orlando' the pits were overflowing with race cars. How about 79 Outlaw 10.5 cars, 50 Heavy cars and 98 Radial racers! Yes 98 Radial tired cars! These types of car counts from sea to shining sea of our great country show all the world that the grassroots style of racing is a far cry from being dead and buried. The passion and enthusiasm with which these men and women support their style of racing has no equal anywhere on the face of the earth!

There is probably no better evidence of this than on "", a great website devoted exclusively to this style of racing which recently was awarded 'The News Website of the Year', one of the most prestigious of the "DOT COM" awards.

So if you want something to do on a Friday or Saturday night, or maybe a Sunday afternoon/evening you might want to venture out to your closest racetrack when they are holding one of these types of meets. There you will see cars and drivers do things with machines that will make you just shake your head and wonder out loud to anyone who will listen: 'How did they just do that!' And if you see some old fella wandering around the pits with a weather station under his arm and a drink in his hand, just ignore him. He is completely harmless, maybe

Postcards From Austrailia 2007 :
By Brian Wood At Competition Plus

top alcoholCastrol City, the "Mother Of All tents" which housed 16 race teams at the WinternationalsIt would seem that Camp Stanley and I have established something of a tradition. I'm not sure if doing something three years in a row makes it a tradition, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it does. In any case, me and the irrepressible Mr. Stanley recently made our annual pilgrimage to the Southern Hemisphere to take in a major drag racing event. .

In 2005 we went to Western Sydney International Dragway for the Nitro Champs event, and last year we went to Brisbane Willowbank Raceway in Ipswich to be exact for the Winternationals.

This is the season finale and the biggest event of the year in Australian drag racing. We had a great time last year, so when it came time to plan the 2007 version of our trans Pacific journey, the "Winters" was our destination of choice.
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In The Traps with Camp Stanley:

promodifiedsThe NSCA faithful know who Camp Stanley is, but what do they know about him? The Campster was famous for being a member of "The Wild Bunch" and his off the wall blown Taurus wagon.

A travelling circus who always had the fans on their feet, the Wild Bunch were amongst those who paved the way for what we now call Pro Modified.

Camp really was a pioneer in fast doorslammer racing and now with his son John behind the wheel of the Stanley / Weiss Pro Outlaw Camaro, he is enjoying life even more. Here are some of the things you may not know about the Campster.
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Brian Wood's Annual Visit To Australia Yields Incredible Memories::
By Brian Wood Of Competiton Plus For Victor Bray

competition plusIt was hard to believe that over a year had passed since my first visit to New Zealand and Australia. It was in May of 2005, to be exact, that I joined American doorslammer pioneer Camp Stanley and New Zealand's Top Doorslammer champion Dave Green on a trip to Western Sydney International Dragway for the Nitro Champs event. We had a great time, and long before we boarded a plane for home I knew I wanted to experience the sights and sounds of drag racing "down under" again.

Fortunately, in addition to being a veteran of supercharged door car racing, Camp is also a seasoned long-distance air traveler. He makes the trip to New Zealand and/or Australia three to four times a year. On many of these trips he joins Dave's crew at New Zealand Drag Racing Association (NZDRA) events and serves as tuner for their blown Corvette. Thanks to his expertise it was a relatively simple matter to make arrangements for the 2006 version of our journey to the Southern Hemisphere.

This time around we were heading to the biggest race on the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) calendar, the Castrol Edge Winternationals at Queensland's venerable Willowbank Raceway.
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Stanley And Weiss Pro Mod "Miniaturized"
Tim Lewis Scales Down Stanley And Weiss Racing.

Tim Lewis Scales Down Stanley And Weiss RacingIt's no secret that The Stanley's enjoy a bit of fun about their stature in height, but this is going beyond that to making them in 1/25th scale. Team Stanley and Weiss cannot drag race these, although two were built. We're sure they are having some fun with them. View All The Photos At Tim Lewis Scale Modeling. Both model replicas were hand built from scratch by drag racing model extraordinaire Tim Lewis". Tim is out of Fredericksburg, Virginia and is not only proficient in adding to magazines with his photography, and journalism, which can be found in the newly designed high gloss paper version of RPM Magazine, yes it's really nice, no more newsprint.

Details Of The Scale VersionTim has created models for too many racers to list here and is highly touted for his skills at diminishing someone's race car to a scale of just 1/24th the original size with unbelievable detail that only one who knows both the racers and the cars can do. It's a talent we'd all like to possess but when it comes down to it, what you get and what Team Stanley And Weiss Racing have now may become another classic piece to add to the long running history of the "Original Wild Bunch". Tim Lewis' Scale Models For Customers, Click Here !!

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Welcome And Thank You !!
Our New Website Is Finally Here

Welcome To Stanley And Weiss RacingMost websites start off with a welcome, this being our first unveiling we feel it's necessary to start off with a BIG THANK YOU!! also.

This website would never have been able to come together without all the help from the people inside this sport, photographers, writers, associations and our good friends adding content to our internet project.

Again, grateful thanks as Stanley and Weiss Racing jumps into the digital arena of the internet to further our goals and get on track for what is coming next year. The whole team hopes you the fans enjoy the "Dirty, Evil, Mean and Nasty" grunge style we have had created for our internet users.

We have the foundation now in place and you will see below in the next Highlight Story of our recap and intentions of racing next year to add to this content. "The Official Stanley and Weiss Racing Website" is yours to view.

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