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To ensure that Stanley and Weiss Racing gets your mail properly with all the spam issues these days, we're simply requesting you add these "Remarks" as titles or headings in your mail. Stanley And Weiss Racing is always actively seeking sponsorship of the ADRL Extreme Pro Modified Camaro for services, parts, supplies and general costs of racing in the quickest series in the world of Outlaw doorslammers.

At Stanley and Weiss Racing, we take care of our sponsors with our fun nature at the track, our infinate press exposure and our formidable web presence. We invite you to come along with us.

For General Email; Please Use Heading "General"
General E Mail Contact Instant Request Link

For Sponsorship Proposals And Invitations; Please Use Heading "Sponsor Info"
General Sponsorsorship Contact Instant Request Link

For Link Requests; ( we would also encourage a link back ) Please Use Heading "Add A Link"
Add A Link Instant Request Link

For Content Additions or Removal; Please Use Heading "Content Remove / Add"
Content Remove / Add Instant Request Link

This style will allow me to filter the requests really easily and take care of anything quickly. We're sure you probably like your mail system better than those forms on websites like there would be in this section.
Sincerely Camp Stanley


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