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Stanley And Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod 2015 Year End Recap
It's that time again…
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 1/30/2016

YEPPERS!!!! Happy campers (pun intended, AGAIN) we were after this run!

YEPPERS!!!! Happy campers (pun intended, AGAIN) we were after this run!

I know Im late with this promised update but the proverbial plate has been full to overflowing these last two months! As everyone who follows us through our website knows, we had a year in 2015 that can only be described as feast or famine! BUT lots and lots of famine midyear!

We started off 2015 besting our numbers at the first two PDRA races. But coming out the second one in Rockingham, North Carolina we experienced some not so good bottom end wear. This was to be the start of a run through the summer months that tried every bit of patience we had. And drained the bank account down almost to bright red numbers! The racing gods would throw us a bone in the form of a good run and then kick us square in the butt just to show us who was really in charge! A 3.57 in testing at Martin, Michigan gave us another new personal best but it was the only good thing to come out of there!

Carnage? Yep that's some carnage!

Carnage? Yep that's some carnage!

We blew up or wounded almost everything we owned in the engine department more than once. We even blew up the front end of the Larry Jeffers Caddy in St Louis! But struggle on we did and persevere we did till we finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We only hoped there was not a locomotive hooked to the other side of that light. Our first glimmer of hope was at the Norwalk, Ohio Night of Fire race. We had a pretty good outing there racing against the dragsters. But an oily right lane ended it for us in the third round.

But when we returned for the Shakedown at Summit Motorsports Park we had a plan in place to see about winning a few bucks in a side racing deal that was going in qualifying. And win that $5000 in cold, hard cash we did! And did not blow up anything! We were on our way to making our motors happy again we hoped! Three runs and the pan down three times was a pain but we sured learned what was our issue slowly but surely.

A new personal best assisted by our VP Racing Fuels in the tank and on the scoreboard!

A new personal best assisted by our VP Racing Fuels in the tank and on the scoreboard!

The next outing was at the final PDRA race in Richmond, VA and we elected to use it as a means to test our engine combos more knowing we would get at least four runs after one in testing. We again dropped the pan every run and made a few changes to make the engine live and after a borrowed pair of head gaskets from the NAS racing team I was able to prove my theory on the final piece of the engine puzzle. We went back up to our homes on the hill and made some internal changes to the engine and off we went to Las Vegas yet again!

The first stop along the way was at Larry Jeffers Race Cars to have the new nose mounted on the Caddy. And then it was down the road to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to Kryptonite Customs to give the Caddy her new look that was created by Tyler Clark at Wicked Grafixx.

Then it was on to Oklahoma City, the home of the storied "405" Street Outlaws band of merry men. I was priveledged to be able to go to the season finale of their highly rated TV show. And I also viewed the horriffic crash of The Crow Pontiac of Big Chief. To see him walk up the incline out of that gulley pays homage to the builders of the cars we race today! And his chassis builder was a GREAT one.

And in Las Vegas we set two new personal bests in ET and MPH with a 5.58 run at over 262. These made us the second quickest and third fastest car of its kind in THE WORLD! Proud of that we are for a car of this calber to come out of a one car concrete block garage!

More to follow soon…

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The Quickest And Fastest Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod
A Visual View Of The New Look And New Records
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/29/2015
Photo Credits: Cole Rokosky's photos, Steve Carlton, Dave Kommel Photography and Paul Fercho. Thanks guys!

For those of you out there in cyberspace that have not seen or heard about our results at Mel and Heather Roth's Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 22, 2015, this is for you. View and enjoy the new livery on Da Caddy and our best ever run on that day!

This will be more of a "visual aid" write up for now. The entire story of the trials and tribulations of getting there and full race results will follow soonest. Enjoy!!!!!

We love our Larry Jeffers Race Cars Cadillac!!!We love our Larry Jeffers Race Cars Cadillac!!!

Our first 260 Mile Per Hour pass, EVER! One of two!!!Our first 260 Mile Per Hour pass, EVER! One of two!!!

We had some GREAT runs with this killer yellow car!!!We had some GREAT runs with this killer yellow car!!!

The best crew and sponsor any team could ask for! Steel Dynamics Inc to The Front!The best crew and sponsor any team could ask for! Steel Dynamics Inc to The Front!

THE wheelman!!!!THE wheelman!!!!

Stopping power provided by DJ Safety along with all the tools to keep JFS safe and sound!!!Stopping power provided by DJ Safety along with all the tools to keep JFS safe and sound!!!

SECOND quickest and THIRD fastest blown door car on the planet!SECOND quickest and THIRD fastest blown door car on the planet!

And the BESTEST run ever for Us-Ins in ET and Mile Per Hour!!!And the BESTEST run ever for Us-Ins in ET and Mile Per Hour!!!

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Shakedown Nationals And The Money Shot!
Its been way to looooong! Part two
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 10/11/2015
Photo Credits: Angry Spider Photography and Turbo Photo

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod At Shakedown Nationals

From This a busted up carbon fiber caddy front endAfter the next catastrophic engine failure not of our doing in St Louis at the Street Car Super Nationals it was back to the lil garage on the hill to figure put the next step to eliminate this!!! We pulled the motor out of the car and realized we had once again ruined just about the entire short block. Luckily I had a block in a box that had been repaired but had no crankshafts! A call to BAE solved that issue and one was on the way. The heads went to Jan-Cen Motorsports in Buffalo, New York for Joe Janis to work his magic on quickly!

With all that needed to be done we made the decision to sit out the PDRA race in Rockingham, North Carolina because we would not have all we needed to be competitive. So we decided to go to The Shakedown at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio the following weekend. This was a quarter mile race with an open field if you wanted to carry the weight. We decided this would be a great place to test The Caddy for the Street Car Super Nationals quarter mile race in Las Vegas in November. Plus there was an added potential bonus of a "race within a race" that was dubbed The Money Shot!

To This, taking the money shot run and claiming itThis gave any car on the grounds the option of forgoing their qualifying attempt by placing a dollar sign on the window of the car for that run. You could do whatever was applicable to your power adder for this run as in more overdrive for blowers, BIGGER turbos for the turbo cars, fifty five stages of nitrous for the nitrous cars and no weight minimum for any car. Just a good ole Show Up, Shut Up and Race format.

With the weight rules being what they were we decided NOT to put almost FOUR HUNDRED pounds in our car to be legal for class. So The Money Shot was going to be it for us. The first two runs on Friday netted us shake at the dreaded 1.3 second mark and way behind the all too powerful turbo cars. Saturday dawned with rain and lots of it making us think how far up the proverbial creek we were! But Mother Nature brought the sun out in the afternoon and the race track made the decision to give the classes one more qualifying round.

To This, Winning resolution racing services 5K At Shakedown NationalsWe were almost last in line with two other cars waiting at the back of the lanes on a Money Shot run as well. The turbo cars were lined up along with two nitrous cars looking for that $5000 pie in the sky that was waiting for the quickest car in the end! Steve Summers' killer turbo car threw down the gauntlet with a 5.76 run that eclipsed the turbo cars of Jim Bell and Bill Lutz and our lowly 6.37 number.

And then it was our turn! I knew that I had to get the car off the starting line and that if I managed to somehow get it to the 1.5 second mark it should go down. At the release of the button the Larry Jeffers Race Cars Caddy was off and gone without any drama whatsoever right down the middle of the race track! And when the scoreboard flashed up a 5.720 at only 233.96 "The Crowd Went Wild"!!! It was the first thing we had won with The Caddy and made all of this year's drama look not quite so bad. And the motor came out of The Shakedown looking all nice and happy as well!

The Short Version

The Longer version, We celebrate !!

A special thank you to Jim Salemi of G Force Race Cars along with Jon and Melanie Salemi of Resolution Racing for putting up the $5000 Money Shot bounty! It was GREATLY appreciated!

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Updates From PDRA, Night Of Fire and Street Car Supernationals
Its been way to looooong!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 10/3/2015

Staged at The Night of Fire!To all of our faithful followers out there I must apologize for not keeping up with my scribing chores! I know it has been TWO months since the last update BUT a lot of aluminum parts large and not so large have gone on to that big aluminum smelting pot in the sky!

We have suffered through some of the worst carnage in our racing history this year. Some of it has been self-induced and some of it has been "how did that happen?"! After our quickest ever run at Martin, Michigan we went to the PDRA race at MDIR in Waldorf, Maryland. We learned what not to do with the converter at that race BUT we didn't break anything!

Next up for us was the Night of Fire event at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. At this race we practiced our Las Vegas motor changing game. We had an issue with the motor in the car at the warmup so we took it out and put in the spare. We made a qualifying run that put us at number one in the door car field but left us with another motor to swap back out again. We did a McGyver repair to the motor we took out that worked for the three rounds of eliminations we were in! We only pitched the door UP-UP-UP in the air twice, but we raced on! And the crowd went wild, because we won both rounds with only one door!

Wouldn't that just ruin your year!With that carnage round being over with we had to make a serious financial decision and sit out the PDRA race in Memphis. Sometimes you just have to do the things you must do. Although we knew what happened to the motor in Norwalk and it was no fault of ours just a bad part internally it still was a big financial hurdle to overcome.

We had already committed to attend the Street Car Super Nationals in St Louis, Missouri so off to there we went. I had issues all weekend getting the car past the 1.2, 1.3 second spot on the race track which cost us a first round win! We opted to make a test run later that day so I could try going back to what worked for us before. It worked well till another catastrophic engine failure occurred at 3.1 into the run! This one destroyed the entire left side of the front end at the same time! This one was also caused by a part failure not of our doing, BUT it was really digging us into a hole that was going to be hard to get out of!

More to follow .....

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Shine She Must, Run She Does - CTS-V Caddy Pro Mod
How About Some "BLING"
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 7/12/2015

Getting ready to go pro modified PDRA Pro Extreme drag racing at MDIR!!!

Getting ready to go pro modified PDRA Pro Extreme drag racing at MDIR!!!

We all know Cadillac is synonymous with class and elegance, also known as "bling" in some circles.

"This Aint Your Daddy's Caddy" of ours ranks at the top of the scale in all things Cadillac we believe.

BUT then again we may be prone to showing a bit of prejudice; ever since this car rolled out of Larry Jeffers' LJRC race car emporium - Larry Jeffers Race Cars it has been welcomed with compliments from one and all.

Wicked Grafixx, what else can ya say!!!

Wicked Grafixx, what else can ya say!!!

Wicked Grafixx, what else can ya say!!!
Tyler Clark's Wicked Grafixx created what we have dubbed our bling crew shirts and our fantastic starting line attire as well. Everyone wants these shirts that are only available to team members, sorry everyone.

The latest from Strange Engineering. Aint it purty???!!!!!

The latest from Strange Engineering. Aint it purty???!!!!!

And now we have added MORE bling to the Caddy thanks to our friends at Strange Engineering.

We were selected to test drive the very first billet case nine inch ford third member out of Strange's engineering department.

We will test this first one in 1/8th mile competition over the next few PDRA races and we will then test one in 1/4 mile competition at the Street Car Super Nationals in St Louis, Missouri in August.

Thank you Jeff Stange and the entire staff at Strange Engineering for entrusting your new brain child to Stanley & Weiss Racing!!!

We will take good care of it Ms Geving!

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PDRA Pro Extreme Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod Up's and Down's
Two More In The Books
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 7/6/2015
Photos By Raceworks and Axel Weiss

This photo needs no caption!

This photo needs no caption!

We have now completed two more PDRA events, both with mixed results. We seem to have the knack of finding the good, the bad and the ugly just like Clint Eastwood at the races this year!

St Louis started out well in qualifying with a nice lazy number put up by the Caddy yet again to be sure all was well. But on the second qualifier all was not happy even a little bit! This fresh motor left FIVE connecting rods in the oil pan at the end of the run!!!

This was really starting to get old! So we swapped out motors AGAIN and prepared for first round. Although John had an uncharacteristic red light the transmission decided to break at the gear change. So that was another one of our "so that ended that" deals!

Not again!!!! Yeppers!

Not again!!!! Yeppers!

While inspecting the motor with five missing rods on the crankshaft I finally discovered what I thought could be our issue. And I realized that it had been plaguing us since last year but I had just now realized the error of my ways! I HOPE!!!!

With only three weeks till the Martin, Michigan race it was going to be a herculean task to get two motors repaired, changed over to our new combination and made ready to race. BUT BAE (Brad Anderson Enterprises), Snyder Motorsports and Jan-Cen Racing Engines came through like the champs that they are for us! And with one day to spare the Caddy was back together completely, the spare was under the bench where we hope it will stay and off to Michigan we went!

With our trusty crewman Jimmy Kline not able to attend due to work commitments we were ably assisted yet again by the Dvorak family! Thanks!!!

With our trusty crewman Jimmy Kline not able to attend due to work commitments we were ably assisted yet again by the Dvorak family! Thanks!!!

We opted for testing in Michigan on Thursday since this combination was a lot different from what we had been running. So we set about preparing the car for a test shot with plans to make one run and check ALL of the rod bearings. John let go of the button, the Caddy went left a bit, then back straight again thanks to our capable wheelman.

When the times popped up on the VP Racing Fuels scoreboard we were stunned. Our quickest pass ever was the result with a 3.57 at only 210mph! "AND THE CROWD WENT WILD" as they say! And after checking the bearings all was fine with EIGHT, count'em EIGHT connecting rods still hooked to the crankshaft!!!

And after that it was back to being behind the proverbial eight ball AGAIN! The track prep was outstanding as always and only got better! I could not make my tune-up combination do what the Caddy wanted. So with one more shot scheduled for Saturday morning we had a good safe combination in the car that should have went right on down.

But it was not to be yet again as Mother Nature decided to rain on us Friday night and Saturday morning thereby cancelling the last qualifier! So that left us to head home and get ready for the next race at MDIR, a nice close race for us. I'm going to hate that LONG 2½ hour drive. NOT!!!!

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2015 Santa Pod Main Event With Trouble Racing Motorsports Pro Mod
How Cold Was It???
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/10/2015

Marcus Hilt's sinister looking Trouble Racing Corvette Pro Mod in the staging lanes It was as THEY say, BLOODY cold at Santa Pod Raceway in Merry Ole England a few weekends ago! It all started as soon as I walked out the door of the airline terminal in London with my friends Wayne and Gaz Nicholson! Having seen this show before I pulled a jacket out of my carry on to keeping from being covered in frost!

We proceeded to motor up the highway of life towards the countryside where the race track is hidden away. As it was getting close to lunchtime a nice meal was to be sought. Wayne stopped in a nice little town and proceeded to find us a GREAT place for lunch. His choice did not start out so well as he could not get the door to open! The proprietor evidently had no idea who he was. But to his rescue came two ladies who swiped their entry cards and Wayne walked right in behind them just as if he was a member there! And a beautiful quaint old place it was where the youngest person in the bar dining area was a conservative 75 years old and she was on what had to be her tenth pint of a dark brew at lunchtime.

Wayne Nicholsons Lucky Devil Corvette pro mod at full songAt a table by the window sat an old English pensioner reading the paper with his antique lighted magnifying glass whilst the group at the bar carried on solving the village's problems. But a great meal was had by all while we observed the goings on around us. A quite enjoyable experience it was.

Just before we were about to leave a really lovely older lady dressed to the nines appeared and sat down in one of the very plush chairs and proceeded to read the older gentlemen's paper and have her pint of brew. As Wayne paid for our lunch and we got ready to leave I noticed that the lady was having quite the snooze in that comfy chair, god love her! Beer, great friends and a lunchtime nap by a sunny window! Im thinking she deserved all of that!

We arrived at the track without any other issues and it was on to Marcus Hilt, Wayne and their teams to set up their pits. And as evening arrived on us a meal prepared by Chef Andy Howald was devoured by all in Marcus' pit while Belinda Nicholson fed her gang.

A fantastic video put together by Trouble Racing from Switzerland:

Trouble Racing's Official Website
Trouble Racing's Facebook Page

Thursday dawned windy and chilly, how chilly you ask??? When I went outside at 7:00AM it was THIRTY FIVE degrees! Now this is in late May mind you! But we wanted to make a test hit with Marcus' Pro mod so the crew set about preparing the car. A nice calm fat and happy tune-up gave Marcus a nice 6.3 run to baseline from. And then it was on to the Friday qualifying session.

Marcus again put up another 6.3 second run as a duplicate to the day before. Wayne was ready to make a run at the track next and after his not so good outing at the last race he did a great job on his first run although he had to pedal the car several times.

The second qualifier gave Marcus two new personal bests with a run of 6.25 at almost 225 miles per hour. Not so bad for a bucks down team that races only two or three times a year! Friday was a do nothing day for the professional classes so going over things and visiting with all my European friends that I only see once or twice a year was my day.

Fast Fil and his bride Basak trying to convince me I needed to ride this. NOT on my bucket listThe first round of eliminations on Monday saw Marcus break a crankshaft in his motor which ended his chances of going any further rounds.

Wayne sat in the staging lanes as an alternate hoping to get another chance at the race track. He did after the second round of eliminations and left the race track that evening with his "mojo back"!

Well done to both teams as they persevered through thick and thin and enjoyed themselves doing so.

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The Caddy CTS-V PDRA Pro Mod Huff's The Blower
Well that didn't go so well!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 5/16/2015
Photos By Roger Richards

We got this... So we thought! After coming out of the second PDRA race of the 2015 season on a huge high we got our egos slammed back to reality at a great little track in Louisiana! Try as hard as we may we could not overcome all the gremlins that had decided to nest in our pits yet again.

On our first qualifying attempt the fuel management system did not function as it should causing John (JFS) Stanley to experience tire shake and an aborted run.

Qualifier number two had the potential to give us a decent qualifying attempt till the blower belt decided it did not want to participate any longer! And in the third qualifier on Friday night with the same setup as Rockingham the Caddy went about twenty feet and struck the tires!

It's Getting Hot In Here Dad!That left us with one attempt to make the show on Saturday! And the Caddy again left the starting line pretty well for a soft as it was setup!

We only needed to go 3.7 anything and we should have been able to make the field.

But after a lazy .914 60 foot and a quick pedal the Caddy was on the march till the blower decided to leave the manifold yet again in a massive backfire that set off a small blaze in the engine diaper, created some serious cracks in the front end AND split the windshield!

The quick work of the PDRA safety personnel at the bottom end made quick work of the fire extinguishing process and that as they say, ended that.

Our long time friend Greg Thomsen from Australia came visiting And now here we sit yet again looking over the 2,456 pieces of broken bits and readying the Caddy for the next battle... BUT The Battle we will fight, of that you can all rest assured! We have fixed the front end that we wounded in the blower explosion.

We have the Rockingham power plant back between the frame rails and the identical spare for under bench is on the motor stand with the crankshaft in it awaiting JFS's final engine assembly skills while I am in England helping our friends Marcus Hilt and Wayne Nicholson from Europe.

It really is hard being me sometimes!

And another day has dawned for us to get the broken bits count to a manageable level and more things completed and ready for the trip to the Land of Oz where we shall look once again for that Yellow Brick Road!

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The Caddy CTS-V Pro Mod Is Consistent At The Rock PDRA
We Have A Bracket Car, Again!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/3/2015
Photos By Blackrock Photography and Straightline Media

Da Caddy ready to Git-R-Done!

Stop number two of the 2015 PDRA tour found us once again at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, North Carolina. Coming off of our best qualifying run in over two years in Ennis, Texas at the first race we had high hopes of trying our best to do that once again.

With Thursday being the scheduled test day we opted to participate and be sure the Caddy was ready to play. After dodging raindrops the first part of the day we got our first shot at the track. And it was a good thing we decided to test for sure. The Caddy was now turning left as John went down the track and it did the same thing the second test run. And then the rains returned. Imagine that, rain at a PDRA race!

And with Friday having qualifying scheduled for later in the day the PDRA decided to allow testing on Friday till 2PM to offset the time lost in Thursday's session. So it was off with the rear wheels and tires and out came the tape measure and the dollar store glasses! Those numbers and marks on the tape measures sure are getting smaller every year. I'm thinking it is a cost cutting measure by the manufacturers to improve the profit margins ...

And there it is! Our quickest and fastest pass at that point in time!And then we went to the lanes for one test shot before qualifying to see if the suspension issue was solved. And wonder of all wonders John Stanley was able to drive right down the middle of the race track with only a slight pedal past the sixty foot mark when it started to rattle the tires a bit to a 3.70 time slip.

John was in dire need of getting his confidence regained since he has not had a consistent race car under him for almost a year!

When we picked up the time slip we knew we were gaining on our issues! We had just gotten our best ever sixty foot number of .902!

And the crowd went wild!Then all that was left was to see if we could better our test run numbers in the first qualifier. And yes we did! The Caddy went straight and true down the track and posted a best ever for us with the Camaro and the Caddy of 3.591 at 212.49! All was checked and found to be fine and the second qualifier netted us a 3.597 at 212.86! The last qualifier found the Caddy spin the tires about one hundred feet out when I tried something that did not work.

The first round of eliminations found us paired up with Badir Ahli of the vaunted NAS Racing team. It was one heck of a drag race that we came out short on but still did ourselves proud with a 3.597 at 214.59 to Badir's 3.591 at 214.38! Three consistent 3.59's and a best ever speed of 214.59 along with 60 foot times of .902, .902, .896 and .907 gave us cause to leave the track with our heads held high and knowing we had the ability to run with the best of them now!

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Caddy CTS-V Pro Extreme Pro Mod Getting It On!!
Back To PDRA Texas We Go Yet Again
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/3/2015

Pro Mod Crash, scraping the walls in the Caddy CTS-V Pro ModThe first round of the PDRA series is in the books after a long and wet weekend with a little racing thrown in for good measure! I took a leisurely trip across the US of A to Larry Jeffers Race Cars production emporium to pick up the repaired and repainted nose for The Caddy. As I have said many times Larry Jeffers Race Cars is a one stop shop for anything your race car may need.

I then made my way down through the state of Missouri and into the back woods countryside of Oklahoma into the state of Texas. I took the scenic route down that way as opposed to the interstate because I enjoy seeing this great country of ours through all the little towns via the highways and the biways.

Upon my arrival at the Texas Motorplex it was back to being just another race car rig in line waiting on our entrance into the Big Show. Parking was fairly painless with all the PDRA officials running hither and yon doing the yeoman's work of 20 people! All the while with the overseer of the operation The Mr Bob Harris filling any voids that needed filled! And then it was time to set the pits up with the arrival of John, Jimmy and Scotty. They quickly accomplished all that Brandon Booher and I hadn’t gotten finished. Brandon was there to help with the black art of converter technology but was willing to help with anything and everything.

Overcast Skies at PDRA Ennis TexasThursday dawned cloudy and misty with some cars racing and then not. It was an omen of the next few days for sure. We finally made our first test hit about 6:30pm and although the car drove left at the hit it was not doing what it did in Las Vegas last time out which was turn violently right at the hit on every pass! A few chassis tweaks were made and we got one more hit in before curfew that was the same as the first one except that John "Effin" Stanley as he has dubbed himself scrubbed the wall a bit on that pass. But as Larry Jeffers said "rubbins racin!"

Friday and Saturday were both complete washouts for our class and Sunday gave us the opportunity for two qualifiers and if you are good enough, straight into eliminations! Qualifier 1 was okay but John clicked it off when he wasn't comfortable in the car when it shook some. We went into the second and last qualifier on the bump with a 4.99 and 20 plus cars on the grounds in Pro Extreme.

The Caddy sat down on the MVM carbon wheelie bars and hauled the mail at flash on the tree and after a quick pedal made it all the way down and out the back with the quickest and fastest pass for the Caddy ever and second quickest ever for Stanley & Weiss Racing with a 3.63 at 211.53! Not so bad for a pedal!

And we had lane choice with our number five qualifier for the first time in over two years at an 1/8th mile race!

Stanley & Weiss Racing Caddilac Pro Mod Quickest Qualifier of the year PDRA Ennis TexasBut our joy was short lived when an electronic malfunction caused us a major issue for first round. I took a shot that the fuel system would be correct but it wasn’t quite up to par! The car left great but went out about one second and spun the tires then shook hard. John gave it a couple of pedals but ran out of room with no hope of catching the fleeing Mike Rechia!

But we think we may be okay now, so it will be on to Rockingham, NC to see what the racing gods have in store for us.

Stay tuned .....

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Our Caddy Pro Mod Racing Shop Tour
We're Getting Ready At Our Home Base
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 2/27/2015

It's way past time for an update before we get hard into the 2015 racing season. Things with the Caddy are progressing and we are into the waiting for parts mode. I have included some photos of the winter freshen up and a GREAT video Jimmy Biggs of PDRA TV Video did at sprawling shop on the hill.

John and I have also been helping Mac McAdams get his Pro Mod Vette ready for the east coast races that he has on his schedule along with his motorcycle races. He really does not want to get to far from his roots. But he is going nitrous hunting this year, again with the Vette!

We well and truly believe that we learned an awful lot about our new Larry Jeffers Race Cars CTS-V Cadillac at the Las Vegas 1/4 mile race in November that will greatly benefit us in our 1/8th mile challenges in this season. All that remains to be seen is if these lessons were well and truly worth learning.

The Main Part is in the frame rails of our Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod

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Holden McMurray And Muscular Dystrophy
Kids Are So Cool!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 1/27/2015

What a great drawing by a great young man.In our fast paced world of drag racing we sometimes fail to slow down and look around at the little kids in the pits. They are fans of what we do as much as the BIG kids are. You know them, they are the ones we sometimes call adults. This is a small snapshot of one of our greatest little fans in the whole, big, wide world.

We first met Holden McMurray at Rockingham Dragway last summer while he was enjoying the drag races with his family. Holden is a very special young man with a large heart that really loved the fire breathing, orange Appalachia on Steroids Camaro. Holden helps raise money for the MDA Muscle Walk program which is a really cool thing for such a young man. His Daddy helped him set up his own fundraising page :Here:

And his daddy has even set him up with his own Facebook page for this venture as well: Click Here To Visit His Dedicated FB Page

 Aren't these two munchkins just the cutest pair?At Christmas time we received a great little surprise from Holden in the mail. We now have our own hand drawn and colored to perfection drawing of the Camaro.

This goes to show that not all children in our world are left to their own devices with their electronic gizmos. Nor do all of them want to do only that!

Thank you Holden McMurray for all that you do for victims of Muscular Dystrophy and thank you for the drawing.

Now people around the world will see your handiwork and know that you are a great young man.

Stanley & Weiss Racing

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Competition Trailers And Our Pro Mod Team's Home Away From Home
Customer Service At Its' Finest
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 1/7/2015

Felix the Cat was hanging out in some pretty high end company. One of the Alan Johnson owned Top Fuel team rigs awaiting its turn.When the team at R2B2 Motors sold us Felix the Cat and the fantastic Competition Trailers unit attached to it several years ago it was a dream come true for a gang of rednecks from Appalachia! It had more room, more compartments, more cupboards and more bells and whistles than we ever thought would or could be ours. A generator capable of running a small city, a heating, air conditioning unit that would keep us comfy no matter the conditions. A fully functional bathroom along with a nice BIG shower made us 100% self-sufficient. And although the truck and trailer had a fair amount of age on them, neither had done much work. But as with all things aged, yours truly being the exception to the rule things tend to wear out from plain old age. We had several instances of air conditioning failure during the 2014 racing season some of which had been rectified through some great repair companies staffed by competent people and by an old friend as well when we suffered with one of these failures in Rockingham, NC in a 105 degree heat wave.

So while on the way home from Las Vegas and after a stop at the home of the Small Block Mafia clan I decided it might be worth a shot to call Mr. Ken Evans, one of the owners of the aforementioned Competition Trailers located in Henderson, Texas. Ken had come to the track in Houston right after we purchased the units and went through a lot of things with us in the trailer. A classic case of excellent customer service not knowing if he would ever see or hear from Stanley & Weiss Racing again. My thought process was that since the trailer was already in Texas that perhaps I could take it by their shop and have the heating AC unit changed out with something newer since parts for ours were no longer available. When I got Ken on the phone and made my proposal to him I could hear him laughing all the way to where I was without needing a phone! He informed me that he had trailers sitting everywhere and the best time for me to drop it off would be March! But then he said how soon do you need it and after coming up with a tentative date he said for me to bring it by and he would make it happen. After coordinating airline flights Ken took me to the airport and I left our entire racing operation in his care and custody.

The home of Competition Trailers, Henderson, TexasAs the time approached for me to return to Texas I called Ken to check on the status of the repairs. I then did a Dirty Harry on him and made his day! Due to some unexpected things going on at home I was able to give Ken a few more weeks to give him an extra couple of weeks to accomplish his tasks.

And then the day after Christmas I was off on a big aluminum flying tube back to Henderson, Texas to gather up all of our racing belongings and make my way to Larry Jeffers Race Cars for the next stop on the Caddy's journey home. Upon the presentation of my bill my heart almost stopped in shock at how low it was! Ken explained that a lot of the labor we had anticipated went a lot better and the parts had also come in at lower than expected costs! So not only did Competition Trailers provide excellent customer service they also provided an invoice that was beyond very fair!

THANK YOU Competition Trailers!

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Street Car Super Nationals X in Las Vegas 1/4 Outlaw Pro Mod Style
Back to "Lost Wages" once again
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 12/7/2014
Photos: Thanks to Dyan Lover, Steve Carlton, Tom Finale, Kyle Dvorak and all the GREAT photogs at SCSN X!

Stanley & Weiss Wheels up… and up… and up!!! Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod

We're back! Again! CTS-V Cadillac Pro ModNovember of 2015 found Felix the Cat headed west out of Appalachia bound for Mel Roth's Holy Grail for door cars, the Street Car Super Nationals X in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was another four day journey across the beautiful US of A to do battle with the best the door far world had to offer.

Our trip to St Louis to Mel' s first Midwest version of this very same race gave us a bit of confidence that perhaps the strides made by the turbo cars would not be as daunting in the desert as they were by the Mississippi River for our Larry Jeffers Race Cars Caddy. I truly thought we might be able to run with them again in 2015. And when the smoke settled almost all of that proved to be true. The turbos were off by a tenth of a second but were less than that ahead of the record we set in Las Vegas in 2014.

Awaiting the war! CTS-V Cadillac Pro ModThe problem in dealing with the turbos is that there were about 900 of them on the grounds! These popping, snorting, fire breathing monsters seemed to be in every pit! But not to be swayed by fear of them we hit the track Thursday night and put up a not so respectable early shut off run of 7.1 seconds which John clicked at 3.9 seconds in after a peddle in low gear for tire shake and a car that wanted to carry the front wheels forever! We fought that very same issue in both Friday qualifiers which found us stuck in the 5.80 range. While doing the between round maintenance in preparation for Saturday's last two qualifiers there was a clicking noise coming from deep within the bowels of the NRE hemi power plant.

After pulling off the manifold/blower assembly we discovered ANOTHER broken lifter with a broken tie bar that had wrecked our SECOND camshaft on as many races!!! This was not only getting old BUT it was getting very expensive! There was nothing to do but put the spare motor between the frame rails and race with it. When the motor was out of the car and before it went back under the bench the camshaft was taken out and left on the counter for some grinding if it was needed to be called into play.

Two of the best. At least in our eyes! CTS-V Cadillac Pro ModSaturday saw us continue to fight the wheels in the air attitude of The Caddy and after consulting via the cellular phone networks with Larry Jeffers of Larry Jeffers Race Cars he gave us some good info to try to keep the nose down and Eric of Penske Shocks did the same with our setting our Penske struts.

And then with the great teaching abilities of Ken Shihota, Mike Lucas and Shannon Davis we ran the front end travel via live telemetry with our vaunted V500 Racepak computer and got a setup in it we thought would help a lot. When Saturday was over we ended up number five in qualifying behind THE THREE baddest turbo cars in the world and Mike Maggio's west coast Killer Camaro.

A GREAT way, to us, to finish the year! And a fantastic race! CTS-V Cadillac Pro ModOur first round was against Joe Berry's beautiful, fantastically prepared Drag Week Chevy! Joe actually drove it to the lanes, made SIX second hits and then drove it back to his trailer! We got the win over Joe's beauty with another 5.8 run that saw a rod exit the block in the traps!

So then it was into the ole "let's take this motor out that we just put in and we will put back in the one that we just took out! Did you get all that? Which is exactly what we did between rounds with the help of Tyler Clark of Wicked Grafixx T shirt fame, Mike Evans from Tasmania and Marcus Hilt from Switzerland. These two international families were visiting us as our guests so we pressed them into service and they all loved every bit of it! What about that wrecked camshaft you may be thinking??? That my readers is a scribing issue for another day, complete with visual aids!

STAY tuned, this one you won't believe!

We had a second round bye when our opponent could not repair his dramas in time so we elected to just "take the beams" and go back to the pits and check over our latest engine swap. The third round found is paired against the Q80 juggernaut Camaro out of the Proline stable.

It seemed that our 5.80 runs were not going to be much use against that beast, BUT we did not anticipate putting up another 5.80 run either! John left the starting line with an 8/10th advantage in the bank and was off and gone with ZERO pedals and no wheel stands he could not drive through! We ran our best ever numbers to the eighth for The LJRC Caddy of 3.68 at almost 206 with the 1/4 mile gearing in it!

At the thousand foot mark John still had 2/10ths on that turbo car and then we got bit by ANOTHER broken lifter that lost a cylinder at 4.6 seconds in and the blower sideways on the manifold at 4.8! Needless to say we lost but we had him covered to about the 1318.5 foot mark!

But although we lost to the baddest door car in the world AGAIN we left Las Vegas Motor Speedway with our heads held high! We had just gone 5.69 at only 216 mph and we know we are on the right track for 2015.

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Our Year End Review:
PDRA Pro Extreme Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod and A Look Back
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 10/28/2014
Photos By Roger Richards, BlackRock Photography, goDragRacing Mark

RPM Magazines Feature and Cover Car The New Stanley & Weiss Racing PDRA Pro Extreme Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod

John Stanley takes his first drive in the new Larry Jeffers Race Cars CTS-V Cadillac PDRA Pro Mod.Another year has gone by in the latest racing career of Stanley & Weiss Racing. It has seen a myriad of changes take place for our team that have been good for all but have set us off on a new path. We made the conscious decision last winter to change our motor combination over to something similar to what the "hitters" are using.

We also upgraded our great record setting NRE Blackhawk heads to the new NRE Superman heads along with their new matching billet intake. This combination created a whole lot more bottom end power than our old combination and threw us out into left field with all these changes.

We persevered through the first half of the season seemingly slowly making gains. The fact that we had connecting rods falling into the oil pan over no apparent reason on several different occasions did not help our progression even a little bit. Bill Miller of Bill Miller Engineering manufactured us three sets of rods that we had in our hands in ten days thanks to Ken of Motorsports Unlimited.

John Stanley takes his last ride in what was at the time the world's quickest door car!We then took possession of our brand spanking new Larry Jeffers Race Cars CTS-V Cadillac in June and started into a whole new learning process that showed us some promise and then took it all away!

The new car responded favorably to all we threw at it and proved that LJRC is at the top of the list of the premier chassis builders.

At its first outing in Richmond, Virginia the Caddy as it has affectionately been dubbed was awarded the very prestigious Jeff Hoskins Best appearing car!

Best appearing car at the first race!The weather refused to cooperate with our testing plans at the PDRA events so we were left to do our testing in the qualifying rounds. Some worked out and some didn't but we worked away at our progress. We made a stop in St Louis, Missouri at the newly minted Street Car Super Nationals between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Rockingham, North Carolina to see how the car would do in quarter mile trim and to use It as Test session as well.

We did manage to run a 5.84 at only 217mph which gave us some pretty good data for later. A first round win came in that race when the vaunted Moits turbo Mustang had trouble at mid track that enabled John Stanley to get to the finish line first. If nothing else he earned the right to gloat to "Dat Guy" and gloat he did. You know what they say: "Be careful what you wish for."

John Stanley And the Cadillac CTSV PDRA Pro Exterem Cadillac featured in RPM MagazineWe did manage to qualify at the last two races of the year but lost first round both times with unforeseen mechanical failures. But we feel that we have learned a lot this year and have had the support of lots and lots of fans from literally around the world!

The Caddy snagged a cover and lots of photos in RPM Magazine where you can "read the full article online HERE" and there is more yet to come. All that is left for us now is to make the decision on whether or not we venture across the country once more to take on the best the world has to offer in the 1/4 mile racing world...

What to do? What to do?

Follow Stanley And Weiss Racing at their new Facebook Page and here on the website.

From PDRA Pro Extreme to SCSN and Back To PDRA
A Hectic Three Race Stretch...
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 9/8/2014

The Warriors Moits Racing Pro Mod and John Stanleys Cadillac CTS-V PDRA Pro Extreme prepare to do battleThe last three racing weekends have been busy, busy, busy ones to say the least! We came out of the Virginia race feeling pretty good about the new Larry Jeffers Race Cars built Pro Extreme Cadillac CTS-V. The next stop on the trek was at the Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We made two test hits on Thursday night with both showing some promise. BUT when it was time for them to count we could not get the combinations to adapt to the excellent track conditions that were put out there for us. On the last qualifier John had a quick pedal just off the line and the Caddy was making a move mid track till the telltale sign of a shredding blower belt put the end to that run as well! Another DNQ was not what we were looking for at all. Not counting the $1000 qualifying money lost that would go a LONG way towards travel expenses!

1/4 mile wars one more time! Gateway Motorsports Park in St LouisSo then it was on up the highway of life to Gateway Motorsports Park in St Louis, Missouri which is really, really in Madison, Illinois just across the mighty Mississippi river from St Louis! We had decided to attend Mel Roth's Anarchy at The Arch 1/4 mile race since it was on the way home for the racing operation anyhow. And the three most important parts of the manpower equation, John Stanley along with Scott and Jimmy Kline could fly in and out economically (read CHEAPLY!). We thought it would be a great place to get some more testing laps in on the new car as well as try a few different things for 1/4 mile racing on the VERY SLIGHT chance that we would go back to Las Vegas this fall.

One test shot and three qualifying shots gave us ZERO to feel confident about while the heavy hitters on the grounds were running 5.50's with ease! The fourth qualifier led to more of the same BUT the hard launch from the LJRC Caddy showed us the cause of the issues on all the prior runs. The car was dumping alcohol under the tires at the hit and a lot of it on the starting line had shown us that some dummy had made a grievous error with the fuel tank vents! A set of liner wheels that were loaned to us by Clint Satterfield (one of them, there turbo guys) and the vents turned the correct way for the fifth and final qualifier told the tale! John Stanley clicked the Caddy at 4.95 in to check things and went a GREAT 5.844 at 217!!! It's amazing what doing things correctly will do for you!

Getting ready for the wars! The Front of the New Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod PDRAOur final qualifier netted us a number FOUR slot out of the six cars on the grounds. This would pair us against our good friend from Down Under, Mr Paul "Dat Guy" Mouhayet in another one of those pop-pop, bang-bang, pffft-pffft turbo cars! And at the flash of yellow John was off and gone knowing that Mr Dat Guy had BIG speed out the back. While the Caddy was sounding as if it had a bit of a miss down track Dat Guy had bigger issues with a loss of traction from all that ProLine turbo power! He did his best but fell just a bit short. Although he did get a GREAT souvenir from us to carry back to OZ for Frank Mamone to beat him viciously about the head and body with! But after we ran into that Q80 buzzsaw in the semis our weekend was over!

This is how hot it was in the lounge area in Rockingham with no air conditioning!So then it was on to PDRA Rockingham, North Carolina where we finally seem to have gained our sea legs. The last qualifier netted us a 3.72 at a great 208.71! But a broken quill shaft in the blower drive ended our weekend in the first round although we finally feel good about where we are! Richmond, Virginia and the last PDRA race of the year will provide us with an opportunity to see if this all true or is just another one of those "bait and switch" deals ...

Come join us in Virginia and see what transpires! pagebreak
2014 PDRA Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod Virginia Pro Extreme Review
Inside With Stanley And Weiss Racing's New 2014 SDI Cadillac CTSV Pro Extreme
By Post Date: 7/31/2014 | Photos Courtesy Of - Black Rock Photography - Roger Richards

Camp Stanley prepares the new Caddy CTSV in the pits at PDRA Virginia

Doorslammer Legend Camp Stanley prepares the new Caddy CTSV in the pits at PDRA Virginia
It's an honor again to have the man himself "Camp Stanley" give me journalistic license to review my inaugural visit to the newly formed "PDRA - Professional Drag Racers Association" at Virginia Motorsports Park this past weekend.

I take Camp and his teams word as gospel when it comes to him telling me I have to visit one of these events. As the official team "Mascot" and their webmaster, I have a sterling relationship with last years "Record Setting Team" who broke barriers at Las Vegas Street Car Supernationals.

Having the inside scoop after last years stellar performance I knew there was a new car coming out of Larry Jeffers Race Cars as Camp was on his long ride home he broke the news to me and it would be a Cadillac CTSV! to run specifically in the quickest doorslammer class again "Pro Extreme".


Stanley And Weiss Racing's New PDRA 2014 Cadillac CTSV Pro Extreme Pro Mod

Cadillac Numbers To Plummet
With The Team's New CTSV Pro Mod, We're Talking About ET's !!
By Stanley & Weiss Racing Press Corps: Post Date: 7/3/2014

Meet The New Stanley & Weiss Racing PDRA Pro Extreme Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod

The New Cadillac Pro Extreme Pro Mod makes it home to MarylandSince the record setting run at last years PSCA in Las Vegas with the Stanley & Weiss Racing Camaro we had heard rumors of a certain "New Pro Mod" in the works for this team. Well, it's here after months of tidbits thrown out there about it's coming to life. As of Today it looks like you can expect Cadillac numbers to plummet in the ET range and skyrocket in MPH as this will undoubtedly be the quickest and fastest CTSV on earth very soon.

Built exclusively for the Stanley & Weiss Racing Team by Larry Jeffers Race Cars to run in the Pro Extreme Class again in the rising star "PDRA Series". The quality, detail and sheer beauty has been well accepted among the fans of door slammer race cars with the updates John Stanley has been leaking and now we're seeing the complete car in all it's glory.

The exceptional chassis is nothing short of "Top Tier" in design and execution. Larry Jeffers Race Cars is behind the chassis that makes John Stanley's arch nemesis in PDRA Pro Extreme "Frankie Taylor" able to run record setting 1/8th mile numbers like he does. We've all become accustomed to the wild rides Camp Stanley has produced in his lifetime retiring the latest "Orange / Purple flamed" Camaro they have been running for so many years.

This new CTSV is quite a different take on the outrageous and a move towards "Sexy" and "Sophisticated" that represents the Cadillac's slogan since 1908 the "Standard of the World".

The sleek lines of the custom built body keeps its nature despite the many revisions, it's look is unmistakably a "Cadillac", just with a little more "attitude". The brilliant silver hue is accented by deeper "ghosted" flames also laid on by Larry Jeffers. Standing tall above the raised hood will still be the alcohol belching Noonan headed screw-charged Hemi that set the World record last year.

The stance is just perfectThe stance is just perfect

The Sleek lines from the rear filled with M/T RubberThe Sleek lines from the rear filled with M/T Rubber

The trademark M/T Tires are tucked tightly under the sharp lines of the rear quarters as John Stanley is positioned under the modified roof. The debut has caught the attention of almost anyone who is looking at Pro Mod's today.

Just like Cadillac would have wanted it, Love It Yes !!Now we expect the team of Stanley and Weiss racing to begin the transition to this new car seamlessly but I doubt they will be coming to the races in silver Versace three piece suits, though it would be cool.

Look for them to get this car on track fast with help from their sponsors and their never ending hard work. We're all in awe at the new CTSV and are waiting patiently as the car is being finished for it's debut on the asphalt soon at a PDRA Event.

If perhaps you've just fallen in love with this new car today, you can now follow Stanley And Weiss Racing at their new Facebook Page and here on the website.

PDRA Pro Modifed Drag Racing Series Recap
2014 is not starting off quite as well as 2013 ended…
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/1/2014
Photo by Kelly Leslie

Stanley & Weiss Racing's Pro Modified Camaro Huffs the blower on a pass

The second race of the 2014 PDRA season at Valdosta, Georgia showed us a little promise after we broke TWO blower belts, one used one and one BRAND NEW one at the hit! We made the show at number 15 with a weak run of 3.77. We then looked only a tiny bit better than The Madman Frankie Taylor in the first round of eliminations. Frankie's car cut off in the burnout and we broke that aforementioned brand new belt when John let go of the button! This made us the winner by default because John took the tree and Frankie could not.

Then in the second round John appeared to be on his way to our first semifinal round of eighth mile racing in what seems like twenty seven years. Was that to be? Of course not!! Several of the internal rotating parts of the engine decided to turn themselves into salvage material about two and a half seconds into the run and that ended the race for us!

So off to stop number three of the PDRA season in Memphis, Tennessee we went two weeks later with the spare motor between the frame rails of the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro. With another brand new blower belt on the engine into qualifying we went. The first run was a very conservative 3.78, BUT the car went down. The second and third runs were duplicates of the issues we have had since the first race of the year resulting in our first Did Not Qualify in over a year!

I am still suffering from the "Dumbass 101" syndrome it appears! I have not yet found that magic potion for harnessing our newfound horsepower. If I make the car weak it will go down with a high 3.70 which will not do anything for us except to say we were at the track supporting the PDRA but not enhancing the checkbook with a few dollars! And definitely not good for the ego! Anything hopped up over that and it starts to spin the tires about 5-6/10ths in and then shakes at about 1.1 to 1.3 from the tires spinning. But I DO have a plan!

I have "planned my work" and in Martin, Michigan in four weeks it will be time to "work my plan"!

"My heartbreaker of the evening photo... after a blower explosion caused trouble into his run, John Stanley kept his cool and kept his car hugging the right lane wall all the way to top end just in case he was leaking fluids (which he wasn't). That my friends is class. Hated to see this happen to one of the nicest and hardest working teams in the business. - Kelly Leslie "

Back at The Rock! PDRA Pro Extreme Race Recap
Race One of the PDRA Series Down
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/21/2014

Two of the baddest ¼ mile cars get ready for 1/8th mile qualifying. The first PDRA event held at The Rock was a rousing success with full stands and overflowing pits! And the numbers posted by the racers in attendance were mind numbing the entire weekend. World records were set and reset time and again! You c an read all about this great inaugural event at:

Okay, let’s go try this again!And as to our fortunes they were not so good for us as we found the weak links in our valve train with our new engine combination. We took advantage of the Friday testing day to try and get our arms around this new deal. Two hits netted us two aborted runs as the Camaro started to rattle the new Mickey Thompson Bubbas on the rear. When this happened the car was carrying the front end and turning left all at the same time. But having the excellent wheelman we do, John aborted both runs just past the 60 foot clocks. These two runs earned us our best ever 60 foots even with the tires starting to rattle at about 7/10ths in!

The first qualifier on Friday night had to be aborted as well when John couldn’t get the trans brake to release after backing up from the burnout. Saturday morning saw that issue solved and some chassis tweaking netted us a subpar 3.79 that would stand to keep us qualified in the F-A-S-T field with yet another broken rocker! We did not make one run all weekend that we did not lose at least one rocker arm!.

Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em!!!But on Sunday our race day ended early against the eventual race winner, Bubba Stanton when we lost an exhaust rocker at 5/10s in and then the intake rocker at 7/10ths in! And then to top it off we lost the blower belt at 2.8 seconds. BUT there was a bit of hope in the run after it was completed. On seven cylinders and no blower belt at the end, the Camaro still went out the back with a 3.87 at only 167mph. We’re thinking our new Super 600 Noonan Race Engineering cylinder heads and billet intake manifold are going to be bad to the bone!

And now its on to South Georgia Motorsports Park for round two!

Stanley & Weiss Racing's PDRA Pro Extreme On It's Way To The ROCK
And so it begins,The 2014 PDRA racing season that is!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/1/2014

The Appalachia on Steroids 68 PDRA Pro Extreme Camaro Awaiting its turn to get on board The Appalachia on Steroids 68 PDRA Pro Extreme Camaro is locked and loaded for our first outing of the 2014 season. Felix the Cat will pull off The Hill on Wednesday morning and be southbound and hammer down to the infamous Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, North Carolina. This will the first stop of eight for the new PDRA 1/8th mile drag racing series.

We plan to test on Friday and then we will have one qualifier on Friday night, three on Saturday and then into eliminations on Sunday. We need to the testing bit because we have changed our entire engine combination looking for a bit more efficiency from our hemi.

Almost finished loading the 68 PDRA Pro Extreme Camaro!Besides who wouldn't take their entire record setting combination and change it all completely throughout the winter months???

The new Noonan Race Engineering heads and manifold we have put on our revised short block should give us that which we are looking for.

Then Shannon Davis' new, updated Profiler wheel speed management device has been tweaked, twisted and manipulated hither and yon and we shall see how much we can abuse this product as well we did the prototype!

Southbound and down, loaded up and truckin... to the PDRA Rockingham DragwayAnd if you are looking to see the newest and baddest 1/8th mile extreme drag racing this weekend you can keep track of the entire racing series all weekend starting on April 4 by monitoring the live posted results on and watch the live feed at

If you see us on your computer monitor, jump up and down and wave!

Stanley & Weiss Racing's PDRA Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod
Progress is being made....
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 3/8/2014

Is this PDRA Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod going to be Bad-Azz or what?Is this PDRA Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod going to be Bad-Azz or what?
Larry Jeffers Race Cars is getting it done on our new CVT-S Caddy race car!

John and I made a flying trip to Missouri last week so John could be fitted for the cockpit of this new creation.

The progress on this new car is nothing short of astounding! The craftsmanship is second to none and there are a lot of well thought out bits, both large and small throughout! We truly believe we can have this car in our hands before mid-year.

Larry, Axle (Weiss) and I have planned our work and Larry Jeffers Race Cars is working our plan!

Enjoy these progress update photos.

John's new Jungle JimJohn's new Jungle Jim

Garret Livingston hard at itGarret Livingston hard at it

Hmmmm, what to put whereHmmmm, what to put where

The Master his own selfThe Master his own self

Larry and I discuss wingsLarry and I discuss wings

William C (Axle) Weiss, assistant financier, extraordinaire!William C (Axle) Weiss, assistant financier, extraordinaire!

Stanley & Weiss Racing's PDRA Transport "Felix"
Getting dressed up for The Big Dance
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 2/13/2014

Stanley & Weiss Racing's PDRA Transport Felix The cat, Looking good Master Felix isFelix, the cat had done such a great job for us transporting The Appalachia on Steroids Camaro across the country and back that we decided he had earned some new livery for the upcoming 2014 season.

So off I went with hat in hand to see the Tony, the proprietor of Hagerstown Spring and Alignment in Hagerstown, Maryland.

A large part of Tony’s business conglomerate is a full service large truck and trailer body shop business.

Tony had done such a good job for us several years ago helping turn Clifford the big red dog into Clifford the big white dog that I knew that was where I had to go for Felix.

Hagerstown Spring and AlignmentIt took bucket loads of tears and lots of whining and complaining about poverty on my part to persuade Tony to take Stanley & Weiss Racing’s latest large asset under the HSA umbrella.

And it worked!

Tony agreed to do his part to help us spiff up Felix by giving us poor racers a drastically reduced price to give our truck and trailer a shiny new coat of white paint.

Here is Felix being made ready for paint with lots and lots of elbow grease, sandpaper and paint!

That’s a lotsa paint!!

Look for Felix and the entire Stanley & Weiss Racing team at a PDRA And now all that is left to be done is the installation of the Stanley & Weiss Racing logos and all the rest of the required stuff that goes with having a big truck and trailer as the transportation unit for your racing team.

BUT of course as with a lot of other things Mother Nature has made us put that on hold till the weather gets a bit better.

Tim Fraker Signs has issues with installing decals and signage while standing in ten inches of snow and its twenty below zero outside.

Look for Felix and the entire Stanley & Weiss Racing team at a PDRA (Professional Drag Racers Association) race track in 2014.

Come by and see us please.

We are not hard to find. Just look for the peepuls having all the fun doing what they love!

Our Road Trip To The Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada
What a fantastic drive
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 1/13/2014

When the final decision was made that we would attend the Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada I knew it was going to be a looooong drive. But I didnt realize was how beautiful the southwestern part of our United States really was. I invite all of you to come along with "Felix the Cat" and I as we make our way across the country and back.

The first night of the journey was spent in Brownsburg, Indiana after a visit to the Steel Dymamics' mill in Pittsboro, Indiana. We could not have made this journey without their support.

The first night of the journey was spent in Brownsburg, Indiana after a visit to the Steel Dymamics' mill in Pittsboro, Indiana. We could not have made this journey without their support.

After a night in a service area outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma it was on the highway after breakfast, orange juice and coffee. And not a street racer in sight!

After a night in a service area outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma it was on the highway after breakfast, orange juice and coffee. And not a street racer in sight!

And now it is on to Texas and then into New Mexico.

And now it is on to Texas and then into New Mexico.

As we head further west towards Vegas the states are rolling by under Felix's eighteen wheels!

As we head further west towards "Vegas" the states are rolling by under Felix's eighteen wheels!

After a stop in Albuquerque to purchase a blower for my friend Bronte Henning from Darwin, Australia it was time for long sleep in a scenic service area.

After a stop in Albuquerque to purchase a blower for my friend Bronte Henning from Darwin, Australia it was time for long sleep in a scenic service area.

The morning daylight showed this beautiful quaint Indian pueblo village with the church looking down from on high at the pueblo

The morning daylight showed this beautiful quaint Indian pueblo village with the church looking down from on high at the pueblo.

There were buttes arising from the land seemingly from nowhere and for no reason. And there were trains galore coming and going along Interstate 40 all the way. By this time  I had become pretty proficient at driving and snapping pictures at the same time! Although I wont say how many were absolutely junk!

There were buttes arising from the land seemingly from nowhere and for no reason. And there were trains galore coming and going along Interstate 40 all the way. By this time I had become pretty proficient at driving and snapping pictures at the same time! Although I won't say how many were absolutely junk!

And yet another western state has disappeared in Felix's mirrors. We have arrived in Arizona with the flat lands giving way to hills both large and small.

And yet another western state has disappeared in Felix's mirrors. We have arrived in Arizona with the flat lands giving way to hills both large and small.

After another nights sleep outside of Las Vegas it was time for some more conservative driving on the way to our final destination.

After another nights sleep outside of Las Vegas it was time for some more conservative driving on the way to our final destination.

And we have arrived, all safe and sound!

And we have arrived, all safe and sound!

After a successful week in Sin City...

After a successful week in Sin City...

where we did the tourist thing and got an autograph of a famous TV star...

where we did the tourist thing and got an autograph of a famous TV star...

it was time to head east. And here we are coming up on Lake Mead just before crossing over the Hoover Dam area.

it was time to head east. And here we are coming up on Lake Mead just before crossing over the Hoover Dam area.

After a stop at Larry Jeffers Race Cars in House Springs, Missouri to pick up Bronte Henning's new race car we were off yet again

After a stop at Larry Jeffers Race Cars in House Springs, Missouri to pick up Bronte Henning's new race car we were off yet again.

The famous arch in St Louis, Missouri rises into the clouds.

The famous arch in St Louis, Missouri rises into the clouds.

And the Mighty Mississippi keeps a rollin along, all the way to New Orleans.

And the Mighty Mississippi keeps a rollin along, all the way to New Orleans.

After one more nights sleep in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia we were home safe and sound.

After one more nights sleep in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia we were home safe and sound.

I hope you all have enjoyed this quick snapshot of the trip that Felix and I had as we trekked our way across our great land and back!

We have enjoyed having you along.

Davis Technologies Profiler World Record Setting Runs with John Stanley's Pro Mod At Vegas SCSN
Something for your weekend...
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 12/27/2013

Shannon Davis of Davis Technologies has created a fantastic video documenting our success at the Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This video shows all of our runs and Shannon has done a fantastic job documenting them. Please enjoy our record setting weekend with us and give out a resounding "HELL YEAH!!!" at the end!

Don’t forget to sign into your youtube account and give a big thumbs up!! for Davis Technologies, and share this outstanding feat on your social media sites.

Stanley & Weiss Racing's 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod!
Can you say Pimp Daddy John...
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 12/15/2013
Pro Modified Rendering by Wicked Grafixx

Stanley & Weiss Racing's 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Pro Modified Rendering by Wicked Grafixx

World Record Holder John Stanley Pimped out with Camp StanleyAnd here it is, for one and all to ogle! Tyler Clark of Wicked Graffix fame's official rendering of the new Stanley & Weiss Racing's 2014 Cadillac CTS-V. Ewws and Ahhh' s are welcome and are to be expected, please!

John's new ride will be constructed by Larry Jeffers Race Cars in House Springs, Missouri. This is the home of many record holding cars and we plan on adding our name to Larry's Wall of Fame! The first of the new tubing is expected to be laid out on the jig starting late this month and should be ready for Outlaw racing by spring.

The car as you can see will be adorned in our familiar construction barrel orange paint with purple flames although Tyler has added a bit of variation to the nose of the car and has added his version of a new flame design. The paint will be laid down by Jeffers' Collision Center also of House Springs, Missouri.

Remember all of this because Larry can also be your one stop shop for your next race car. The new graphics will be applied by Tim Fraker Signs of Hagerstown, MD. And as always Tim will have my graphics designed, printed and waiting on me to provide him with a car to install them on!

This new car will be powered by a bit different variation of our own world record holding screw supercharged, Noonan Race Engineering hemi. Backing it up will be our Neal Chance Racing Converter and our good ole reliable Lencodrive Transmission that is ably maintained by Matt Moore from Lenco Transmissions!

Stanley & Weiss Racing Camaro Pro Mod World Record Review
"Bring your "A" game!"
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/27/2013
Photos By Axle Weiss, Dyan Lover and Steve Carlton

Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Modified World Record Team The essence of team!Those were the instructions that were relayed to me when I walked into the restaurant by the race track in Las Vegas on Wednesday morning for breakfast with the Sullivan Racing crew. Well shucks and heck and gosh and holy cow, what a way to start out what would end up being THE best weekend of racing we have ever experienced! So I asked this not to be named West Coast crew member to relay back to the not to be named crew chief that my answer was: "Don't sing it, just bring it!". And that ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls was just how our fantastic 1/4 mile racing weekend began! And it set the stage for how these Left Coasters race. Just like Us-Ins they enjoy the camaraderie and the thrill of competition as much as we do. We were welcomed with open arms and it was indeed a pleasure to race amongst these teams!

So after I was suitably berated and was put in my place by the "Big Dogs" we set about getting ready to make our mark, as small or as big as it may be on the PSCA scene. John, Scottie and Jimmy arrived with our great alcohol sponsors Krista and Eric Champ of Ridgeley Distributors around noon and we set out getting the car ready for a couple of time runs on Wednesday. We had changed the engine, transmission and rear end in the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro before loading it into the trailer for its trek across the US of A. So that meant setting the timing and checking all the little things that can get left undone in a front to rear changeover. It all went pretty well till we realized that oil was POURING out the front of the motor after the warmup! We determined that some dumba$$ had left a spacer get turned a kilter and after I was abused because I was the culprit we set about pulling the blower off, cleaning everything and putting it all back together. We decided to forego the Wednesday testing and concentrated on making sure all was well with the car.

Thursday was to have two scheduled test sessions and off we went to the lanes for the first one. When it was our turn at the track John left go of the button and after fifty feet it was all over! Just way to aggressive we were. That taught us that our ADRL tune-up was not the answer, for sure! So we calmed it down and tweaked Shannon Davis' new prototype super-duper traction management device and went back to the lanes for the evening session. We were back to attempt yet again our FIRST EVER 1/4 mile pass in this six year old car. As I said in the write-up about coming out west, the Camaro had never been under power past the 1/8th mile in all these years! BUT when John left go of the button Da Orange Ho took a set and left as if it was shot from the proverbial cannon and never faltered! Straight and true as a string it was, off and marching on a pretty good mission. John had been left with the option of running it out the back if it felt good and if he was comfortable with what was happening. If not he could click it off whenever he felt which he did about 950 feet in because he saw something blowing up on the windshield. And we were left with a showing on the boards of a 5.79 at ONLY 204 mile per hour! We didnt get the $1000 for low et but what we did get was the attention of everybody there! Especially considering the car had ran 203 miles per hour to the 1/8th mile and we were number THREE amongst the baddest of the bad behind Mike Maggio and Eric Dillard's El General world record equaling 5.706. The 5.60's were now within reach of every player on the grounds. Hmmmmmmmm, how to top these juggernauts???

Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Modified World Record Team And the crowd went wild!!!The Friday of Mel Roth's Street Car Super Nationals was the opening round of qualifying for the actual race and now that the bragging rights and financial matters had been settled it was that time. We wanted to try and qualify in the top half of the field so we duplicated Thursday night's tuneup with a few little miniscule manipulations and headed to the lanes. The "hitters' were already at the head of staging wanting that First to The Sixties bragging right and we patiently awaited our turn in our attempt to make our way into the top half of field. Being the next to the last pair left us watch what had transpired before us, some of it good, some of it not so good. BUT when John cut the button loose and plugged the Camaro in second gear it was as my good friend Steve Petty often says: "on like Donkey Kong"!

Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Modified World Record Team A new WORLD record!The Appalachia on Steroids hot rod lit up the scoreboards with an outstanding new world record run of 5.644 at over 253 miles per hour! And THEN as Bob Frey would say "The crowd went wild." as did we!!! What was left to do was back up that run in the second session so there could be ZERO doubt that WE, the Little Team That Could as Patrick Budd had dubbed us those oh so many years ago, had indeed shocked the drag racing world. And back it up we did in the second qualifying run although we slowed down by .008 to a 5.648 at another 253 mile per hour run! And then for good measure in Saturday's 3rd round we ran ANOTHER 5.60, this a 5.668 at again over 253!! We now also had the right to lay claim to the World's quickest bracket car!!!

Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Modified World Record Team This is what it is all about!  Giving back...As Sunday dawned bright and beautiful it was time to race for real! All of the past days two days accomplishments now had to be put aside in order for us to attempt to reach the final round of the largest financially attractive race we had ever been involved in, 20,000 BIG ones! The first round saw John use up all the of the left lane in a 1363 foot speed contest which he won over the rejuvenated turbo Camaro of Rich Zehring with a 5.71. But the NRE headed hemi was not a happy player during that run and as we searched for our issue frantically we ran out of time to get the issue rectified for the second round. Knowing that there definitely did not seem to be much difference between the lanes we elected to possibly give up lane choice in the semis in an attempt to gain the time needed to fix what ailed the ignition system. We just took the green and backed out of the beams and took the car back to the pits. With the help of Shannon Davis of Davis Technologies we traced the problem to a broken degree ring. (we thought...) When we went to the lanes for the semis we felt we had the issues all sorted but were soon to realize how far from the truth that was. The car did not want to start but Scottie was sharp enough to reach down and plug the magneto into the controller! After a short burnout so as not to mess with Tommy Johanns, the construction barrel orange Camaro was off and gone at the flash of green and gave us a 5.79 winning time slip. But the car still would not run any mile per hour. We figured out that we had some kind of an issue with our ignition timing retarding so we elected to run the final with the Jegs Corvette on the magneto so as to at least be "in the game". You gotta be in it to win it! John got out on Troy but it was not near enough! The engine started mixing up cylinders about 300 feet out and John elected to click it off at about 5.2 seconds knowing of the booming mph the turbo cars ran. He felt it was better to go home with nothing broken which was the correct thought process!

Stanley And Weiss Racing Pro Modified The Steel Dynamics triumvirate were in attendance!Our sincere congratulations go out to the Jegs/Proline team on their well deserved win. We left Vegas with our heads held high! We had been in the final, we had set and then backed up a new WORLD record! We had proven to the whole world that it doesn't always take mega money (although that does help!!!) to succeed!

We must pass on special thanks to those that helped get us to the Street Car Super Nationals... Steel Dynamics Inc, Pittsboro, In. Dan Myers of San Diego, California for brow beating and abusing me into making the trek across the country. And then helping out with our diesel fuel expenses. Roger Burgess and Kevin Mutters of R2B2 Motors in Duluth, Ga for giving us a fantastic deal on our truck and trailer that allowed us to make the 2500 mile trek across the country easily.

And without all the sponsors that are bannered down the right side of the front page, none of this could or would be possible!

Stanley & Weiss Racing Camaro Pro Mod,
First To The 5.60's At SCSN's 2013
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/15/2013
Photos By The Dragzine photographers

Stanley & Weiss Racing Outlaw Pro Modified World record SCSN Las Vegas

Last night we told you John Stanley seemed to have the 5.60 zone well in hand and he came out and proved it during this morning’s first qualifying session. An absolutely sick 5.644 at 253 MPH showed up on the board and the crowd went absolutely crazy, The first - ever 5.60 - anything in Pro Mod and we were here to witness it. Simply amazing. Congratulations to the whole Stanley and Weiss racing team on an incredible accomplishment! Follow Us On Dragzine's Same Day Coverage HERE:

Our Record Setting Time Slip, We could not be doing this without The Steel Dynamics,Inc

Stanley & Weiss Racing - Heading To The SCSN IX In Vegas
Go West They Say!!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/10/2013

Stanley & Weiss Racing - Heading To The SCSN IX In Vegas

Wish us luck and I promise to keep everyone posted as the week progresses as we make it to the las vegas strip for the street car super nationals.So we are! WAY out west to the land of the BIG slot machine, the monstrous buffet meals and the baddest quarter mile drag race left in the land for OUTLAW door cars! In our eyes it is the last Holy Grail for cars like the Appalachia on Steroids Camaro! A no rules (sorta, more on that in a minute) QUARTER MILE race on a premium race track beckons and we answering the call!!!

Mel Roth, promoter extraordinaire of the Street Car Super Nationals made the conscious decision to create a separate open class for unlimited door cars. He made the rules really, really simple:

1 - ALL safety rules will be adhered to, no exceptions!
2 - Show up.
3 - Shut up.
4 - Race!!!

The Steel Dynamics,Inc mill in Pitsboro, IN. We could not be doing this without their assistance!We now get the option of running our Camaro the full quarter mile and in the quest of searching for the quick ET and fast MPH that should come with it.

This car has never been down a quarter mile under power for the full 1320 feet but in a week that will be another mission accomplished for us!

Wish us luck and I promise to keep everyone posted as the week progresses.

ARDL Houston Season 2013 Is In The Books
Our 2013 ADRL Racing Season Has Come To An End
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/4/2013
Photos By Axle Weiss and Wes Buck

Trying to channel some of that Franklin Electric 
Pro Nitrous Mo-Jo into our car...And a pretty good year we have had in this, our seventh year in the series. The ADRL held its final race at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, better known as Houston, Texas. There were two days of testing scheduled for Thursday and a half day on Friday as this was a Friday / Saturday race.

We made two test hits on Thursday and were confident we had come upon a comfortable setup for the car with the Neal Chance Racing Converter we had first installed for the Memphis race.

Can I get a large Hell Yeah!!!?As we were also in the beta testing mode with Shannon Davis of Davis Technologies' new piece we decided on Friday morning late that we would take another crack at the track in order to gather even more important data. A man can never have enough data! it's knowing what to do with it that has caused us some consternation at times. Well, lots of times!!! But Mother Nature intervened yet again with rain by the bucket loads right after we got the car turned around in the lanes and back to our pit! And again that was to be the cancellation of the first and second rounds of qualifying sessions that were scheduled for Friday night.

And Saturday in the AM did not look much better in the beginning with overcast skies and a hefty chill in the air. But it was decided by the ADRL powers that there would only be two qualifiers on Saturday and then into eliminations. Our second qualifier netted us a 3.69. That was the good news; the bad news was that it placed us in the number eleven qualifying spot! This shows the improvements made in this season by all the Pro Extreme competitors. At the ADRL first race at Rockingham in March we qualified with a best ever ET at the time of a 3.69 and we were number seven!

Our first round matchup was with Terry Leggett's Mustang and even though we ran another personal best of a 3.68, which was bested by Terry's 3.64. But when the race was concluded and the points were tallied for the season all our prescribed goals for the season had been met. We qualified for every race we entered and we were never an alternate nor the number 16 qualifier! And our ninth place finish in the ADRL series points Championship was also another personal best for us, up one spot from a number 10 finish a few years ago.

Andy and Sabrina, Crew Chief and clutch gal for the Swiss Trouble Racing Pro Mod team was in attendance!And none of this would have been possible without all the support, both financial and moral from all of our friends and partners in this brutal endeavor that is Pro Extreme drag racing. Over these next few months we will take the time to give each and every one them their due deserts as they flow off this keyboard.

Thank you to one and all!!!
OH, and by the way there is a surprise coming around the corner, as a matter of fact more than ONE!

And now I shall hand this scribing exercise off to Mark, the world's best webmaster so he can make it available to go around the world!


Our New Travel Accommodations To ADRL And Beyond
Movin' On Up !!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 10/7/2013

That is just about the bestest analogy I could come up with for improvement to our Stanley & Weiss Racing team! And I think it dovetails rather nicely into our "Beverly Hillbillies" motif amongst the ranks of the Pro Extreme elite, don't you think.

Felix, The Cat! our new truck and trailer for the upcoming ADRL series in Pro Extreme

Ahhhhhhh, the good life!We have made the decision to retire Clifford, the Big White Dog after almost 10 years of faithful service!

We were slowly but surely running out of room in our existing trailer (Being the "Pitside Walmart" as we were dubbed in Rockingham by a prominent Texas based team does require a bit more room than the norm!") and we felt we needed to also step up our appearance a bit as well.

This upgrade to our operation was made possible only with the help of Roger Burgess (yes, THAT Roger Burgess!) through his R2B2 Motors manager Kevin Mutters. I had made several trips to R2B2 Motors in Georgia purchasing a lot of leftover, miscellaneous parts that were being sold off from the R2B2 Racing Teams.

While I was there after the ADRL Memphis race loading up all the things I had purchased, Kevin and his main person "Biscuit", as he is affectionately known, made mention that I should sell the trailer along with the tractor that was sitting in the fuel funny car shop. After taking a cursory glance in the trailer I informed them that I didn't know of anyone at the time but I would keep it in mind.

Look at all this room!!!But when they told me the price it caused my mind to go into overdrive over the next month! After we emailed and chatted back and forth and a series of pictures were sent, the hook had been set! I spoke with the Weiss part of Stanley & Weiss and with John Stanley gathering everyone's input. After further deliberation I made the decision that it was indeed time for us to upgrade and set about sealing the deal.

Kevin did well for us in speaking with Roger and even with the fantastic price the combination was offered to me for they agreed to give it to us a bit cheaper STILL to help out our team with the upgrade! Many thanks go out to the entire R2B2 Motors team because without all of their assistance this upgrade would have never come to fruition!

Pro Extreme In The ADRL
Back At The Rock
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 9/24/2013
Photos By: Axle Weiss

Shannon Davis attaching his indestructible GoPro camera. ADRL Pro Extreme The seventh race of the 2013 American Drag Racing League tour brought us full circle back to Steve Earwood's Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, North Carolina. We started the year at The Rock back in March and have been traveling hither and yon chasing the Holy Grail that is drag racing amongst the best the world has to offer!

Our 2013 season has been so much better for us than our lost and soon to be forgotten 2012 season. We are slowly but surely climbing back aboard the consistency merry go round of Pro Extreme in the ADRL.

We plan on grabbing a few brass rings better known as round wins before the year ends for us in Houston, Texas next month.
John Schneider of Dukes of Hazard Adrenaline The Movie.

John Schneider of "Dukes of Hazard" fame was in the house participating in the filming of a new movie about drag racing titled "Adrenaline The Movie". Thanks to Del Baron and his entire staff!

We had our suspicions confirmed that what we had learned in the last few years still holds true today. That is the part where you must test on a Traction Twins prepped ADRL race track in order to use the data gathered at an ADRL race. The Steel Dynamics Inc. Camaro just could not cover the first sixty feet of the race track in any type of representative fashion to allow us to dip back into that magic 3.60 zone.

In order to be competitive in today's' racing environment you MUST go there and reside there throughout the entire race. The only way to survive outside that zone is for your opponent to have a bit worse luck than you! So we thought that we would give Shannon Davis' new electronic gizmo a whirl in the car for our first round matchup against good friend Tommy D'Aprile.

Tommy in his Mel Bush owned, Al Billes tuned Corvette had over a tenth of a second on our GREAT steering wheel technician John Stanley in qualifying so we had nothing to lose by trying out Shannon's new thingie for the first time live.
Dave and Diane Kline of D&D Truck Repair and Towing

Dave and Diane Kline of D&D Truck Repair and Towing made the trek to Rockingham to watch us play amongst the best. They are a very integral part of the reason we can make it up and down the highways of life! They were joined in the lanes by Hagerstown expatriate and friend Mike Yeakle.

We covered the first seven tenths of a second off the starting line with better wheel speed than we had on our .929 sixty foot shot at MIR two weeks before Rockingham.

BUT at that point in time the Camaro started to spin the tires and John's starting line advantage went the way of the Incas, never to be seen or heard of again! After the car spun the Mickey Thompson tires mercilessly the car went into tire shake, the right hand chute fell out and that was, as they say: "THAT"!

After looking at and analyzing the data we think Shannon is on to something and we are just glad to be able to participate in the trials.

Watch out in Houston for some more trials of this wizbang black box full of all kinds of transistors, diodes and about two bazillion bits of logic written amongst all that stuff!

So now it is on to Houston after a journey to Atlanta, Georgia to acquire an addition the Stanley & Weiss Racing stable. More on this later... Stay tuned, it could be good in some ways and sad in others. pagebreak
ADRL Battle for the Belts, Not This Year Despite A 3.66
Almost Only Counts In Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 8/27/2013
Photos By: Axle Weiss

Getting ready to rock and roll against Madman Frankie Taylor in ADRL Pro ExtremeThat is about all there is say about our racing experience in Memphis, Tennessee! We have been in contention for a spot in the Battle for the Belts race in the ADRL twice now and both times we have ended up number nine out of the top eight.

We have tried our best and left ourselves down in several spots that we should have not done.

BUT when you race against the best the world has to offer these things will happen and we are not at all ashamed of our accomplishments to date in 2013!

Royce Miller's MIR Dragway, Holding Our 3.66 !! Everyones Happy !

We ran a 3.69 in our second test hit in Memphis which spoke well for our potential we thought. The bad thing about it was the fact that a head fell off an intake valve as John was coming up to the traps! This was the second hit on our backup set of heads. We had opted to not put all new valves in them when they were redone over the winter due to budgetary constraints.

We used the best (we thought!) of the 32 from our previous heads but we picked one wrong one for sure! We swapped both heads out for a loaner set from my friend Bronte Henning of Darwin, Australia that were resting on our spare motor in the trailer. Thanks again Bronte!!!

We lost first round to Frankie Taylor and Bubba Stanton, our closest rival went on to runnerup at the Memphis event and with those results Bubba moved into the final spot in the Battle for the Belts. Congratulations to Bubba, Roger Henson and their entire team.

So now we go back to Rockingham to see if the 3.66 we ran at Royce Miller's Maryland International Raceway last Wednesday was a sign of things to come. We just do not need any more electronic anomalies, PLEASE!

He's back yet again in this article! Tyler Clark of Wicked Grafixx Sporting our crew shirt that he designed.Waiting our turn in the lanes

Bubba Stanton vs. John Stanley ADRL Pro Extreme
It's The Little Parts..
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 8/9/2013
Photos By: Axle Weiss

Bubba Stanton and John Stanley prepare to do battle At ADRL.They seem to get you every once in awhile! Whether it was that stupid bolt that was SUPPOSED to stay in Jason Scruggs' block or an intake lifter that SHOULD NOT have broken in ours... We changed the transmission ratio in the car to see if it would help or hinder us in the heat of the summer. Our first two qualifiers netted us decent but not stellar runs and we were getting on top of it we thought before the third qualifier pretty much wrecked our weekend. The NRE headed hemi was on a pretty good tear for about 1.2 seconds until it broke the roller shaft on an intake rocker! And a bit later the carnage from all the excess boost started with two burst panels!

When we got back to the pits and started checking things we found a spark plug that did not look very good. And that was because we had burned a sleeve and a piston in one hole. So it was off with the head, out with the piston and then the sleeve. And in went a new sleeve, then a new rod and piston assembly followed up by the spare head.

In the first round of eliminations we had to face Bubba Stanton, but it was not to be for us on this day! The Appalachia on Steroids Camaro did not have enough steam to run with him on this day! BUT our day will come. So now it is get things ready for Memphis and our last chance to make The Battle for the Belts shoot out. We have been in this situation once before and we expect it to go better this time.

Another dead soldier from a freak parts failureOur resident burst panel replacer person, Tyler Clark of Wicked Grafixx fameCome on Roger, take one spark plug wire off. Give us a chance, please


ADRL Simply Phones Virginia Race Recap
Sorry I'm Late....
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 7/15/2013
Photos By: Axle Weiss and Roger Richards

We FINALLY go on to win a round of competition! at ADRL Simply Phones VirginiaI know, I know, sorry is not an excuse But it is the only one I have to offer at this point in time. We pride ourselves on keeping our updates on the comings and goings of our team pretty current but things are happening at such a fast pace and then we have a month off like now and I need to keep The World entertained!

The ADRL organization made its annual appearance at Virginia Motorsports Park during the tale end of a massive tropical storm coming up the east coast from Florida! Now I know some of you may find it hard to believe that an ADRL race would dare to be rained on but it happened, for sure. I thought I was in England! And it was lots and lots and lots of rain and then there was more and more rain just for good measure! We arrived with all good intentions of getting some test hits in on Friday before Saturday's first qualifying round but we just got just to watch the lots of the aforementioned rain for two days!

Eric of Ridgeley distributors bringing in some adult refreshments at ADRL Simply Phones VirginiaThe Simply Phones team that sponsored the US Drags VI in Virginia had planned an open cookout in the pits for Friday evening but with the rain dampening that along with everything else we proudly offered our pit area to my long time friend Brian of Simply Phones and he and his team did not disappoint. They fed all the people in attendance with some great food grilled up by by their own personal chef on our grill! Our great sponsor, Ridgeley Distributors of Ridgeley, West Virginia provided lots of assorted adult beverages and our trailer provided the rest! And then as they say: "A great time was had by all!".

Saturday morning dawned sunny and warm and it was then up to the Traction Twins to work their magic on the race track. And work it they did! By the time the tack was dried we knew it would be a two qualifier race and then into Sunday's eliminations we would all go. I had given up on the old over thinking the processes philosophies and just went with what had worked before. And work well it did! A 3.69 at over 206 miles per hour said i had found my way back from the wilderness yet AGAIN! The 2nd session at night was not as kind and a tire smoking shutoff run was the result.

My contribution to the Hammer Down Motorsports team at ADRL Simply Phones VirginiaThe Simply Phones crew feeding the masses at ADRL Simply Phones Virginia

First round of eliminations on Sunday found us paired against Danny Lowry in his twin turbo Mustang. Yes it was the same turbo car I have been allowed to hang out with! Another 3.69 run at another 206 turned on our first win light in eliminations in what seemed like TWENTY SEVEN years! Sorry Danny that it had to be you, but we REALLY needed that! But in the second round up against good friend Tommy D'Aprile he shook and pedaled his way to victory while we literally went out in blaze of glory when the Appalachia on steroids Camaro lit the tires about 60 feet out and that ended that! But we left Virginia confident that changes we had made to the car were the correct ones and that we were on the right track and still scratching and clawing our way out of the wilderness!

Only sissies and losers give up and we are neither!!!


Racing With Trouble
Marcus Hilt, Swiss Pro Mod Drag Racing Team At Santa Pod
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/23/2013
Photos By: Ivan Sansom

Wheels up and away!By late May it was time to yet again fly across the Atlantic Ocean to race with my Swiss friend Marcus Hilt of Trouble Racing. Once more I would venture forth to Santa Pod Raceway situated in the land of the persistent large rain drops. And once again neither Santa Pod nor England disappointed us all.

Thursday's landing at Heathrow Airport in London was done in a light rainy mist which had become a bit more rain by the time my friend Andy had gotten us to the track. And of course this bit of rain became a lot of rain AND hail and more rain AND even more hail! So of course Thursday's scheduled test session was turned into a non event. After a great meal created in the brand new Trouble Racing's portable kitchen it was off to bed to make up for the lost sleep from the flight over. With dreams of sunny days and a dry racing weekend in my mind I snuggled down under the twelve feet of Swiss blankets provided to ward off the COLD and away to the Land of Nod I went.

The Trouble Racing crew preparing to get things fixedI awoke Friday morning to the sound of massive rain drops on the roof of the trailer boding ill for Friday's scheduled racing. But that other fickle lady, Mother Nature teased us all morning with sunny skies and a few cars down the track only to slap us yet again with a shower. Then a few more cars and then another shower till with a loud roar of laughter she inundated the facility with rain by the bucket loads for the balance of the day and for good measure added some snow mixed in just to make it interesting. That wicked witch had no idea it was May's end and really did not care. So another good meal from the portable kitchen was devoured by one and all and an evening of fellowship was had by the mini Swiss army of people in attendance.

And then Mother Nature changed her mind yet again. She worked her good magic and gave us nothing but sunny days for the balance of the weekend. The winds were fairly stout and it was a bit chilly at times but the racing was good. We had discovered a broken ring in one cylinder after the last qualifier on Sunday along with a head gasket that was leaking. One was fixed and one had a bit of McGyver magic applied to it and after two days of qualifying it was into the eliminations rounds for the matte black Vette of Marcus Hilt.

Marcus does performs a flawless burnout in front of crowd.We had a first round win when our opponent had an unfortunate mechanical failure but we also had a head gasket that needed more attention. And this time it really needed some massive McGyver TLC! But get that it did and we made the second round call with a few minutes to spare. But our weekend ended when Marcus had no chance of catching the other Swiss Vette in the opposite lane. But a good go at it he had.

Soon we shall achieve more than we are at this point in time but we are learning and growing together. And all of this from a team that only races together twice a year is quite the improvement. These gains are being noted and commented on by our fellow competitors which bodes well for the future. BUT the Hockenheim round in Germany is coming up in August and we shall see what that brings. We have high hopes for yet more achievements. The only way to progress is upwards and that is the spiral we are ascending!


To And From From Santa Pod Raceway
Travelin' with Tripp of Hammer Down Motorsports
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/11/2013

And yes Danny I did find more tools to get weight out of a Pro ModThose of us who travel the world chasing the holy grail of drag racing have heard it said many times: "HEY, let me know when you are going the next time, I want to go along if I can." And of course when the proverbial push comes to shove they never do. They are always to broke or too busy rearranging their sock drawer!

All of you who follow our webpage know that I have been hanging out with a TURBO CAR this year learning all about the nuances of these unpredictable animals and trying my best to add a bit of value to the Hammer Down Motorsports team. And in my dealings with them I have come to know the young man that Danny Lowry has entrusted his Mustang's maintenance to, one Denver Harrison Flowers 3rd better known to one and all as Tripp.

In the latter part of last year Tripp joined the legions of those who "want to go along". At Valdosta this year he again made it known that he was ready to go. And my answer was the same to him as it is to all: "Be at the gate and on the plane and it will happen." Then at the race in Cordova he told me emphatically that Danny had excused him of his Mustang duties so he could go along. The only issue with this was that our conversation was taking place four days before it was time to board the plane to Santa Pod Raceway in Merry Ole England! But we burned up the phone lines between Atlanta, Georgia and Appalachia and got it all coordinated so Tripp could fly with me on the same plane from Washington, DC to England for his first big airplane ride.

A young man and his Air Max sneakers are soon not parted!Upon touching down on foreign soil he was like the Energizer Bunny not missing out on one little nuance of this new experience of being amongst people that were literally from all over the world. With Tripp being the consummate young male he was all decked out in coolness personified. He had on his BRAND NEW shiny red and white Air Max sneakers. He had on his BRAND NEW gray and white Oakley sunglasses perched on his hat not only backwards BUT upside down as all the REALLY cool guys do! And then he found out how cool he really was while still in the airport when some guys tried to buy his sneakers right off his feet! But he was having no part of that exercise. He could no longer be Mr. Cool with only ordinary sneakers like us poor paeans!

Another Tripp does well, eat.But through the first two days of rain, hail and a little snow Tripp settled into being Tripp, the young drag racing aficionado. He fit right in with the Swiss team that I was there to help and they took to "Flowers", as he became affectionately known as and treated him as if he were one of their own. His nickname came from some type of an encounter with an as yet to be named "person" one night while out with the other young men. But that is a story for another time...

And then the sun came out and stayed out! So I took young Tripp by to see an English friend of mine, Graham Ellis who has traded in his trusty supercharger and injector for a couple of those pop-pop, pow-pow, hisssss-pssssssssss turbocharger thingies on his hemi! And as soon as Tripp spied all that electronic paraphernalia and the $47 million worth of fuel injectors he was instantly in his element! He was able to impart some of the vast knowledge that he has gathered working with Danny Lowry, along with the likes of Steve Petty and Eric Dillard of Proline Racing Engines. Even though what he suggested didn't seem to be the right way, Graham paid heed to this unknown young man and did as he suggested. And it paid dividends in a pretty encouraging way along with some orange duct tape installed by some Ole Guy. (That's an inside joke for Mr. Ellis!)

One of the things Tripp does well, sleep.Our drag racing weekend finally came to a close as they all do. As we were unwinding at the hotel by Heathrow Airport I got some further insight into how well Mr. Denver Harrison Flowers Number two had raised his son. And how Tripp's "Uncle" Danny Lowry had continued grooming this young man as I listened to him very respectfully say "Yes Sir" and "No Sir" time and again to an almost ninety year old man who had come back to England to visit the places he flew out of in 1943 as a gunner on a bomber.

The world could use a lot more Denver Harrison Flowers 3rd's. They are out there, we just need to search them out and encourage them.


The Second Round Of The 2013 ADRL Racing Season
Ding, ding, ding, Rain wins in a knockout!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 5/6/2013
Photo credits to John Fore III and Axle Weiss

Our first ADRL Pro Extreme race was at SGMP The second round of the 2013 ADRL racing season was held at the wonderful South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, Georgia. This track was frequented by the ADRL from the very beginning and the scene of our first foray into Go Fast Outlaw Racing with "Da Orange Ho".

After driving through a humongous hail storm in Atlanta on Thursday night I arrived to a beautiful warm sunny spring day. John, Jimmy and Scott got caught up in the airline delays created by these storms and ended up in Atlanta and not able to get into the Valdosta airport till late that night. They were offered an alternative by the not so wonderful, not so friendly onsite rental car establishments. They could rent a car at the Atlanta airport, drive two and a half hours and leave the car at the Valdosta airport for $350! And then I remembered our friend Tyler Clark of Wicked Grafixx, "home of drag racing's baddest shirts" (shameless plug inserted) was on the way down as well. And just like that all was well since Tyler was able to go by the airport and picked the guys up. After running over a tire casing on the highway and then whining and crying like a little girl over it Tyler got them to the track in time for us to test.

The test on Friday evening did not yield the results we were looking for but it along with our first qualifier assured me that I was on the correct track with the fuel system repairs. And then came the second qualifier where I created another one of those "well that didn't work" scenarios.

We had to repair a broken wheelie bar after that fiasco but we were ready to go when the bell rang. The third qualifier netted us a 3.72 at almost 207mph! I surely love these new Blackhawk series Noonan Race Engineering "NRE X1" heads (another shameless plug inserted), they make the steam out the back.

Broke it for sure we did!Pro Mod Racing Team Member Jimmy starting the repair process.

ADRL Rainout, Ding, ding, ding, Rain wins in a knockoutWe awoke Sunday morning to a dreary looking day and as Scottie and I enjoyed our morning coffee the water began to fall from the sky! And stop it never did except for a little while that enabled us to load all the pit equipment, take the Unlimited Awning down (yet another shameless plug inserted) and put the car away.

And that as they say was that!

So on to Scott Gardner's Cordova Dragway Park it is for the Curry's Transportation sponsored ADRL race.

Wish us luck!


Is That A Turbo Pro Mod? Stanley And Weiss Racing With Danny Lowry
A Turbo Car???
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/25/2013
Photo credits to Wade Mooney and Jeff Martin

 Yeppers! That surely is me! Can you say Camp and a turbo car in the same breath? Well that is exactly what I did last weekend at Montgomery Motorsports Park in Alabama, hung out with a turbo car! Although it was not just any turbo car, it was Danny Lowry's Mustang which was the quickest 1/8th mile turbo car in the world before Eric Dillard stole it away in Tulsa, OK a few weeks ago.

But it was all good since both cars have Proline power and both have been genuflected over by the infamous Steve "It's on like Donkey Cong" Petty. So on to what I was doing that far away from home with a car like that. I have become friends with the team since we all met at the ADRL race in Richmond, VA last summer. We have loaned parts back and forth and done some brainstorming on different things.

I had made a few chassis suggestions at Valdosta, GA a few weeks ago that had shown a little promise so when Danny asked me to go to Montgomery with them I was more than willing to do so.

The idea was to test on Friday and Saturday and if we qualified for the SOT race it would give us another run or so. We got rained on all day Friday but Saturday was a different story. It was 42 degrees when we got up that morning! Someone forgot to tell someone else that it is supposed to be warm in Alabama!

It takes a lot of computers and cables to make that thing go!The sun warmed it up to t shirt weather by the time testing started right after lunch. We got one only test hit in because of all the issues the car had with the electronics that control all the things the engine does to run correctly.

This is exactly why I don't ever want a turbo deal! I was there to offer a different view on things and to do the chassis stuff.

But I was able to reach out to my friend Roger Conley from Racepak Computers at a softball game in California and he talked me through the issues with the computer that had magically appeared. You cannot ever buy that type of customer service and Racepak excels at it!

There were two rounds of qualifying scheduled so we knew we would get two more hits at the track in those sessions and them a few more in the Pro Mod rounds at the back of the field if we didn't qualify. The qualifying went okay with us in the testing mode.

This sure isn't Clifford!!!We learned a lot of what NOT to do! But since there were only 12 cars there and it was a 16 car field we qualified for the eliminations rounds in number 10 with a 4.31.

This was because the car was on a pretty good run in the last qualifier until it just shut off at 3.3 into the run!

Have I told you how much I hate electronics that I know absolutely nothing about? Okay then I really, really do.

The team logo.But all in all it ended up pretty well as we went to what was essentially the final round all the while trying a lot of different stuff. But in the final the little Mustang that could smoked the tires. What I have learned from that is when it happens in a turbo car there is no recovering in an eighth mile race!

So all in all no one expected us to go any rounds, nor did we expect to. But the car is starting to do as it is asked and every run got better and better. I learned a lot of things, the Lowry team learned some things and all in all it was a good weekend.


Our Team Trailer Gets A Facelift !!
What The Racing Fans See From Behind On Our Travels, New Graphics Installed
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/9/2013
Photos by Camp Stanley

 Awaiting our turn at Tim Fraker SignsNow that spring had finally sprung out here in the Appalachian hills it was time to get new artwork installed. This artwork was originally designed by our webmaster, the inimitable Mark of fame. This original artwork was a three dimensional see through car project that Mark had wanted to get accomplished for several years. And for those who have been reading our website for awhile you would have seen the finished product from Mark in an article in December of 2011 as a screen saver.

It was so well received by all who viewed it that we decided it would look good as a replacement for our existing cartune on the rear door of the trailer. And who else to go to and have the project tweaked and manipulated to fit an area it was not designed for, but Tim Fraker Signs! Tim and I sat and talked about what we wanted to do and how it needed to be moved hither and yon to fit the eight foot by twelve foot area it was now intended for. When we completed the mind melding of our thoughts Tim then handed the chore of making them become a reality off to Lee, his computer picture bender arounder guru person. Lee worked his magic taking things from here and moving them over there in between his real work projects that generated revenue for Tim Fraker Signs. He even went so far as to take the project home and whittle away at it.

And then of course like all projects everywhere the owner would show up out the clear blue and say "What about if we..." or "How hard would it be to...". And Lee being the consummate professional would smile and say "Sure that can be done." all the while muttering under his breath "It's a good thing I like you"! But work his magic he did and herein you all will see the finished project.

"The Installation Sequence:"

 The Hipster REALLY, REALLY wanting more coffee!!!Halfway home we are.

AND riddle me this Bat People: How bad A$$ is this?So off Clifford and I went to the Tim Fraker Signs business emporium for the installation of said graphics. The graphics installer that Tim employs has been doing things for me since he worked for Tim back in The Wild Bunch days! That is going on TWENTY FIVE years! Hippy as he is affectionately known to one and all is not a morning person and I was not who was expecting to see on this Monday morning! But we started in on the removal of things that were in the way and it was on to the ladder and beginning to ply his trade for the afore-mentioned Hippy Person.

And when the project was completed it was another Tim Fraker Signs And Graphics masterpiece via the original brain cells of goDragRacing Mark manipulated by Lee and installed by The Hipster!

Please come by and give us your thoughts after looking at the detail of this see-through masterpiece.


ADRL Rockingham, A New Best For Stanley And Weiss Racing
Another new year, another great car...
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 3/16/2013
Photos compliments of Roger Richards and Axle Weiss

The new orange paint goes on at Maaco of HagerstownSo far in this 2013 new season we have been to Florida testing, and then we came back and made a few changes. Next up was a trip to take the car to Maaco of Hagerstown for John's brother Raymond to work his magic on the back of the car and then into the paint booth for the Maaco painter extraordinaire to lay down the new orange paint.

And then it was off to Rockingham, North Carolina for the first ADRL race of 2013.

Our best ADRL run ever!Starting the racing season in early March can pose some challenges in dealing with the possibilities of bad weather arriving at any time and dumping a little or a lot of snow on us. And Mother Nature was not to disappoint us this year! The "weather guessers" started their doom and gloom forecasting on the Sunday of the week before the scheduled race.

As we watched the snow forecast get worse and worse and since our racing operation resides on the very tip top of a large hill I made the decision to leave on Tuesday afternoon to beat the snow that was to start Wednesday morning. I arrived at the track on Wednesday afternoon and although it was windy and chilly it was sunny! After speaking with John Thursday morning I got the very disheartening news that our 8 to 16 inch snowfall forecast had netted us about 2 inches and was gone from the roads at sunup! Dumb "weather guessers"!

After finding a few more glitches in two test hits on Friday we felt we were ready for our first qualifying shot of 2013. Being the second pair out in the left lane was not an issue for us as John Stanley unloaded an ADRL career best run of 3.691 at a booming 209+ mile per hour! Heck, when we got out of bed on Saturday morning we couldn't even say 209 and then, BOOM we went out and did it! It was a great morale booster for our team after going through the last two years of ups and downs and all arounds.

For the second qualifier I thought I would see if I could step up the first part of the race track and about one half of a second in I found out that it was time to resurrect an old saying from our street car racing days, namely "Well that didn't work!". But at least I now know I can't do that again!

John Stanley sits patiently awaiting his turn at the track.Sunday morning's first round matchup brought us up against "King Tut" as he is known, Todd Tutterow. Even though John left a red light on the tree and the car fell off its qualifying pace we left Rockingham very happy. After qualifying number seven we now believe we have a car that can run at the front of the field with a little bit more tweaking. We also know the reason the car fell off a bit, which is a good thing! And by going back to doing things the way we have always done them we will get back into our comfort zone that we had before the wheels fell off of our wagon! But it was a great way to welcome our new sponsor, Steel Dynamics, Inc to our playground.

More to come...


Stanley And Weiss Racing Attain's Huge Sponsor For 2013
Drum roll, please
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 3/3/2013

Steel Dynamics Bar Products Pro Modified Drag Racing Sponsor

Well now that the proverbial rabbit is out of the hat as they say, how many of you remember seeing this little fella? Sneaky aren't I?Stanley & Weiss Racing is pleased to announce to one and all the signing of the Engineered Steel Products Division of Steel Dynamics Inc of Pittsboro, Indiana! This is a great new partnership for us with a fantastic company. Over the last several months some little blurbs and innuendos (teasers if I may) have been inserted into the write ups on the trials and tribulations of the "Appalachia on Steroids" Camaro piloted by the inimitable John Stanley.

We were chosen from a group of very high profile teams to represent Steel Dynamics' Engineered Steel Products Division and we could not be any prouder! We will meet and any all of their expectations to the best of our ability as we do all the rest of the companies who support our team.

The major product line of the Engineered Steel Products Division is round steel bars ranging in size from one inch to 8 inches in diameter. The Pittsboro mill produces an average of 750, 000 tons of bar products annually. The parent company, Steel Dynamics, Inc is a diversified, entrepreneurial carbon-steel producer and metals recycler. In just fifteen years, they have grown to become the fifth largest American steel company. They have become successful by expanding their product scope while creating a corporate culture that encourages and rewards initiative and achievement. Steel Dynamics, Inc has it's corporate offices based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They have an ever expanding workforce of about 6,500 employees. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ-GS exchange under the ticker symbol: STLD.

Please visit the Pittsboro mill's website at:


Stanley And Weiss Racing Testing Camaro Pro Mod At PBIR
Florida in January
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 2/3/2013
Photos Courtesy Of Roger N Richards

Testing the Stanley And Weiss Racing Camaro Pro Mod At Palm Beach PBIR, And the 2013 season has officially begun.In 2013 the Stanley & Weiss racing team set a brand new record for ourselves to start off the season on a positive note. We had planned on attending the test session at Palm Beach International Raceway and to accomplish that we needed to be sure that the Camaro would be ready. Which is the reason for the "brand new record" comment. Almost every year John and I never manage to do what we say we are going to. And that is to be ready to go BEFORE we have to leave for the first race of the year! We are generally still bolting parts on the car as it goes in the trailer and then putting the rest on at the track!

Camaro Pro Mod Chassis Upgrades Garrett Race Cars, Cut it all out, he said! So we did!The only major changes over the winter were to attempt to lighten the car a bit more and to rework our rear wing. We had discovered at the early part of last season that the car had entirely too much down force and we had tried different things to help with the problem throughout the season. With the help of Garret from Garret Race Cars we formulated a plan to decrease the size of the table top part of the wing and to take a few degrees out of it as well. This little trick was suggested to me by Jeff of Composite Specialties in Memphis at the latter part of the season. When the project was completed I sought out my shock guru person, Eric from Penske Racing Shocks and got his suggestions as to what he thought we should do now that we had made our changes. His suggestions were put into the chassis setup and we were set to go.

Camaro Pro Mod Chassis Upgrades Garrett Race Cars, And then this is what you get!The weather was supposed to be excellent the entire weekend. BUT we all know how the weather people don't always know the truth, dont't we? That being said, I arrived Friday evening at the track and parked out of the way awaiting my turn to get into the track on Saturday morning so we could setup and be ready for Sunday am first thing. I met up with Scruggs family along with Roger Henson, both of whom had graciously agreed to let us test with them. The fuel cars were have their two night testing sessions that evening and were getting ready and then the rains came! And that as they say was that!

Testing the Stanley And Weiss Racing Camaro Pro Mod At Palm Beach PBIR, John gets ready for the first hit of the 2013 seasonSunday dawned a nice sunny day and we went about getting ready for our first hit of the 2013 season. After the track was readied we went to the line and the first shot yielded us a respectable 3.7 run at 202 plus. We felt this was good for a first shot since the car was set up really soft to be sure it would go down. We made several more hits on the Sunday with the best being another 3.7 at 204 plus. We had a cylinder going in and out of service before the sixty foot on all the runs so we elected to install a new set of MSD plug wires for Monday morning. And that made a such a difference in the first part of the run that John had to pedal the car because it was spinning the tires and then, OF COURSE it blew the burst panel right as he shifted it into second gear. And that, our friends is why it is called "testing"!

We believe we have found a few of the bugs that would have bitten us at the first race in Rockingham and we are confident with the changes to the rear wing area. The car went 204 and change with no effort and did not move around. AND that was with the tall wicker bill we started out with. When we install the new composite pieces that have been manufactured by Eston at Garret Race Cars we hope to gain a bit more weight savings and a bit more speed.

More to come after Rockingham!!!


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