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PDRA Season Opener At South Georgia Motorsports Park
The Pro Extreme Caddy One and Done!!!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 3/22/2017

PDRA Season Opener At South Georgia Motorsports Park As The Team Looks On With John Stanley

PDRA Season Opener At South Georgia Motorsports Park As The Team Looks On With John Stanley
The first race of the 2017 season has been run at the GREAT South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, Georgia. We tested for two days prior to the race to try and get our arms and minds around the new lockup Neal Chance converter.

It was baby steps a bit at a time for the first four hits in testing as we became more and more comfortable with what was going on with the car and with new the parts and pieces.

OOPS!!!! Not so good, part one!

OOPS!!!! Not so good, part one!
With dawn of qualifying on Friday it was still baby steps with the Caddy in the first round. Then in the second round we stepped it up a bit to see how it would go. And go it did in the first part of the race track but things quickly went south in the second half!

Although the caddy was lazy in the first half on purpose, the lockup sequence through the Quick Drive unit worked well and the B&J Transmission ratios worked flawlessly and all was well till the Mickey Thompson tires got hold of the race track at the gear change and the steel driveshaft proceeded to become two pieces instantly!

Scott Kline Welding Up The Damage

Scott Kline Welding Up The Damage
John got the Caddy slowed down safely and into the return road area. Back in the pits as we assessed the carnage it looked bleak but not impossible to repair from the team that prides itself on being the MacGyver's of drag racing! John set about checking the bottom end of the engine while Scott and Bill checked the valve train and leaked the motor.

All this was needed to be sure all was well with the Noonan Engineering power plant that had a BIG over rev at the end of the run. All was well so we got into fixing the rest of the little stuff damaged. We elected to wait till daylight to fix the damage in the rear suspension area of the car.

Saturday morning we tore into the mess under the back of the car and with the help of a few steel AN wrenches in the trailer, minus the wrench part, Scott set about welding everything back together. And all was complete and ready to rock for the last qualifier on Saturday!

OOPS!!!! Not so good, part two!

OOPS!!!! Not so good, part two!
The Q2 run that was aborted abruptly had shown some promise to us in that it was .04 seconds slow right up to the 330 mark to our 3.63 run in Dallas in 2015! So following the suggestion of my friend I "took my skirt off!!!" and elected to get more aggressive at the hit.

Q3 yielded a smoke fest from the rear Mickeys 4/10ths out! The ratio change and the more aggressive timing curve showed promise but needed to be calmed down. This I did but just not quite enough for the first round. The Caddy made it almost twice as far this time but still was a bit hopped up to much!

So now it is on to the beautiful Galot Motorsorts Park in Dunn-Benson, North Carolina for round two. We are a bit more confident this time around so we shall see what we shall see!!!

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Stanley & Weiss Racing Preparing For PDRA Pro Extreme 2017
Updates To Felix And More
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 2/24/2017

Lets do this!!!!

Felix is back home Another look at Felix Strutting His Stuff!!!

Well it's getting closer to race time for the Stanley & Weiss racing team. We have been diligently working away at making the changes to the car we decided to take on for 2017!

Lots of changes between rear of the crankshaft and our Strange Engineering 40 spline axles! As racers, we can never leave things well enough alone, otherwise we wouldn't be doing this magical thing we call Drag Racing!

Our trailer made a stop on the way back from Las Vegas at Competition trailers down Texas way to have some lift gate cylinders replaced, some 110 volt and generator 12 volt wiring issues rectified. All was completed on time and at a very fair price. The only thing I don't understand is why hydraulic cylinders don't last past TWENTY years! Just kidding They really did last twenty years! Good stuff comes out of Competition Trailers.

Next up was Felix The Cat's turn for his annual pilgrimage to D&D Truck Repair and Towing for his punch list of repairs. And two days later, "HEY, the list was long and I'm old!" and he is ready yet again to Strut his Stuff up and down the highways and byways of our great country! "MERICA!!!!!"

2309 miles=70mph moving average and a top speed of 87mph!2309 miles=70mph moving average and a top speed of 87mph!

Repairs at Competition TrailersRepairs at Competition Trailers

The great manufacturers of the products we use have all been very diligent in getting us the parts we need in a timely manner. We only lack a few pieces to complete the new puzzle and we will be having noise in the yard on the hill in Appalachia!

Our first foray into the deep waters with those Pro Extreme sharks that hang out at the PDRA races will be at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, Georgia. We plan to test Wednesday and Thursday March 8 and 9, then into racing March 10 and 11.

Wish us luck because we are planning on another great year for The Caddy!

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Stanley & Weiss Racing Recap of Las Vegas Street Car Supernationals
We Were Flying At The Strip
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 12/8/2016
Photo's By - Steve Carlton, Cole Rokosky and Axle Weiss

Another successful trip to Las Vegas has come and gone. We ventured westward in November to do battle with the baddest of the bad in 1/4 mile racing yet again. This has become like an annual pilgrimage for us that we seem to fare well at for a group of outlaw 1/8th mile racers from Appalachia.

Caddy Pro Getting out of Dodge! Las Vegas Street Car Supernationals

John Stanley prepares to race to the mountains! PDRAThis year we showed the entire place that we can get off the starting line and down a race track that many couldn't in the COLD and WIND! We went down EVERY pass in all five qualifiers and ended up as the number two qualifier right behind that bright yellow Jegs Corvette.

And we showed the consistency that we have developed at Mel and Heather Roth's Street Car Super Nationals ever since we have been going there. 5.68, 5.66 and a 5.64 in the first round of eliminations speaks for itself. The other three qualifiers were all part track planned shutoffs to be sure we were not going to melt our new Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering block! We carded at least three or four .930 60 foots at over 2425 pounds during this race!

DJ Safety slowing John up at the big end!And we were lucky enough to win the $500, quickest car on the grounds Shootout Thursday night with a shutoff run that was quick enough to earn the money! Four tries at it and we finally got to go to the bank!!!

With Thursday and Friday's qualifying and test (to us) runs we rolled out Saturday ready to play with the big dogs. The aforementioned 5.66 and 5.64 stood until Steve Petty had to show off as we knew he would. Steve kinda like us, "you can never keep a good man down"!

Our first round opponent did not answer the call and that run was a right down the middle 5.64 run at 258 and change. Our second round opponent was to be the Evil Outlaw entry of Jay Deidrich from southern California in his new battle tested Larry Jeffers Race Cars Camaro. This car was tuned by the formidable pair of Taylor brothers from Texas, Frankie and Paul! Knowing full well they could step up and run a .40 when the stars aligned for them I opted to step The Caddy up a bit.

Getting ready for The War!BUT they had dramas galore with a transmission/converter change. When we were called to the lanes they still had the transmission in a million pieces!

I stooped by their pits and told them I would wait at the back of the lanes for them. This we did right up till we were told suit up and get ready to race or you wont race either!

They missed the call by about 4 minutes as we were already started and rolling to the water box. The Caddy DID NOT like my changes at all as it went out and spun the tires, shook and headed to the wall!

The semis was an earned competition bye and knowing that we would have to run one of the two powerhouses left in Troy Coughlin or Mike Maggio's bad fast Camaro I backed The Caddy down a bit to just try to run another .60. That didn't work either as the car did the same thing again! In the other pairing the Jegs Corvette lost to Mike Maggio's 5.73 when he spun the tires as well!

THE team!That left two BLOWER cars in the final for the first time in a lot of years! Knowing full well that john could not see the tree hardly at all in the left lane that is exactly where Mike put us.

The exact same thing I would have done to him had the shoe been on the other foot.

John ended up real deep when he staged the car and turned the tree bright red handing the win to Mike Maggio with pedaling efforts from BOTH seasoned drivers looking to take the stripe from the other!

John won that battle with a 6.39/241 over Mike's 6.46/231! And a gracious winning team the Maggio clan was!

THE Las Vegas Street Car Supernationals Strip, Nuff SaidAll in all it was another successful trip west for us to cap off what has been a successful year for us all around.

With the help yet again from Steel Dynamics, Inc and all our racing manufacturing partners we are going into 2017 with a bit lighter step in our gait from the entire team.

Because it takes a team to do what we do and to NEVER, EVER give up.

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Caddy Pro Mod Heads To Las Vegas Street Car Supernationals
Las Vegas, Nevada SCSN!! Here We Come!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/12/2016

Caddy Pro Mod Heads To Las Vegas Street Car Supernationals

And I am off, yet again in a cloud of dust with a hearty Hi-Yo Silver AWAY!

It is that time of the year where I get to practice my truck driving abilities all the way across this great land of ours. From the hills in the Appalchian mountains of Maryland across the Souhwestern part of the Good Ole US of A to the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, Nevada!

Yeppers, its time for Mel and Heather Roth's infamous Street Car Super Nationals drag race. One of the last places where one can let his or her Outlaw Pro Mod drag car have it's legs stretched out over the entire quarter mile safely! This year is shaping up to be another brass knuckles, no holds barred, knock down, drag out slug fest of all who have ventured to this great facility in search of fame and FORTUNE!

And of course all the action can be seen live on the infamous live feed starting on Thursday. Read all the coverage here: Live Streaming PSCA SCSN Event Feed and be sure to tune in and support the sponsors who bring it to you!

And now I am off towards Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to deliver some parts to a friend from Kansas and to hang out, have some dinner, have some drinks and tell some big lies to some legendary buds of mine! The next two days will see me motoring across the country in search of that Holy Grail that is a win at the SCSN!!! It wont be easy, but if it was everyone would be there! Soooo, get in a car, get on a bus, get on a train, get on an airplane and make your way there from wherever you are! History will be made yet again!

Wish us luck!!!

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Caddy Pro Mod at PDRA North-South Shootout MDIR
Race Five Is Run and Done!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 7/27/2016
Photos Courtesy of Tara Bowker Black Rock Photography & goDragRacing

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Extreme Pro Mod PDRA Maryland

After rectifying another one of our woes at the last outing in Martin, Michigan it was time to do what all good drag racers do. Change the major components between the flywheel and the driveshaft before the next race!

Quick Drive converter driveJohn and I set about changing all the bits and pieces between the frame rails to accept our new Pro Bell bellhousing, Quick Drive converter drive unit and a B&J Big Boy transmission. The customer support from these three major manufacturers is second to none and were always right there to answer any and all of the many bazillion questions we had. "Should this be here? Or should I make it go over there", "Suppose we put this down around here instead of up over there like I have it now?", "You want me to have HOW MANY different ratios in the trailer???"! Thanks to the inventers of the smart phones and texting!

John Stanley Ready to make a pass in the extreme heat at PDRAWe elected to test on the Thursday at the PDRA North/South Shootout race at the MDIR track to be sure all worked as it should. Three passes later and we thought we had pretty good success as we felt we had all the new bits and pieces working as they should. The only issue we saw was a small converter drive fluid leak. We elected to let everything cool off and look into it in the morning. That was handled with ease by the top notch Stanley & Weiss Racing crew and all was fine for the first qualifying round.

With the temperatures almost touching 2000 degrees and after John Stanley’s masterful driving job in the traps we ended up number two in the qualifying order.

John Stanley pairs up with Tommy D'Aprille PDRAWhen the qualifying was over we had settled in at number seven on the qualifying sheet with gave us a first round race with the world champ, Jason Scruggs! And as I often say, "Ya gotta be in it to win it!" and in it we were. Jason’s bad fast race car got the jump on John but then went out and shook and when Jason had to pedal, John didn’t! And the win light came on for Us-Ins!

And then the rains came! Round two was ran on Sunday and our opponent was Tommy D'Aprile. And a GREAT race it was that we came out on the short end of when the blower belt shredded at 3.43 in and we lost by .022!

Team Stanley & Weiss Racing Win Best Apperaing Team In With Wicked Grafixx Custom Racing Shirts PDRA Thanks to the ladies for helping make us look good!And on another GREAT note our 2016 Wicked Grafixx crew shirts designed and provided by the infamous Tyler Clark received the Best Appearing crew at this race! How cool was that!

But all in all we are feeling good about our new combination and now it is on to the next PDRA race in Memphis, Tennessee. And more going rounds!

A fun look at some of the days at PDRA at Maryland Internaional Raceway 2016. Including team member and crew chief Scott Kline also running in Outlaw 10.5 with his procharged Shoebox Nova

John Stanley and a long burnout in the Caddy CTSV Pro ModJohn Stanley and a long burnout in the Caddy CTSV Pro Mod

THAT STANCE !! And launch !!THAT STANCE !! And launch !!

Team Stanley & Weiss Racing Firing Up The CaddyTeam Stanley & Weiss Racing Firing Up The Caddy

Me and John Accepting the Best Appearing AwardMe and John Accepting the Best Appearing Award

Team Stanley & Weiss Racing Caddy Out of the hole and flyingTeam Stanley & Weiss Racing Caddy Out of the hole and flying

Our head crew man Scott Kline had his Nova running strong in the heat!Our head crew man Scott Kline had his Nova running strong in the heat!

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Big Change To The Caddy CTS-V Pro Mod
On To PDRA Michigan We Go!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/27/2016

John JFS Stanley PDRA Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod awaits his turn to Make drag racing great again!After making the fix inside the converter that we did not know was broken in Dallas, it was off to Michigan for stop number four of the PDRA season. We went into the weekend feeling good about the Caddy's potential.

After getting things all ready to go, we opted for some testing on Thursday evening to see if the converter repair solved our issues. Two passes made and both them straight and true had us thinking we were headed in the right direction with a last hit of .922, 3.68/208 in 2700 feet of air and the motor all nice and rich and happy!

The first qualifier on Friday gave us up a 3.74 run that would be guaranteed to get our azzes handed to us first round. After some brainstorming with one of the PDRA's super tuners we were finally able to put our finger on Part Two of the drama that had been plaguing us all year. And it was Scottie our loyal tried and true crew dude that put his finger on it as we sat around looking and relooking at the data! We made the change that we knew we needed to do and went up for second round of qualifier and proceeded to take the tire off the car, followed by shake about 30 feet out. We now knew we were on the right track because we had been here before.

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod the impending change to a Quick Drive unit and a B&J transmissionThe Friday night session is where everyone gets to "rotate the earth" and the BIG numbers come up. We opted for a bit more conservative tune up to keep our seeded place in the qualifying order with hopes of stepping up. But I was WAY too conservative and we lost a couple of numbers. But the car was making laps and not leave connecting rods in the oil pan! That has been a major plus for us since the latter part of last year!

So into Saturday we went with another qualifier in the heat that shook so hard after it spun the tires that it broke the wheelie bars! So we put our spare set of Larry Jeffers Race Cars wheelie bars on Da Caddy and went into first round of eliminations against our good friend Mike Recchia. Even though John put a .003 bulb on Mike it was not enough to hold off the hard charging Camaro!

So now here we are back at home on the hill and changing the car over to a Quick Drive unit and a B&J transmission! Why not change everything mid-year??? Doesn't everyone do things that way? This changeover had been in the works since Vegas at the end of last year but with all we had going on in our lives we opted to wait for this break in the schedule to complete it. And into we are!

I shall let you know how this goes!

As always we appreciate the support of friends from all around the world! We WILL NOT give up!!! NEVER, EVER!!!

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The Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod Going Rounds At The Rock And Texas PDRA
Another One Done!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/21/2016

John Stanley PDRA Driver Behind The Wheel of Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro ModAfter the second race of the year at The Rock in North Carolina we went home and freshened The Caddy for the wars once more. No matter where I looked and how much data I looked at I could not put my finger on what ailed this great Larry Jeffers Race Cars Cadillac! I knew the car was not the issue, it had to be in what I was trying to do with it! So off to the great state of Texas Felix the Cat and I headed once more.

And with a test session scheduled for Thursday we felt we could get our arms around this car! But then once again Mother Nature foiled our plans by dumping bucket loads of rain on us on that day. So once more we went into qualifying trying to see if we could sort this car out!

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod The Noonan Race Engineering people from Australia were In Da House!And at the end of the qualifying sessions we were seeded into the field and faced the 57 Chebbie of the Brandon Lewis in the first round. We had split the win lights with this race car twice in qualifying so it was anybody’s race to win or lose! When the fire up signal was given the Caddy fired up and rolled to the water box, minus the 57 Chebbie!!! We waited and waited and waited some more for their team to get the car started but we were finally told to proceed. Another first round win for us! That was something unheard of amongst our team. TWO first round wins in two races! A new record for us poor ole broke rednecks! But yet again it came to an end in the second round against the Todd Tutterow Camaro. John did his job on the starting line but Todd made short work of us by the end of the 60 foot clocks!

So we left Dallas with no more idea of what was ailing our beautiful race car than before we got there! Off to the hills of Maryland Felix and I traveled. As I rode along the highway of life looking at the world through the windshield I thought and thought and then thought some more about what could be ailing the Caddy. I called Marty at Neal Chance Converters and asked him if he had any thoughts as to what may be ailing our car. And the first words out of his mouth were exactly what we found inside the torque converter when we got home and went looking! That Marty Chance is a pretty smart fellow!

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod Awaiting first round actionI got back from Dallas, Texas on Monday evening and John and I unloaded the car on Tuesday and he got it ready to pull the transmission and converter before I was to leave Wednesday evening for Santa Pod Raceway in England. When I took the converter apart Marty's profound knowledge was proven to be very profound. All that was left was to text Marty and order the parts to fix the issue! And pass on massive thanks!

That all being completed nothing was left but a nice long hot shower and a drive to the airport to make my way to Merry Ole England to see I could help my friends Marcus Hilt and Wayne Nicholson get their 63 split window Corvettes down the track and into the Pro Mod field. More to come on that adventure!

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The Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod Coming Around
And So It Begins Yet Again!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/21/2016
Photo Credits: and Black Rock Photography "Tara Bowker"

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod Rockingham NC Burnout

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod Rockingham NC Hard LaunchAfter our period of grieving over the loss of the matriarch of our family we realized it was that time. And that time was to do what we knew and what she had voiced to me. To go back out amongst our racing family that had given us so much support and oh so many shoulders to lean on! And for all of them we thank you deeply from the bottom of our hearts!

So off to Tulsa, Oklahoma we headed for round number one of the PDRA season. After our great outing at the Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas and what we had learned about our engine program we had hopes for the new season. BUT of course that didn’t work out so well for us! We encountered a host of electrical gremlins throughout qualifying that left us on the outside looking in at the end of qualifying. That outing was very discouraging to say the least! The only saving grace was that the NRE headed BAE hemi was very, very happy now! And that as they say was that! Not much more to be said for sure, except to head off and try it again!

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod Rockingham NC Preparing John For His PassSooooo, off we went to Rockingham, NC for round two of the PDRA season. The cold and the wind from Tulsa followed us to The Rock to be sure we knew that spring had not yet sprung! But into it we went with hopes that our electrical gremlins had been banished off into the wastelands where they belonged. After our first test hit we found out that they were indeed gone. And they never again reared their ugly heads all weekend!

With only fourteen cars on the grounds for the Pro Extreme class we knew that we could be very conservative on the tune-up and not worry about burning the motor up in the mineshaft air that we were racing in. So we very slowly but methodically crept up on the fuel system and timing controls and made nice little baby steps each run.

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod Rockingham NC John Stanley Pro Extreme LaunchWhen Sunday’s elimination rounds rolled around we found ourselves paired against the juggernaut Camaro of Atmore, Alabama’s own Brandon Snider.

He was fresh off his first win of the year from the Tulsa race and was definitely pickin‘em up and putting them down! John did all he could do to try and make it look like a race but it wasn’t looking very good at all!

And then something broke in the bad fast Camaro and John was able to drive by for the win! And that was our first round win since Martin, Michigan in 2014!

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod Rockingham NC John Stanley Pro Extreme LaunchAnd Brandon showed his true class at the bottom by end by voicing his thoughts and the respect he showed for us and Mrs. Janet L Stanley! It is ever so true the PDRA is one big family and no one can ever say different!

And into the second round we went against Jose Gonzales and his 232 mile per hour Corvette! Again John gave it his best but we still had an issue we could not overcome and Jose spanked us but we held our heads high knowing that we were getting back to being close on what needed to be done.

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A Season Ending And Beginning, Hopes And Losses
It's Just About That Time AGAIN!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 3/3/2016

Lets do this!!!!

Lets do this!!!!

As promised in the last update here is the latest on the trials and tribulations of the Stanley & Weiss Racing team. And as I wrote we had a very good end of our year by racing to our best ever ET and MPH runs in Las Vegas that made us the second quickest and third fastest car of its kind in The World!

We attended the PRI Show in Indianapolis, Indiana and got the privilege of "pressing the flesh" of the many manufacturers who support us along with a lot of racing comrades both here at home and from around the world. The Drag Illustrated after hours party was GREAT fun and to have an invite was even better!

When the show was all over the plan was to make our way back to our homes and get "Da Caddy" ready to do battle in 2016. While John and I were winging our way back to Hagerspatch my bride of almost fifty years was on her way back to have another visit at the local hospital. Not so many people knew but she had been fighting the fight valiantly against cancer for almost a year and a half. So this was not her first visit to the hospital to get her fever and infection knocked down and then home she would come for Christmas. It was not to be such a short stay this time around for her though. She fought the fight as hard as she could but being home for Christmas became not an option. Nor was for New Years!

Her body could finally no longer fight off the cancer cells along with the pneumonia and she made the decision that she wanted to come home to "be with her family and her animals". And home she came in an ambulance ride, no lights, no sirens, just a comfortable ride all happy and full of smiles. She was ever so happy to be at home in our bedroom with her TV and her family, her little dog and our two cats there with her. It was her wish to be there and there she was. But He took her home to be with her Mom in Heaven after only three days but we know in our hearts that she went there happy as happy could be!

And now after our grieving period, which we have found is always still there, just bubbling below the surface of consciousness we made ourselves get back into the race car preparation mode, because this is what she would have wanted for us. And almost ready we are on this Tuesday before we we head off to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the first round of the PDRA series.

I would be remiss if I did not use this forum to reach out to all of our friends in the racing community for all the notes, comments, phone calls and the like during this difficult time. They made this a bit easier for us when we found we had so many caring people around the world looking out for us. Thank you so much to each and every one of you!

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Stanley And Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod 2015 Year End Recap
It's that time again…
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 1/30/2016

YEPPERS!!!! Happy campers (pun intended, AGAIN) we were after this run!

YEPPERS!!!! Happy campers (pun intended, AGAIN) we were after this run!

I know Im late with this promised update but the proverbial plate has been full to overflowing these last two months! As everyone who follows us through our website knows, we had a year in 2015 that can only be described as feast or famine! BUT lots and lots of famine midyear!

We started off 2015 besting our numbers at the first two PDRA races. But coming out the second one in Rockingham, North Carolina we experienced some not so good bottom end wear. This was to be the start of a run through the summer months that tried every bit of patience we had. And drained the bank account down almost to bright red numbers! The racing gods would throw us a bone in the form of a good run and then kick us square in the butt just to show us who was really in charge! A 3.57 in testing at Martin, Michigan gave us another new personal best but it was the only good thing to come out of there!

Carnage? Yep that's some carnage!

Carnage? Yep that's some carnage!

We blew up or wounded almost everything we owned in the engine department more than once. We even blew up the front end of the Larry Jeffers Caddy in St Louis! But struggle on we did and persevere we did till we finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We only hoped there was not a locomotive hooked to the other side of that light. Our first glimmer of hope was at the Norwalk, Ohio Night of Fire race. We had a pretty good outing there racing against the dragsters. But an oily right lane ended it for us in the third round.

But when we returned for the Shakedown at Summit Motorsports Park we had a plan in place to see about winning a few bucks in a side racing deal that was going in qualifying. And win that $5000 in cold, hard cash we did! And did not blow up anything! We were on our way to making our motors happy again we hoped! Three runs and the pan down three times was a pain but we sured learned what was our issue slowly but surely.

A new personal best assisted by our VP Racing Fuels in the tank and on the scoreboard!

A new personal best assisted by our VP Racing Fuels in the tank and on the scoreboard!

The next outing was at the final PDRA race in Richmond, VA and we elected to use it as a means to test our engine combos more knowing we would get at least four runs after one in testing. We again dropped the pan every run and made a few changes to make the engine live and after a borrowed pair of head gaskets from the NAS racing team I was able to prove my theory on the final piece of the engine puzzle. We went back up to our homes on the hill and made some internal changes to the engine and off we went to Las Vegas yet again!

The first stop along the way was at Larry Jeffers Race Cars to have the new nose mounted on the Caddy. And then it was down the road to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to Kryptonite Customs to give the Caddy her new look that was created by Tyler Clark at Wicked Grafixx.

Then it was on to Oklahoma City, the home of the storied "405" Street Outlaws band of merry men. I was priveledged to be able to go to the season finale of their highly rated TV show. And I also viewed the horriffic crash of The Crow Pontiac of Big Chief. To see him walk up the incline out of that gulley pays homage to the builders of the cars we race today! And his chassis builder was a GREAT one.

And in Las Vegas we set two new personal bests in ET and MPH with a 5.58 run at over 262. These made us the second quickest and third fastest car of its kind in THE WORLD! Proud of that we are for a car of this calber to come out of a one car concrete block garage!

More to follow soon…

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The Quickest And Fastest Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod
A Visual View Of The New Look And New Records
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 11/29/2015
Photo Credits: Cole Rokosky's photos, Steve Carlton, Dave Kommel Photography and Paul Fercho. Thanks guys!

For those of you out there in cyberspace that have not seen or heard about our results at Mel and Heather Roth's Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 22, 2015, this is for you. View and enjoy the new livery on Da Caddy and our best ever run on that day!

This will be more of a "visual aid" write up for now. The entire story of the trials and tribulations of getting there and full race results will follow soonest. Enjoy!!!!!

We love our Larry Jeffers Race Cars Cadillac!!!We love our Larry Jeffers Race Cars Cadillac!!!

Our first 260 Mile Per Hour pass, EVER! One of two!!!Our first 260 Mile Per Hour pass, EVER! One of two!!!

We had some GREAT runs with this killer yellow car!!!We had some GREAT runs with this killer yellow car!!!

The best crew and sponsor any team could ask for! Steel Dynamics Inc to The Front!The best crew and sponsor any team could ask for! Steel Dynamics Inc to The Front!

THE wheelman!!!!THE wheelman!!!!

Stopping power provided by DJ Safety along with all the tools to keep JFS safe and sound!!!Stopping power provided by DJ Safety along with all the tools to keep JFS safe and sound!!!

SECOND quickest and THIRD fastest blown door car on the planet!SECOND quickest and THIRD fastest blown door car on the planet!

And the BESTEST run ever for Us-Ins in ET and Mile Per Hour!!!And the BESTEST run ever for Us-Ins in ET and Mile Per Hour!!!

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Shakedown Nationals And The Money Shot!
Its been way to looooong! Part two
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 10/11/2015
Photo Credits: Angry Spider Photography and Turbo Photo

Stanley & Weiss Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod At Shakedown Nationals

From This a busted up carbon fiber caddy front endAfter the next catastrophic engine failure not of our doing in St Louis at the Street Car Super Nationals it was back to the lil garage on the hill to figure put the next step to eliminate this!!! We pulled the motor out of the car and realized we had once again ruined just about the entire short block. Luckily I had a block in a box that had been repaired but had no crankshafts! A call to BAE solved that issue and one was on the way. The heads went to Jan-Cen Motorsports in Buffalo, New York for Joe Janis to work his magic on quickly!

With all that needed to be done we made the decision to sit out the PDRA race in Rockingham, North Carolina because we would not have all we needed to be competitive. So we decided to go to The Shakedown at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio the following weekend. This was a quarter mile race with an open field if you wanted to carry the weight. We decided this would be a great place to test The Caddy for the Street Car Super Nationals quarter mile race in Las Vegas in November. Plus there was an added potential bonus of a "race within a race" that was dubbed The Money Shot!

To This, taking the money shot run and claiming itThis gave any car on the grounds the option of forgoing their qualifying attempt by placing a dollar sign on the window of the car for that run. You could do whatever was applicable to your power adder for this run as in more overdrive for blowers, BIGGER turbos for the turbo cars, fifty five stages of nitrous for the nitrous cars and no weight minimum for any car. Just a good ole Show Up, Shut Up and Race format.

With the weight rules being what they were we decided NOT to put almost FOUR HUNDRED pounds in our car to be legal for class. So The Money Shot was going to be it for us. The first two runs on Friday netted us shake at the dreaded 1.3 second mark and way behind the all too powerful turbo cars. Saturday dawned with rain and lots of it making us think how far up the proverbial creek we were! But Mother Nature brought the sun out in the afternoon and the race track made the decision to give the classes one more qualifying round.

To This, Winning resolution racing services 5K At Shakedown NationalsWe were almost last in line with two other cars waiting at the back of the lanes on a Money Shot run as well. The turbo cars were lined up along with two nitrous cars looking for that $5000 pie in the sky that was waiting for the quickest car in the end! Steve Summers' killer turbo car threw down the gauntlet with a 5.76 run that eclipsed the turbo cars of Jim Bell and Bill Lutz and our lowly 6.37 number.

And then it was our turn! I knew that I had to get the car off the starting line and that if I managed to somehow get it to the 1.5 second mark it should go down. At the release of the button the Larry Jeffers Race Cars Caddy was off and gone without any drama whatsoever right down the middle of the race track! And when the scoreboard flashed up a 5.720 at only 233.96 "The Crowd Went Wild"!!! It was the first thing we had won with The Caddy and made all of this year's drama look not quite so bad. And the motor came out of The Shakedown looking all nice and happy as well!

The Short Version

The Longer version, We celebrate !!

A special thank you to Jim Salemi of G Force Race Cars along with Jon and Melanie Salemi of Resolution Racing for putting up the $5000 Money Shot bounty! It was GREATLY appreciated!

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Updates From PDRA, Night Of Fire and Street Car Supernationals
Its been way to looooong!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 10/3/2015

Staged at The Night of Fire!To all of our faithful followers out there I must apologize for not keeping up with my scribing chores! I know it has been TWO months since the last update BUT a lot of aluminum parts large and not so large have gone on to that big aluminum smelting pot in the sky!

We have suffered through some of the worst carnage in our racing history this year. Some of it has been self-induced and some of it has been "how did that happen?"! After our quickest ever run at Martin, Michigan we went to the PDRA race at MDIR in Waldorf, Maryland. We learned what not to do with the converter at that race BUT we didn't break anything!

Next up for us was the Night of Fire event at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. At this race we practiced our Las Vegas motor changing game. We had an issue with the motor in the car at the warmup so we took it out and put in the spare. We made a qualifying run that put us at number one in the door car field but left us with another motor to swap back out again. We did a McGyver repair to the motor we took out that worked for the three rounds of eliminations we were in! We only pitched the door UP-UP-UP in the air twice, but we raced on! And the crowd went wild, because we won both rounds with only one door!

Wouldn't that just ruin your year!With that carnage round being over with we had to make a serious financial decision and sit out the PDRA race in Memphis. Sometimes you just have to do the things you must do. Although we knew what happened to the motor in Norwalk and it was no fault of ours just a bad part internally it still was a big financial hurdle to overcome.

We had already committed to attend the Street Car Super Nationals in St Louis, Missouri so off to there we went. I had issues all weekend getting the car past the 1.2, 1.3 second spot on the race track which cost us a first round win! We opted to make a test run later that day so I could try going back to what worked for us before. It worked well till another catastrophic engine failure occurred at 3.1 into the run! This one destroyed the entire left side of the front end at the same time! This one was also caused by a part failure not of our doing, BUT it was really digging us into a hole that was going to be hard to get out of!

More to follow .....

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Shine She Must, Run She Does - CTS-V Caddy Pro Mod
How About Some "BLING"
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 7/12/2015

Getting ready to go pro modified PDRA Pro Extreme drag racing at MDIR!!!

Getting ready to go pro modified PDRA Pro Extreme drag racing at MDIR!!!

We all know Cadillac is synonymous with class and elegance, also known as "bling" in some circles.

"This Aint Your Daddy's Caddy" of ours ranks at the top of the scale in all things Cadillac we believe.

BUT then again we may be prone to showing a bit of prejudice; ever since this car rolled out of Larry Jeffers' LJRC race car emporium - Larry Jeffers Race Cars it has been welcomed with compliments from one and all.

Wicked Grafixx, what else can ya say!!!

Wicked Grafixx, what else can ya say!!!

Wicked Grafixx, what else can ya say!!!
Tyler Clark's Wicked Grafixx created what we have dubbed our bling crew shirts and our fantastic starting line attire as well. Everyone wants these shirts that are only available to team members, sorry everyone.

The latest from Strange Engineering. Aint it purty???!!!!!

The latest from Strange Engineering. Aint it purty???!!!!!

And now we have added MORE bling to the Caddy thanks to our friends at Strange Engineering.

We were selected to test drive the very first billet case nine inch ford third member out of Strange's engineering department.

We will test this first one in 1/8th mile competition over the next few PDRA races and we will then test one in 1/4 mile competition at the Street Car Super Nationals in St Louis, Missouri in August.

Thank you Jeff Stange and the entire staff at Strange Engineering for entrusting your new brain child to Stanley & Weiss Racing!!!

We will take good care of it Ms Geving!

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PDRA Pro Extreme Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod Up's and Down's
Two More In The Books
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 7/6/2015
Photos By Raceworks and Axel Weiss

This photo needs no caption!

This photo needs no caption!

We have now completed two more PDRA events, both with mixed results. We seem to have the knack of finding the good, the bad and the ugly just like Clint Eastwood at the races this year!

St Louis started out well in qualifying with a nice lazy number put up by the Caddy yet again to be sure all was well. But on the second qualifier all was not happy even a little bit! This fresh motor left FIVE connecting rods in the oil pan at the end of the run!!!

This was really starting to get old! So we swapped out motors AGAIN and prepared for first round. Although John had an uncharacteristic red light the transmission decided to break at the gear change. So that was another one of our "so that ended that" deals!

Not again!!!! Yeppers!

Not again!!!! Yeppers!

While inspecting the motor with five missing rods on the crankshaft I finally discovered what I thought could be our issue. And I realized that it had been plaguing us since last year but I had just now realized the error of my ways! I HOPE!!!!

With only three weeks till the Martin, Michigan race it was going to be a herculean task to get two motors repaired, changed over to our new combination and made ready to race. BUT BAE (Brad Anderson Enterprises), Snyder Motorsports and Jan-Cen Racing Engines came through like the champs that they are for us! And with one day to spare the Caddy was back together completely, the spare was under the bench where we hope it will stay and off to Michigan we went!

With our trusty crewman Jimmy Kline not able to attend due to work commitments we were ably assisted yet again by the Dvorak family! Thanks!!!

With our trusty crewman Jimmy Kline not able to attend due to work commitments we were ably assisted yet again by the Dvorak family! Thanks!!!

We opted for testing in Michigan on Thursday since this combination was a lot different from what we had been running. So we set about preparing the car for a test shot with plans to make one run and check ALL of the rod bearings. John let go of the button, the Caddy went left a bit, then back straight again thanks to our capable wheelman.

When the times popped up on the VP Racing Fuels scoreboard we were stunned. Our quickest pass ever was the result with a 3.57 at only 210mph! "AND THE CROWD WENT WILD" as they say! And after checking the bearings all was fine with EIGHT, count'em EIGHT connecting rods still hooked to the crankshaft!!!

And after that it was back to being behind the proverbial eight ball AGAIN! The track prep was outstanding as always and only got better! I could not make my tune-up combination do what the Caddy wanted. So with one more shot scheduled for Saturday morning we had a good safe combination in the car that should have went right on down.

But it was not to be yet again as Mother Nature decided to rain on us Friday night and Saturday morning thereby cancelling the last qualifier! So that left us to head home and get ready for the next race at MDIR, a nice close race for us. I'm going to hate that LONG 2½ hour drive. NOT!!!!

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2015 Santa Pod Main Event With Trouble Racing Motorsports Pro Mod
How Cold Was It???
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/10/2015

Marcus Hilt's sinister looking Trouble Racing Corvette Pro Mod in the staging lanes It was as THEY say, BLOODY cold at Santa Pod Raceway in Merry Ole England a few weekends ago! It all started as soon as I walked out the door of the airline terminal in London with my friends Wayne and Gaz Nicholson! Having seen this show before I pulled a jacket out of my carry on to keeping from being covered in frost!

We proceeded to motor up the highway of life towards the countryside where the race track is hidden away. As it was getting close to lunchtime a nice meal was to be sought. Wayne stopped in a nice little town and proceeded to find us a GREAT place for lunch. His choice did not start out so well as he could not get the door to open! The proprietor evidently had no idea who he was. But to his rescue came two ladies who swiped their entry cards and Wayne walked right in behind them just as if he was a member there! And a beautiful quaint old place it was where the youngest person in the bar dining area was a conservative 75 years old and she was on what had to be her tenth pint of a dark brew at lunchtime.

Wayne Nicholsons Lucky Devil Corvette pro mod at full songAt a table by the window sat an old English pensioner reading the paper with his antique lighted magnifying glass whilst the group at the bar carried on solving the village's problems. But a great meal was had by all while we observed the goings on around us. A quite enjoyable experience it was.

Just before we were about to leave a really lovely older lady dressed to the nines appeared and sat down in one of the very plush chairs and proceeded to read the older gentlemen's paper and have her pint of brew. As Wayne paid for our lunch and we got ready to leave I noticed that the lady was having quite the snooze in that comfy chair, god love her! Beer, great friends and a lunchtime nap by a sunny window! Im thinking she deserved all of that!

We arrived at the track without any other issues and it was on to Marcus Hilt, Wayne and their teams to set up their pits. And as evening arrived on us a meal prepared by Chef Andy Howald was devoured by all in Marcus' pit while Belinda Nicholson fed her gang.

A fantastic video put together by Trouble Racing from Switzerland:

Trouble Racing's Official Website
Trouble Racing's Facebook Page

Thursday dawned windy and chilly, how chilly you ask??? When I went outside at 7:00AM it was THIRTY FIVE degrees! Now this is in late May mind you! But we wanted to make a test hit with Marcus' Pro mod so the crew set about preparing the car. A nice calm fat and happy tune-up gave Marcus a nice 6.3 run to baseline from. And then it was on to the Friday qualifying session.

Marcus again put up another 6.3 second run as a duplicate to the day before. Wayne was ready to make a run at the track next and after his not so good outing at the last race he did a great job on his first run although he had to pedal the car several times.

The second qualifier gave Marcus two new personal bests with a run of 6.25 at almost 225 miles per hour. Not so bad for a bucks down team that races only two or three times a year! Friday was a do nothing day for the professional classes so going over things and visiting with all my European friends that I only see once or twice a year was my day.

Fast Fil and his bride Basak trying to convince me I needed to ride this. NOT on my bucket listThe first round of eliminations on Monday saw Marcus break a crankshaft in his motor which ended his chances of going any further rounds.

Wayne sat in the staging lanes as an alternate hoping to get another chance at the race track. He did after the second round of eliminations and left the race track that evening with his "mojo back"!

Well done to both teams as they persevered through thick and thin and enjoyed themselves doing so.

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The Caddy CTS-V PDRA Pro Mod Huff's The Blower
Well that didn't go so well!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 5/16/2015
Photos By Roger Richards

We got this... So we thought! After coming out of the second PDRA race of the 2015 season on a huge high we got our egos slammed back to reality at a great little track in Louisiana! Try as hard as we may we could not overcome all the gremlins that had decided to nest in our pits yet again.

On our first qualifying attempt the fuel management system did not function as it should causing John (JFS) Stanley to experience tire shake and an aborted run.

Qualifier number two had the potential to give us a decent qualifying attempt till the blower belt decided it did not want to participate any longer! And in the third qualifier on Friday night with the same setup as Rockingham the Caddy went about twenty feet and struck the tires!

It's Getting Hot In Here Dad!That left us with one attempt to make the show on Saturday! And the Caddy again left the starting line pretty well for a soft as it was setup!

We only needed to go 3.7 anything and we should have been able to make the field.

But after a lazy .914 60 foot and a quick pedal the Caddy was on the march till the blower decided to leave the manifold yet again in a massive backfire that set off a small blaze in the engine diaper, created some serious cracks in the front end AND split the windshield!

The quick work of the PDRA safety personnel at the bottom end made quick work of the fire extinguishing process and that as they say, ended that.

Our long time friend Greg Thomsen from Australia came visiting And now here we sit yet again looking over the 2,456 pieces of broken bits and readying the Caddy for the next battle... BUT The Battle we will fight, of that you can all rest assured! We have fixed the front end that we wounded in the blower explosion.

We have the Rockingham power plant back between the frame rails and the identical spare for under bench is on the motor stand with the crankshaft in it awaiting JFS's final engine assembly skills while I am in England helping our friends Marcus Hilt and Wayne Nicholson from Europe.

It really is hard being me sometimes!

And another day has dawned for us to get the broken bits count to a manageable level and more things completed and ready for the trip to the Land of Oz where we shall look once again for that Yellow Brick Road!

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The Caddy CTS-V Pro Mod Is Consistent At The Rock PDRA
We Have A Bracket Car, Again!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/3/2015
Photos By Blackrock Photography and Straightline Media

Da Caddy ready to Git-R-Done!

Stop number two of the 2015 PDRA tour found us once again at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, North Carolina. Coming off of our best qualifying run in over two years in Ennis, Texas at the first race we had high hopes of trying our best to do that once again.

With Thursday being the scheduled test day we opted to participate and be sure the Caddy was ready to play. After dodging raindrops the first part of the day we got our first shot at the track. And it was a good thing we decided to test for sure. The Caddy was now turning left as John went down the track and it did the same thing the second test run. And then the rains returned. Imagine that, rain at a PDRA race!

And with Friday having qualifying scheduled for later in the day the PDRA decided to allow testing on Friday till 2PM to offset the time lost in Thursday's session. So it was off with the rear wheels and tires and out came the tape measure and the dollar store glasses! Those numbers and marks on the tape measures sure are getting smaller every year. I'm thinking it is a cost cutting measure by the manufacturers to improve the profit margins ...

And there it is! Our quickest and fastest pass at that point in time!And then we went to the lanes for one test shot before qualifying to see if the suspension issue was solved. And wonder of all wonders John Stanley was able to drive right down the middle of the race track with only a slight pedal past the sixty foot mark when it started to rattle the tires a bit to a 3.70 time slip.

John was in dire need of getting his confidence regained since he has not had a consistent race car under him for almost a year!

When we picked up the time slip we knew we were gaining on our issues! We had just gotten our best ever sixty foot number of .902!

And the crowd went wild!Then all that was left was to see if we could better our test run numbers in the first qualifier. And yes we did! The Caddy went straight and true down the track and posted a best ever for us with the Camaro and the Caddy of 3.591 at 212.49! All was checked and found to be fine and the second qualifier netted us a 3.597 at 212.86! The last qualifier found the Caddy spin the tires about one hundred feet out when I tried something that did not work.

The first round of eliminations found us paired up with Badir Ahli of the vaunted NAS Racing team. It was one heck of a drag race that we came out short on but still did ourselves proud with a 3.597 at 214.59 to Badir's 3.591 at 214.38! Three consistent 3.59's and a best ever speed of 214.59 along with 60 foot times of .902, .902, .896 and .907 gave us cause to leave the track with our heads held high and knowing we had the ability to run with the best of them now!

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Caddy CTS-V Pro Extreme Pro Mod Getting It On!!
Back To PDRA Texas We Go Yet Again
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 4/3/2015

Pro Mod Crash, scraping the walls in the Caddy CTS-V Pro ModThe first round of the PDRA series is in the books after a long and wet weekend with a little racing thrown in for good measure! I took a leisurely trip across the US of A to Larry Jeffers Race Cars production emporium to pick up the repaired and repainted nose for The Caddy. As I have said many times Larry Jeffers Race Cars is a one stop shop for anything your race car may need.

I then made my way down through the state of Missouri and into the back woods countryside of Oklahoma into the state of Texas. I took the scenic route down that way as opposed to the interstate because I enjoy seeing this great country of ours through all the little towns via the highways and the biways.

Upon my arrival at the Texas Motorplex it was back to being just another race car rig in line waiting on our entrance into the Big Show. Parking was fairly painless with all the PDRA officials running hither and yon doing the yeoman's work of 20 people! All the while with the overseer of the operation The Mr Bob Harris filling any voids that needed filled! And then it was time to set the pits up with the arrival of John, Jimmy and Scotty. They quickly accomplished all that Brandon Booher and I hadn’t gotten finished. Brandon was there to help with the black art of converter technology but was willing to help with anything and everything.

Overcast Skies at PDRA Ennis TexasThursday dawned cloudy and misty with some cars racing and then not. It was an omen of the next few days for sure. We finally made our first test hit about 6:30pm and although the car drove left at the hit it was not doing what it did in Las Vegas last time out which was turn violently right at the hit on every pass! A few chassis tweaks were made and we got one more hit in before curfew that was the same as the first one except that John "Effin" Stanley as he has dubbed himself scrubbed the wall a bit on that pass. But as Larry Jeffers said "rubbins racin!"

Friday and Saturday were both complete washouts for our class and Sunday gave us the opportunity for two qualifiers and if you are good enough, straight into eliminations! Qualifier 1 was okay but John clicked it off when he wasn't comfortable in the car when it shook some. We went into the second and last qualifier on the bump with a 4.99 and 20 plus cars on the grounds in Pro Extreme.

The Caddy sat down on the MVM carbon wheelie bars and hauled the mail at flash on the tree and after a quick pedal made it all the way down and out the back with the quickest and fastest pass for the Caddy ever and second quickest ever for Stanley & Weiss Racing with a 3.63 at 211.53! Not so bad for a pedal!

And we had lane choice with our number five qualifier for the first time in over two years at an 1/8th mile race!

Stanley & Weiss Racing Caddilac Pro Mod Quickest Qualifier of the year PDRA Ennis TexasBut our joy was short lived when an electronic malfunction caused us a major issue for first round. I took a shot that the fuel system would be correct but it wasn’t quite up to par! The car left great but went out about one second and spun the tires then shook hard. John gave it a couple of pedals but ran out of room with no hope of catching the fleeing Mike Rechia!

But we think we may be okay now, so it will be on to Rockingham, NC to see what the racing gods have in store for us.

Stay tuned .....

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